Treasure Hunters Find Rare Spanish Gold Artifact, Governments Take 75% of Its Value

A family of treasure hunters from Sanford spent Wednesday showing Channel 9 their latest find, which included an artifact that was the missing piece to another discovery made 25 years ago. The gold discovery was made by Eric Schmitt in Brevard County in 15 feet of water and dates back 300 years. The gold filigree is part of the same 1715 treasure fleet that brought the family notoriety last year. Eleven Spanish galleons loaded with treasures from the new world sank in a hurricane off the east central Florida coast. “Once I pulled it out of the sand I pretty much knew what it was right away,” said Schmitt. The artifact could be worth $600,000, a million – or maybe a lot more. Treasure hunters don’t get to keep everything after taxes and fees, but that’s more than enough, they say.

via WFTV


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