‘The View’ Decides To Mock Virgins, Then Candace Cameron Smacks Them With A Truth Bomb

Much of the world responded in shock when Brelyn Bowman posted photos on her wedding day of a special presentation: the bride presented her father with a certificate – from a doctor – proving that she was a virgin on her big day. Though surprise was the order of the day, some of the responses on social were positive and some were negative. In an interview with local media, Brelyn’s new husband Timothy said they weren’t offended and explained: “We don’t like to call them haters, they’re just people with another point of view and I would like them to respect our views like we would respect theirs.” The story caught the attention of several national media outlets, including “The View.” While most of the ladies were skeptical of anyone who remained a virgin into their thirties, co-host Candace Cameron Bure had a different take: “There are a lot more virgins out there than people realize…This is really about a relationship between them and wanting to honor God.” Co-host Michelle Collins admitted that, although she didn’t necessarily agree with waiting into one’s thirties, she was amused by one of the Instagram posts Brelyn had made prior to the wedding:


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