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Thousands of Guns Confiscated & Destroyed in Australia Results in More Crime

  • gingerjo

    pay attention, pay close attention

    • emjay98

      You are absolutely correct, but the administration is not going to listen to anyone because they want to disarm any opposition that they might encounter. They have much in store for the American people, and I suspect we will not like it.

  • StarDust Dolittle

    Very Scary, but that is what obama is doing, he won’t disarmed the muslims, or the black panthers.

    • Bull57

      Because their guns are not legal and he can’t find them except after a crime is committed!

      • fredflintstone335

        He and his union police allies CHOOSE not to look for them would be a more accurate assessment…

  • Paul Metcalf

    This actually needs no comment other than, the SOBs better stay away from my guns. They may take me out and they will probably have a SWAT TEAM, but I will still get at least one of them.

    I really hope that members of law enforcement would not obey such laws and refuse to follow any attempt of gun confiscation. I am former law enforcement and I would not even think to do such a thing.

    This is a serious topic and a serious scenario that we need to fully contemplate. If we do not wake up and make a lot of noise we will fail and the government will win. Once the governnment has our guns and we have none, all our freedoms are gone.

    • Bull57

      Aren’t the police busy enough chasing criminals! Why would you want to add law abiding citizens to their list!

  • cdegler1

    Do you think they care about the crime? No they don’t it is their agenda that is important. They want us without any defense against them when they put us in servitude.Remember Obama wants to be the Czar of how many countries is still up in the air. He & his brotherhood will try and take over.

  • mikeledo

    Wikipedia: A 2010 study found that the gun buyback scheme cut firearm suicides 74%, thus saving 200 lives a year. The American National Rifle Association
    claimed in 2000 that violent crimes had increased in Australia since
    the introduction of new laws, based on highly unrepresentative
    statistics from newspaper articles.
    The federal Attorney General Daryl Williams accused the NRA of
    falsifying government statistics and urged the NRA to “remove any
    reference to Australia” from its website.

    The reforms banned the use
    of semi automatic and pump action shotguns and rifles, destroying more
    than 700,000 weapons taken from a population of 12 million adults.

    The study shows that in the 18 years before the legislation was passed,
    there were 13 mass shootings in Australia, in which 112 people died and
    52 were wounded.

    There have been no mass shootings since the law came into force.

    The fall in the number of deaths associated with the use of firearms,
    including suicides, rapidly accelerated after the law took effect.

    The decline was at least twice as high (6%) as it had been before the
    reforms were introduced.

    In the 18 years prior to the legislation, on average, 491 people took
    their lives, using a firearm. After the legislation, this fell to an
    average of 246.

    Read more at:

    • sensible_gun_owner

      Lots of statistics, but you failed to mention the deaths and injuries from burgulary;s, home invasions and home robbery, due to the homeowners being totally defensless against the criminal element, WHO STILL HAVE THEIR GUNS, YOU TWIT!

      • mikeledo

        Show me the stats. Deaths from burglaries are called homicides.

        • ross

          so the firearm suicide were cut back,,,you can bet they still took their own lives so other way .

          • mikeledo

            If you read the entire report, the overall suicide rate was cut in nearly half indicating a large portion of the people did NOT commit suicide when the gun option had been removed.

          • FireBelly

            Great a whole bunch of people who don’t want to be alive are still moping about. I’m sure all of them are so happy to be alive especially while they are being home invaded, raped, and robbed. Nothing to live for and nothing to own, well except for your rapists baby that is if he didn’t kill you first.

          • mikeledo

            Thank you for writing that response without thinking.

    • stonemike

      Different nations, different populations, you cant compare the two! Our gun violence would be minuscule if the criminals in the inner cities were disarmed , or merely kept in prison where they belong!

      • mikeledo

        That is one opinion. Consider that the recent shootings were by guns bought legally. They were by people WITHOUT criminal records. Today’s legal gun owner is tomorrow’ s mass killer.

