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It Took This WWII Widow 68 Years to Find Out Her Missing Husband Had Been a Hero

  • captdot


  • Mathematical certainty

    So typical of the disgusting irreverence of our Military by politicians. This lady should have been notified of her husbands death 68 years ago. But, she received misinformation for decades from bureaucratic governmental MORONS. GOD help us!

    • Guy Ogan

      We really need to vote out the career politicians and replace them with those who have worked all their lives and who honor our Constitution and Bill of Rights and support our Military! Then clean-out the bumbling bureaucrats.

      • TheSunDidIt

        If they’re not serving us, then they need to leave office. Total idiots honestly. TOTAL lack of caring on the part of the bureaucrats.

  • usmcsgt77

    1. GOD was merciful – she finally got an answer. I will pray for this lady and her family.
    2. Each congressman still living and able that was involved in this fiasco, especially Mr. Thornberry, should pay for the flowers and at least a yearly trip for her to Normandy, all expenses paid. His apology just does not quite cut it. After all, if we make a mistake, the government will expect us to pay – I rarely hear when the government forgives something, especially when it comes to money. Actions speak louder than words. Proverbs 3, vs. 5 – 6

    • Sunshine43

      I thought the same! Good gosh, the ineptness of so many in our government is appallingly pathetic, not to mention astoundingly rude! This Thornberry individual is a lazy piece of wasteful space! Horrific non action by him!


    she should have wrote to president Reagan.

  • combatvet52

    What more can you expect I’m waiting 61 years for a Purple Heart….RIP Billy

  • CG Vet John H.

    Whoever’s heartless enough to vote thumb down does not know the pain of death or love lost!

  • Persuasive

    I saw this a while ago. It is incredible what this demonstrates. Paramount is the fact that even decades after WWII we still find out about hero’s who haven’t been recognized for their acts of valor. And then their are the hero’s who were and are still in battle in the aftermath of that great conflict; hero’s like this great woman who turned what nearly was a defeat into one of the greatest victories. God bless these Americans. But the other terrible side of this story is the ineptitude of our government institutions to double and triple check the validity of issues of such great importance; and in their basic incompetence countless citizens must struggle to carry on when sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes with a willing heart, to get a think done that gives back hope to the desperate and the brave alike.

    • Sunshine43

      Well said!

  • Mort Leith

    Only a president that never grew up here can disrespect our military so much

    • TheSunDidIt

      The blame goes equally to EVERY administration that blew this lady’s appeals off. That means from Roosevelt to Obama.

  • toomuchsense

    This same government that runs our “personal” health care! Runs our lives! Control our movements! Raises our children!. This hero did not die for our crumbling schools and teachers unions. Our welfare and entitlement state. Our debt which is out of control. God taken out of all corners of our life. We have squandered this hero’s actions. Shame on us all. Shame on the politicians. Shame on the charlatans that rob the worker, to pay the lazy so that they’ll keeping supporting their sugar daddy politicians.

    • Sunshine43

      My gosh, you’ve nailed it!

    • TheSunDidIt

      Pretty much sums up what my WWII frogman uncle thinks on the issue.

  • mitch

    I watched this video – and on the right side of the screen – a picture of Obama – with his big mouth open as usual – the contrast was startling

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