This Debate Line From Ted Cruz Earned Him Perfect Score of 100% From Focus Group

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) earned a 100-percent score from conservatives in Frank Luntz’s focus group when he talked about eliminating bureaucrats in Washington who are “killing jobs” at Thursday night’s GOP debate. Here’s a transcript of Cruz’s remarks:

It’s like government spending. It is very easy. Hillary Clinton says she’ll cut waste, fraud and abuse. If only we had smarter people in Washington, that would fix the problem. You know what? That is the statement of a liberal who doesn’t understand government is the problem. Here’s my philosophy. The less government, the more freedom. The fewer bureaucrats, the more prosperity. And there are bureaucrats in Washington right now who are killing jobs and I’ll tell you, I know who they are. I will find them and I will fire them.

“This was really powerful,” Luntz said before sharing his results with Fox News host Megyn Kelly. “It was direct. It was clear. It was concise.”

via TheBlaze

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