        • stonemike

          Spoken by a drone of a person who represents the brainwashing and hopelessness of a world population that is becoming devoid of personal integrity and the natural need for freedom and independence! Enjoy your life of servitude, you are in a mental prison!

    • henryknox

      Do you have any statistics on the number of people in the 20th century killed by their gov’t after the citizens were disarmed? I think it is in excess of 100 million.

      • mikeledo

        Could you site some? And be specific showing that these people would be alive if they had a gun. Which governments are you talking about? Are you really that stupid to believe that your gun ownership will protect you from our government? Our government has tanks and drones. They can kill you with the push of a button a 1000 miles away and you think a gun will protect you? Ask David Koresh, Randy Weaver, or the Montana Freeman about how their guns protected them from the government.

        • henryknox

          Unlike you I would not surrender without a fight. Look at what has happened to Syrians and defenseless Mexicans, tens of thousands of defenseless killed. If you think it can’t happen here then you haven’t been paying attention to the last 4 years. Obama’s renewal of the Patriot act and many more oppressive actions has shown that we are only safe if we the people can defend our Constitutional rights. The Jews went along every step of the way as their socialist gov’t imprisoned them step by step.

          • mikeledo

            You would fold without firing a shot just like the Montana Freemen. Or maybe the gov will just shot you in the head before you knew they were anywhere near, like Randy Weaver. You don’t stand a chance. I choose life. I can’t wait for them to round guys like you up. FEMA is already building those camps. LOL

  • craig

    that country is sick,,,,they f…up big time please dont call us to save you

  • giveit up

    So why did the Aussies give up their weapons in the first place? Just like
    docile little lambs being lead to the slaughter, they queued up and surrendered
    when their government told them to. This is what will happen in the USA after
    they pass a law that mandates it. No riots, no war, just some grumbling and meekly handing over their guns. All motor and no driveshaft!! LOL!!

    • panors77

      Because they like the UK never had a 2nd amendment in the first place. Their government at any time can confiscate just about anything they want with a passing of a vote. Don’t forget also the UK has things like an annual “television/radio” tax/license which right now is over L300 a year. Citizens in their system have no rights to “have” things or property.

      • stonemike

        The British and more than likely the Aussies would be speaking German and Japanese if it weren’t for us “gun loving Americans”! By the way, what are you gonna do in Australia when someone invades your nation, I guess just call the Queen!

  • craig

    rule one ,,never give up your guns,,,car your wife ect ect oh an your beer ,,,

    • 1American1st

      Better keep the wife. I know plenty that can out-shoot their hubbies…..

    • panors77

      LOL….”beer”…..reminds me of a scene in “Animal House”, when the school officials confiscate the fratnerity’s stuff out of the house, including the bar, heh.

  • vailjack

    If you haven’t figured it out yet our government is made up of criminals.
    AND as they say only criminals will have guns.

  • craig

    us americans will start a civil war if our nuts in dc will try this

    • bless2live

      I rather say the dc nuts will start the civil war.

  • NINJA10R KLR650

    Obama can blow me til my dick falls off, but he won’t get my guns, no ammo and no magazines.

    He doesn’t represent America. He represents a hellatious vision of America that our Men and Women in uniform have fought against since our inception.

    It is only the Godlessness of much of our population that he was successful in his reelection bid, plus a good dose of cheating and thuggery.

    No folks………..Obeyme the Kenyan jerkoff can go pound sand while somebody pounds his anus!

  • The_American_Way

    Liberals solutions always have the opposite affect of what is intended. Liberals have paved the
    road to hell several times over. When a liberal solution is involved there are five precepts that you can always count on. These are as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning. They are:

    1. Liberal solutions will make a problem worse not better.

    2. When a liberal wants to solve a problem they will look at the worst situation and then copy that. For example, on gun control liberals will copy what Chicago is doing because Chicago is the murder capital of the U.S.

