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The Story of A Man Who Only Had 7 Rounds in His Pistol

  • Sam Mc

    Just curious….are obamas bodyguards carrying restricted rounds now too?

    • Austin Tyler Waters

      No, it’s a NY state thing, not a nationwide law.

      • Ed Schofield

        But when Obama takes Michelle to NY to see a Broadway play, will his guards obey the NY law?????

        • TheSunDidIt

          I hope they’re all arrested for violations of the state law. I know for a fact that MILITARY have to comply with state laws in almost EVERYTHING including any personal weapons they may own when they get off that long refueling mission. Or that mission coming back from overseas. Or, just about EVERY other case. We were CONSTANTLY reminded of “local laws”.

          • DTK

            They wouldn’t get arrested. Odumbo and Boozeberg have their heads so far up each others butt that thay are unattachable.

        • rangers53

          Probably will. They’ll just double the number of guards!

      • JoJo58

        But they should set an example and obey the law of whatever state they’re in….

      • TheSunDidIt

        They did not exempt ANY law enforcement or Federal types with their law so, oops on them. But, the real issue is, who made THEIR lives more important than yours or mine? Guess Obarry must be messiah (NOT!!).

        • The Moogly

          I guess if the pending law had gone through the 3 day review process, they could have fine tuned it and made corrections. Oh, well, another example of knee jerk reaction.

      • babygirl825

        yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • unwillingvictime

      Yeah, I can just see them using their Uzi’s with only seven or ten rounds! Oh yeah, that’s right, they can carry full auto weapons because the law does not apply to them. They protect the president!

      • John Hand w/gunpermit

        The Secret Service carries P90 auto rifles now that fire a short but very special rifle round in 5.7 caliber. They can have a hundred round magazine on them if I remember correctly.

    • TheSunDidIt


  • dave in Houston

    This guy is super and right on target. Thanks, MrColion!

  • Airdoc507

    In the rush to push through the “toughest” gun laws in America, New York also restricted the police to 7 rounds in their magazines! Oops, guess you have to pass the bill in order to know what’s in the bill.

    • TheSunDidIt

      Which SHOULD make it clear why NO ONE should ever vote Demoncrat again. My parents gave up being Democrats in the 1960’s and are still NOT of that party. What’s your excuse? Still trying to “change it from the inside”? Isn’t working is it?

    • Trixie

      Probably because in the last big shooting in NYC, the injured innocents were shot by the police.

      • rebart

        How about a little more detail? What were the circumstances?

        • RedMeatState

          • rebart

            Seems to me I read something about a very strict handgun law in New York. So much for prohibition.

          • raycirx

            Actually it works pretty well. Thanks to NYC strict gun control laws last year alone over 8,000 illegal handguns were taken in street encounters. In NY there is also a law that says if you are found possesing an illegal firearm and you are not in your home or place of business you have to do a mandatory year in jail. That’s eight thousand guns off the street and criminals in jail. How many lives were saved and how many crimes prevented by that? Who can say? Also, as I hope you know the story in this video is not true. The seven round law (which I agree is excessive) was passed on Tuesday, the video posted on Thursday.

          • Troyboy

            I believe in the old saying,”Judged by 12, or carried by 6. It’s your choice.” Legal or illegal. When the time comes, what’s more important? Life behind bars, or death?

          • joe1234x

            Eight thousand guns off the street, 5 million to go. And you are taking newly formed criminals off the street in some cases. People who want to defend themselves, which now has been made a criminal act. And how many crimes were FACILITATED by this disarming of law-abiding citizens? Did anyone look into that. I’m sure the criminals LOVE this law though. “Hey street thugs–we’re going to guarantee you defenseless victims. You’re welcome!” Good work NYC!
            By the way, what is the definition of “possessing an illegal firearm”? Same as “possessing ANY firearm”?

          • rebart

            No, it’s better to possess illegal immigrants who join gangs, shoot people, smear graffiti everywhere, and take up space in our prisons.

          • Thomas Duensing

            In America, handguns are used lawfully by legal gun owners over 2,000,000 times annually to prevent a crime (source criminologist John Lott, and others), that is more than all police forces COMBINED. So restricting people’s self-defense rights is going to make them more likely to be victims. Why do we keep making laws that only restrict innocent, law abiding citizens and have no impact on criminals?

          • Vince

            Did you even watch the whole video? The story isn’t supposed to be true. It’s a point made to pull at your emotions to make you think one way, like the politicians and media are doing to get guns banned and he’s saying its wrong.

