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The Tea Party Goes RINO Hunting!

Jack Staver is a Constitution-loving patriot activist who chairs the Northwest Georgia 912 Project, ( and was co-state coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots. In 2009 he got the “fire in his belly” – things were getting too corrupt in our government. He decided to get up and do something. His group meets twice a month and discusses what is happening on the local, state and federal level, and what “we-the-people” can do to fix it.

We urgently need to get involved in our local communities and fight Common Core, Islamic Jihad, Agenda 21, and the general progression of socialism/communism that is seeping into every facet of our lives. These are dangerous times and we need to act now. Get informed and get involved. Jack Staver is a great example of an American who loves his freedom too much to watch it be taken away by the Republican and Democrat Progressives.

via VictoriaJacksonShow

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