    3. A liberal solution will always require a bigger government. Never a reduced size of government even though less government is always a better answer.

    4. A liberal answer to every problem will always require more money and never require more discipline.

    5. A liberal solution will require a tax increase of some type.

    • mikeledo

      Score 100%. You are wrong on every point. You must be reading Ann Coulter.

      • KJ1125

        And you must be an idiot.

    • henryknox

      Just look at what they have done to the schools, social security, war on poverty (only got worse after they declared war on it), war on drugs, their attempt at alcohol prohibition then the income tax that they gave us because the loss of taxes due to their alcohol prohibition. They never get it right.

  • neilshog

    Knowing how independent the Aussies are, it surprises me that they would allow that to happen. Good luck to them then. Hope Americans are smarter than that, but then again, Obama go in for a second term. God help us.

    • panors77

      The Aussie’s are still British subjects and their government follows the UK Parliament. I’m surprised that guns were allowed up to this point.

      • neilshog

        Oh, really? Wasn’t aware of that. Too bad. Maybe they need a revolution. —– Original Message —–
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        Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2013 8:08 PM
        Subject: [conservativevideos] Re: Thousands of Guns Confiscated and Destroyed in Australia Results in Increased Crime

        panors77 wrote, in response to neilshog:

        The Aussie’s are still British subjects and their government follows the UK Parliament. I’m surprised that guns were allowed up to this point.
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  • Australia Today

    Wow if you believe this you will believe anything. I live in this city where it’s video was shot (in the late 90’s – it is by no means current) Australia has never been safer. banning those weapons was the best thing that could have happened. If you think you need a semi automatic weapon to protect yourself I thing some counselling may be in order. America will be the laughing stock of the world if this is not fixed.

    • Apolloone


      • Australia Today

        You wish I was lying as you would somehow think that would validate your point, alas you have no point. It is demonstrated by your gun crime, and that fact this conversation is based around a video that is at least 12 years old. Keep up kids.

    • stonemike

      Fu-k you , you weasles dont deserve to be free and militant progressivism will be rising in Australia soon!

      • Australia Today

        We are free and progressive, without guns. Your NRA has no argument. Just blood on its hands

        • stonemike

          Think about it, I will give you $1000 bucks if you can name one, not two, but one thing in your country that is not controlled or regulated by government! There is not one! Sorry for cussing!

    • stonemike

      Its only natural, after you sell, or should I say prostitute yourself to oppressive government you automatically despise people with courage to resist allowing tyranny to prevail!

    • Douglas Gillard

      In the video I saw, there a lot of bolt action rifles being destroyed; not just semi-automatics. That makes your premise for your argument wrong. What makes you think you being disarmed shall keep you safer indefinitely? What is to keep a foreign country from invading Australia, knowing it just has to defeat your military and there shall be no further opposition? Just because there has not been a threat since 1942 does not mean there shall never be a threat. I believe it is a human right to have the ability to defend one’s self. That is what diistinguishes a free man from a subject. That is the difference between a conservative American and a progressive Australian. You say I need counseling because of the type of weapon I own. I submit you may need counselling because you need the government to take care of you.

  • pete0097

    I guess that I will have to learn how to make my own weapon. Maybe something based on a paintball gun with something in the paintballs that will disolve liberals

  • FED UP

    Tell you what Obama! GET RID OF THE SECRET SERVICE! They have GUNS, and are ALL OVER! And they are CARELESS! I have come within feet of some, and may have been able to get their guns. I was not one to even be interested, but if I WERE…. And WHY can’t YOU call 911 if there is a brakein? And tell EVERYONE, including PELOSI, BOXER, ETC… that there are to be ****NO**** body guards! This will SAVE BILLIONS of dollars!

