‘Those Are Great Talking Points’: Ted Cruz Hits Back at Chris Matthews’ SCOTUS Claim With Two Questions

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a Republican presidential candidate, sparred with MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Wednesday over whether the Supreme Court has become too “partisan” following the high court’s recent decisions on Obamacare and gay marriage. Though he’s done so in the past, Cruz said he’s reluctant to advocate for “judicial retention” elections every eight years. However, he also said he’s tired of seeing some of the justices “not honoring their judicial oaths.” Matthews later insinuated hypocrisy, accusing Cruz of “loving” it when the Supreme Court “seized the presidency in 2000” for former President George W. Bush during the infamous Florida recount fiasco. “If there was ever a case of partisanship or ideology getting out of hand, it was 2000 — and you loved it!” Matthews said. “Those are great talking points,” Cruz replied. He then asked, “How many times did they count the ballots in Florida?” “Four times,” Matthews answered. “Four times. How many times did Bush win?” Cruz pressed. “Four times,” the MSNBC host admitted. “But they wanted to try one more time. Aren’t states allowed to do that?”

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