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How To Train Your Congressman

  • David N Polister

    I think he is just blowing smoke because election day is coming. He needs to go…

  • j0e cave

    he’s blowing smoke another power hungry politician I hope the sob is defeated and i don’t care who it is dem or rpub

  • Don

    The first step in training your congressman or woman is if they do not do what they promised when they told all of use they would do. They do have to answer for what they have not done with their promise. Jest like Charlie Rangle and his Tax evasion and for using Apartments that was meant for the poor to live in Charlie Rangle did use them for his Offices. This is jest a small part of criminal actions Charlie Rangle has done and still does. Congress is permitted to be the Judge and Jury for their coworkers so that is why no one in congress pays the price that We the People will be charged for and forced to go to prison. Congress makes the laws and Congress has given themselves a pass from going to Jail. It is time that We the People tell Congress they will no longer be the Judge and Jury and We the People will hold them responsible for the same laws they passed that puts We the People in prison for crimes we committed. Congress should also go to prison for breaking the law they make but never are held responsible for.

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government,ask yourself if any politicans have represented we the people lately.thats what I thought.ask yourself why most politicans have allowed ovomit/Hillary/reid/Pelosi/biden/kagan/hagal/sotomayer/napalitano/waters/wasserman/Ellison/schummer/shhelia Jackson/durbin mostly all politicans to do nothing,to stop this ineligible treasonous traitor ovomit/holders actions against the constitituion.only a very few exceptions.the rest our do nothing,go alongs with this treason.boehener and the rest hahve to go.they have shown no integrity or constitituional actions.god bless American veterans/citizens.join us in Washington dc on may 16,2014 for oas{operation American spring}

  • Daniel F. Melton

    I can recommend a shock collar for quick and effective training.

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