    THEN, to save more, and get rid of all the extra pollution, etc… GET RID OF AIR FORCE 1 and 2 and the special taxis, THEN, to save even MORE, get rid of ALL of your pensions, yours, pelosis, reids, etc… ALL senators, congressmen, executives, judges, government workers, etc… Social security is FINE, RIGHT? THEN get rid of ALL special privileges, etc….! Get rid of your lotteries and the special deals made only to pay off people.

    OK, is someone keeping track? This may save over 1 TRILLION a year! ADMIT your goals, and submit freely to any due outcome.

    After THIS, you might get some respect, and be believed more. They SAY we should respect the president. *****WRONG*****! YOU showed the president NO respect, and ran AGAINST him! NOPE! The president is due NO respect! We are to respect the OFFICE! And that goes QUINTUPLE for YOU, since you hold the office! If YOU don’t respect the office, why should WE? I was SHOCKED when you won, but even Chris Matthews admitted that sandy had something to do with that. The LONG waits, low resources, people sent away, etc… And you ran RAFFLES to help fund your campaign. Talk about CRASS!

    People once took PRIDE in the office of President of the US. It was used as a potential goal people could strive for. NOW, a GARBAGE man may get more respect! There comes a time when a position will NOT raise the occupants, but rather be LOWERED by them.

  • GF

    I live in Australia and haven’t been happier since these guns were taken from our streets. I’d also love to know where the figures come from for the spike in crime, they are no where near accurate, in fact all major crime trends have seen a fall in crime. I think the creators of this video found 3 pro-gun supporters to make this video and made it look like it’s what Australia wants. It’s not. We haven’t had a massacre since 1997, where it’s seen to be a weekly, if not daily occurrence in the US. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    • FED UP

      You forgot to keep changing your email address. and how come you say you are a gun owner, and say you like that there are no guns?

      • GF

        I have no idea what you’re talking about. This is the first time I’ve seen this site after seeing the video shared on Facebook. I had to comment, as it’s totally inaccurate.

        • stonemike

          If you were informed at all you would know there are hundreds if not thousands of gun crimes daily in the inner cities made possible by governments coddling of blacks in America! The pinko media never publicizes the use of guns to kill, rape and rob by our entitled ex slaves! They downplay the need for basic law enforcement in the “welfare state” and then seek to disarm law abiding citizens! The plan is to leave whites defenseless against armed racist blacks like the “janitor in the White House”!

    • bless2live

      Ok. We will send you 100,000 Chicago thugs with out guns to your city to live! Let us know how it works out if you are still around in 6 months! When you don’t know what your talking about it is always best to remain quiet!

      • GF

        Fortunately for us, we don’t accept anyone here at our borders with prior criminal convictions so that rules that out.

        I’m not saying that the gun buyback scheme was only thing that’s contributed to a reduction in crime, but it was a key contributor. If your country was serious about fighting crime, it should look at all facets and fight them. Statistics show that gun crime in the US is higher than that in any other country in the world so why wouldn’t you tackle the problem head on? I’m confused.

        By the way, I’m not anti US as I frequently travel there on vacation, I love what your country has to offer. I just wish that people would be more open minded about all perspectives rather than be narrow minded and not open to change.

        • bless2live

          Like I said you don’t know what your talking about. Nothing is fixed here like you talk of your country. America is in deep trouble and it is nothing about guns and crime, rather our goverment! Do hope the best for you and my blood line there in your country.

        • rosech

          Obviously, you are not informed. Percentage wise England has the highest murder and crime rate, not the US. We are much, much lower on the list. Why? We have rights that cannot be taken by an government or it incites revolution and the hanging of traitors quickly! Your experience is not the same as what Australian friends are emailing or phoning to the US. I think you might belong to the home invasion groups and can spout whatever stupidity you wish. I travel a lot too and we don’t want gun control. For your information, hammers are the choice weapon for murders in the US, and now England is thinking of banning kitchen knives. So, we all move back into the Middle Ages of serfdom and slavery? I don’t think so. You can, if you wish. We do not wish!

        • bugtech

          Wasn’t Australia created by England to be used as a penal colony?? Hmmm.