          • rebart

            Yeah, we can see how well it does. Sometimes I feel like I hear about a beating, rape, robbery, shooting, etc. in NYC nearly every day. NYC, like LA, Chicago, and other big cities are sewers. Immigrants, including illegal immigrants, are becoming the most powerful voting block and they don’t care about the American way. They just want their entitlements, and if that mean gun control whackos in office, then so be it.

          • LLinLa

            Okay, so he’s a prophet! What’s your point?

          • smoky

            so if you have your gun with you in the car you are a criminal?? yes, but only because the dictators wrote law which make you a criminal retroactively.

    • pisssed patriot

      Sorry, LEO, FBI, CIA, dignitary protection units, as well as licensed personal protection (body guards) are exempted in other laws already on the books. It’s a good premise though.

      • Airdoc507

        Sorry, this new law when passed did not include exemptions to police officers, but has since been amended to include them.

  • Dragonslayer

    How does this make you feel smart one from Harvard… Prez? He’s smarter than you!

    • jamgus24

      and it doesn’t take much to be smarted than obama.

  • Tiger716

    ….and that’s exactly why we should always carry extra clips. Stupid, stupid laws from baffoons who don’t deserve to be making up these laws.

  • momo

    I don’t think that a pistol must have seven rounds. Only for rifles. Hey, but who cares. You have an unalienable right to defend your life, with whatever tools are necessary. Cuomos safe act is unconstitutional and is non law. We need an injunction and stay until the court can rule. We also need to impeach those who violate the Constitution.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Unfortunately for us “Patriotic Conservatives,” in N.Y., New York is a bastion of liberalism and rino republicans. ONLY one republican representative came out and argued AGAINST this travesty of an un-constitutional law!

      cuomo ranks in my book., right up there with pancreatic cancer, usually a fatal disease, as he is a fatal disease to our God Given Rights!

      By the way andrew, how is it shacking up with sara lee. Some role model you are for the family institution!! HYPOCRIT!!!
      By the way, all of your body guard state police are citizens of New York first so they must abide by the law also! Their chosen vocation made by free will is not a free pass to be above the all inclusive law of your doing!

      • Moose853

        Then come to Texas. We could use the extra guns & people here if anything breaks out. Obama can kiss our ass

    • TheSunDidIt

      Actually, he needs ARRESTED for violations of the Constitution.

    • Airdoc507

      No, this states that even if you have a pistol with a10 round magazine, you’re only allowed to put 7 rounds (not 8) in it or you can be fined. That’s the problem with the police breaking this law.

  • Wisesooth

    Here is a link to my latest blog post on the subject, for your consideration.

  • Mort Leith

    Why and how can people with even the resemblence of a brain,, think that CRIMINALS pay ANY attention to their sick gun control laws,,, that ONLY limit LEGAL LAW-Abiding Citizens from protecting themselves and their family ?

    • raycirx

      That’s right, criminals still have guns, which means that when police encounter them, they go to jail. If there was no gun control a criminal could walk down teh street armed and the cops could do nothing until he shot somebody. I’d rather have him stopped and jailed just for walking around with it.

      • RacerJim

        It’s great that when police encounter criminals with guns the criminals go to jail. However, if there is more gun control the greater the ratio of criminals with guns vs law-abiders without guns. Frankly, I’d rather be able to stop a criminal with a gun with my own gun instead of hoping a policeman arrives before the criminal kills me.

      • poppakap

        …and the cops are always there to stop criminals aren’t they? Sorry Ray, if you want to be disarmed and at the mercy of thugs and repressive government, be my guest. Rationality dictates otherwise.

      • Randolph Goeman

        Ever note in the old Westerns, when someone robbed the bank the average citizen on the street shot back WHEN they had guns.

      • joe1234x

        How do the cops know the criminal has a gun? If the criminal keeps it concealed (duh), and the cop has no reasonable suspicion, he cannot just pull a “bad looking dude” over and frisk him and arrest him for gun possession. So, it really still comes down to this criminal committing some kind of crime before the policeman can determine that he has a gun. Sure, it gives the policeman another thing to charge the criminal with, but in most states, there is an additional charge for committing another crime *in possession of a gun*. This way, you get to nail them for having a gun but only the actual criminals get nailed and the law abiders do not forfeit their constitutional rights to protect themselves. Hmmm… that sounds like a great idea!

    • Thomas Duensing

      That’s why I’m beginning to think that these laws aren’t about gun-violence at all. The laws they are writing primarily only target innocent, law-abiding gun owners. Either the people writing these laws are completely ignorant (pretty unlikely) or they are purposely writing laws that dilute 2nd Amendment rights.

  • The_American_Way

    Good video. Thanks to Mrcolionnoir for putting some common sense out there.

