Trey Gowdy Drops The Hammer On P.P. President, Gets Her To Admit Something Huge

During her congressional testimony Tuesday, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards faced a litany of pointed questions from representatives appalled by the contents of undercover videos released over the past several months. One noteworthy exchange came during South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy’s examination of the embattled executive. He brought up sex- and race-selective abortions, asking Richards if she could “understand how people may support legislation that banned that.” She responded by dismissing such criticism as a mere difference of opinion, acknowledging only “that people have a lot of different views on the issue of abortion.” According to Richards, Planned Parenthood staffers are less concerned about the reasons behind a woman’s choice to kill her unborn child than they are about making sure that goal is achieved. “I think fundamentally at Planned Parenthood we take the position that we trust women to make their decisions about their pregnancies,” she asserted. Gowdy admonished Richards for her condescending tone during questioning, insisting that she frames her responses as if she is “the reasonable one and those of us who have a contrary position are not reasonable.”

via WesternJournalism

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