    • stonemike

      Gutless, you wallow in servitude, and to think my Dad had so much respect for Aussies in WW2, undoubtedly not your kind!

  • Phillip Gray

    What a frightening thought. If the government tries to take Americans guns, there will be war. Obama & his liberal gay tree huggin pot smokin muslim allies think they can beat us? Well think about this 1… the military is sworn to uphold the laws of the Constitution & protect her citizens, do u really think they’re going to fire on their friends, their neighbors & own family if they are ordered to do so because they won’t give up their guns? The same can be asked of the police and maybe even ur own guards. The answer is, maybe a few traitors will, but the majority won’t and then u become their enemy & a clear and present danger to this nation. We will fight & we will not falter nor stumble, and by God we will win. The cost will be great, lives will be lost, but nothings easy & freedom isn’t free so if we must fight to preserve this nation then fight we will & we’re gonna kick ur @$$, 1.6bil rounds of ammo or not, who’s gonna fire em for ya? Won’t be u, buncha pantywaste liberals, u aint got the b@ll$! God bless America baby!!

    • stonemike

      I have faith in our American boys in uniform, they already hate obammi, its the maniacs in law enforcement like the deranged Chief of Police in chicago who said today his officers would kill citizens with legal guns! This bas–rd should be fired and never access another weapon!

  • rebart

    No, he won’t disarm the Black Panthers. He will protect them. Remember the order from the DOJ to leave the Black Panthers alone who, committing, a felony, threatened people with a baseball bat at a voting booth.

    • stonemike

      THINK ABOUT THAT, one of the prerequisites to deliver America to militant progressivism is to disarm white Americans , we are still the driving force in our nation and we must be subjugated in order to install authoritarian rule! Why do you think the DOJ virtually empowers inner city scum like the black panthers to do as they please? If common sense was used, paramilitary swat teams would be raiding inner cities constantly to remove guns from the organized crime groups we feed and clothe! We have a choice, try to stay on our feet living free or live in servitude on our knees, without gund we know which it will be!

      • rebart

        The police are afraid of the criminals, especially the gangs in the big cities. My daughter worked in a section of downtown Los Angeles. She had to get out of work to go home before it got very dark because she had to drive home through a gang-infested area that was too dangerous to be in when the cockroaches came out at night. Guns are available to criminals for nearly pennies on the dollar, and they will be when our guns are taken away.

      • Jim

        Yes you are totally right ,one other thing ,no one has mentioned ,what about all the gangs that are in America ,that blows your mind to know that Obama will take our guns and disarm you and I but what about the Gang problem ???!!!what a mess Where I live there is grafittie every where ,when and if we are disarmed ,we are dead meat ,for who ever wants some of you and I and our familys .We become a target for any and all commers !!The gangs won’t even consider giving up their guns ,they become like you and I would be if anyone gave up their guns .WE become their targets ,to rob ,rape mane and kill ,and take what ever they want .I’m praying God will stop this insanity !!Before it come down to the wire.

        • stonemike

          Im afraid its up to us Jim, It seems to me if god was looking out for decent Americans he would have aborted the “janitor who awoke president! Now we have a choice to make, are we gonna hold our heads up and resist, or do we let obama sodomize the American dream?

  • rebart

    Was the Gestapo that collected the guns wearing Swastikas?

  • panors77

    Man….beautiful Lee Enfiled no1 mrkIII’s being cut in half. That’s just wrong…….I have one from WWI and it’s a piece of art.

  • DaveNTejas

    You reap what you sew, if the Aussies wanted to give up their guns, good for them, they can stay in Australia and enjoy, but we are not stupid, and we are sure not stupid enough to willingly give up our rights to self preservation.

  • stonemike

    Lets tell the truth, the criminal in this case is the Australian government and our unamerican government is already our enemy, do you surrender your only way to fight your enemy? He-l NO, NO!

