It’s Time for the Men of Houston to Occupy the Women’s Bathrooms

The city of Houston has been taken over by the Gaystapo and its homosexual leader Mayor Annise Parker. It wasn’t enough to elect a self-proclaimed lesbian as the mayor of the city. The City Council, in an 11-6 vote, has now shoved the gay agenda done the throats of the people of Houston and those who visit the city in one of the most absurd and ominous laws ever written.
“It’s now legal for men to use women’s bathrooms, showers, and dressing facilities – and vice-versa – thanks to the passing of the Equal Rights Ordinance in Houston, TX last Wednesday night.
“Mayor Parker, Houston’s first openly gay mayor, called it ‘most personally meaningful thing I will ever do as mayor.’ “The ordinance’s stated goal is to eliminate discrimination in housing and employment for gays, transgenders – 14-characteristics in total – including race, ethnicity, age, religion and disability.” The radical ordinance runs 34 pages. This means that there is lots of room to find ways to prosecute anybody who opposes the law in the smallest way. Lawsuits will come in a flurry.

So what should be done? A petition drive has been started to get the needed 17,000 signatures to force a citywide referendum to repeal this ordinance. This must be done before the June 30th deadline. If you live in Houston and attend a church, put pressure on your pastor, deacons, and elders to secure signatures. Go to the No UnEqual Rights website for more information.

via godfatherpolitics

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