The Tense Moment When A Kentucky Clerk Refuses to Issue Gay Marriage Licenses [Updated]

The Kentucky County Clerk refusing to grant marriage licenses over the question of gay marriage is standing her ground this week and may be the bravest woman in the United States today. Since the June 26 Obergefell decision where the Supreme Court imposed gay marriage on the United States, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has steadfastly refused to issue marriage licenses to anyone regardless of sexual orientation. Though ordered by the court to begin issuing licenses, Democrat Davis still refused. Her attorneys asked the Supreme Court for an injunction against the order and even the conservative justices did not side with her, this week she still refused. In dramatic video from Tuesday Davis is shown squaring off with two emotional homosexual men demanding that Davis abide by the law and issue them a marriage license. Still she refused. “By what authority,” one of the men demanded. “Under God’s authority,” she replied. The men said they’d stay at her counter all day long until she relented. She said they’d have a long day before retreating to her office as the men shouted. “Coward,” “Do you job” and “Call the police.”

UPDATE: A federal Judge has ordered the defiant Kentucky clerk to jail after she refuses to issue marriage licenses.

via Breitbart

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