  • kagnu

    When was this video made? Over what time period are the statistics valid?

  • Tesla

    Foot Hood was a Gun Free Zone created by Clinton.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I’m too old, too tired, and too disabled to take to the field. If the tyrants want to take my guns they’ll have to come to my home, and kill me or die in the attempt.
    I swore to defend, and spent my working life in defense of, the Constitution. It will give me great pleasure to do it one last time.

  • WellNowDear

    The greatest enemy we have is the very fact that most of us are law abiding citizens. Think about that for a minute. It is the very thing all dictators use to gain power. They use the law to subjugate the law abiding citizens of the country. They know that if they make an unjust law most of the people will abide by it. They don’t care if criminals have guns since they themselves have a criminal mentality. Think about all of this very seriously and make the most important decision of your life.

  • libsuk

    Look out as that filthy spook in the White house will bring this here soon…he will arm Islam and the dirty spooks called the black panthers but he will take yors…note I said yours as he will never get mine…I will win that fight…Promise.

  • Bizzaro

    Let’s arm the Muslim Brotherhood, so that can fight for their freedoms, but GOD forbid, you allow Americans to keep and bare arms to defend our own freedoms! Something is totally F’ D up with this logic!

  • Bizzaro

    Bizzaro • a few seconds ago

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    Let’s arm the Muslim Brotherhood, so they can fight for their freedoms, but GOD forbid, you allow Americans to keep and bare arms to defend our own freedoms! Something is totally F’ D up with this logic!

  • RUAS


  • star

    The truth about gun control
    and government is every body wants to do a quick fix that does little to no
    good. Violent criminals and psychopaths aren’t going
    away; no law will prevent them from committing murder. They are not going to
    register firearms or obey gun laws. More gun
    laws are not gong to change anything.

    How about doing something that will work like reopening
    the mental health hospital that have been closed to save money. The people that
    were in these intuition were turned loose on the streets with little to no help
    and told to take there meds. This shooting was a result of the closing mental
    health hospital not a problem of gun control.

    If people take the time to check the facts shooter used
    pistols not an AR type rifle in the killings. Nor did the have any body armor
    as first reported by the press just a fishing vest. The shooter failed a back
    ground check so the system works, he did not get the guns legally. If the
    school had not been a no gun zone the shooter might have gone to some other location
    or been stopped by some who was legally carry a gun. No gun zones only give the psychopaths a place they know there safe.

    Now is the time
    to take this issue seriously enough to protect children, the following changes teachers should carry the new type
    of pepper spray, which is very effective, trained how to use a taser guns and
    some trained in gun use. Other states are doing some of these things and they

  • Joseph Mertens

    These are incidences from Austrailia after the gunj ban Quakers Hill

    Elmer Crawford

    Faraday School kidnapping (involving a gun, 3 years after the Gun ban)

    ,Savoy Hotel Fire

    ,Great Bookie Robbery (robbery 3 men, all armed, 7 years after the gun ban)

    ,Sydney Hilton bombing

    ,Justice David Opas (judge shot 11 years after Gun Ban implemented).

    ,Douglas Crabbe (Killed 5 and injured 19 with a 25 ton truck, rammed into occupied motel)

    ,Russell Street bombing (bombing outside a Police station)

    ,David and Catherine Birnie (serial killers)

    ,Hoddle Street massacre

    ,Top End Kimberly shootings (Mass shooting 18 years after the gun ban)

    ,Queen Street massacre (same year as Top End Kimberly Shooting)

    ,Paul Anthony Evers (August 1990, 21 years after the gun ban… Killed 5 and injured 11 with SHOTGUN!!)

    And that is only going from 1970 to 1990… all in Australia. And given the population levels, right now, there is minor differences between violent crime rates between US and Australia, the only difference is the WAY they are doing it…

    Seems Arson and bombs is the preferred method, BUT mass shootings in Australia have still gone on even after they have been BANNED!!!

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