  • The tax man

    We definitely need to restrict the number of rounds a person can have on one gun – 50 is the correct number! You need every bullet until the criminal is totally and permanently disabled and 50 is a good round number. Seven or ten or 15 are just NOT ENOUGH> When your life and your families lives depend on it, the police are only ten minutes away! Do the right thing Obama and just leave the 2nd Amendment alone.

    • unwillingvictime

      Err, it’s when seconds count, police are minutes away. Don’t mean to nit pick, just sounds better, and in fact is so true! Fifty is a good number. Three magazines of fifteen and one in the chamber, close enough. Anyone who says it is not safe to carry one in the chamber has never had to think about how the brain works under stress. One cannot afford the 1 1/2 seconds to chamber a round when in a defensive situation. Then again, if you carry a weapon, you are morally obligated to be proficient with the weapon you are carrying. In that case and you are not regularly going to the range, leave the chamber empty!

      • TheSunDidIt

        We did it safely in Iraq and had no major issues. Amazingly everyone was SOOO polite when we were ALL armed to the teeth.

    • rosemarienoa

      Even better get your smarmy self OUT of OUR Country you fraud !!! Shamelessly using children to further your liberalism !!! For SHAME all you liberal idiots!!!

  • grandchild

    If we outnumber them who work for us and we pay them how is it we don’t call the shorts (pun)… First they suggest to us, then they urged us, them they demand from us… OR ELSE……….its the or else that really bothers me…this is so ass back words and we continue to allow it….Why? anyone have an answer…..Please

    • joe1234x

      Because, we allowed them to take our money to give to others to buy votes. Those whose votes are purchased then will vote to get more of our money, regardless of 2nd amendment violations, perjury by presidents, trillion dollar deficits or anything else. Buy the hispanic vote with promises to reward illegal activity (crossing the border illegally) with US Citizenship. Once you get 50% of the vote bought and paid for by entitlements, it seems it is (almost) over.
      Why almost? Because there is only 50% voter turnout. If we get 100% turnout of the patriotic, independent, ethical, conservative voters to show up, we win 2:1 (our 50% of registered voters vs. their 50% turnout of their 50% of registered voters (=25%). A lot more people have to get disgusted with the way this country is being run and show up at the voting booths. NOW!!!

  • The tax man

    Note, if your gun has too many rounds and you use it for self defense it is only a misdemeanor. Now what will a jury say? If you needed an extra round or two to save some lives???? Cuomo is a real idiot. He should live in NY with no bodyguards and no police to protect him! Give him a single shot .22 and leave him on the streets of Harlem for a night.

  • george

    Trying to stop violence with gun control laws is like trying to stop drunk driving by making it harder for everyone to buy a car.

    • TheSunDidIt

      Actually, car wrecks and drunk driving pretty much kill ten times the number killed with guns.

      • unwillingvictime

        Actually that is VERY conservative. The numbers are much higher.

        • RacerJim

          FACTUALLY, the number is many times higher for Democrats’ staunchly defended method of murder — abortion — currently an average of 3,300 each and every day! Hey Obama — how about a photo op in front of Planned Parenthood with 3,300 abortion mutilated children?

  • Sunrise2

    This young black man is absolutely right. We need more like him.

    • TheSunDidIt

      The NATION needs more people, of all colors, like him.

  • nancis

    California has law that don’t work just like new york. and obamas boyguards have lots of magazines. They think they are better then the rest of the people and they should have to only have 7 rounds also. But that will not happen.

  • unwillingvictime

    I have often had a little chuckle to myself when I hear “if you know how to shoot, you don’t need that many rounds”. Well, under normal circumstances this may be true. But getting into a fire fight is far from normal. How often have you heard the police fire a total of thirty six rounds and hit the criminal twice? Now these are people who are trained for such circumstances and still needed more than the ten rounds these idiots, or in this case seven, want us to be limited to. Anyone who carries a weapon for protection hopes they never have to use it. If a day comes that you have to draw your weapon, do you really want to be limited to some arbitrary amount of bullets some idiot who has no idea which end of the gun the bullets come out deciding for you? What is it about these supposed law makers who continually want to give the advantage to those who commit the crimes and take away any right the law abiding citizen has? Do they actually think they will stop the shootings because you can’t BY LAW have that many bullets? There has not been one scientific study anywhere that even suggests this. Where are they coming up with these “cures”? Oh yeah that’s right, they ARE criminals!

    • Sol_of_Texas

      “if you know how to shoot, you don’t need that many rounds” … indicates that person lives a vicarious life – through TV and movies.

      • unwillingvictime

        How true. Those of us unlucky enough to have been involved in such an incident know just how much adrenalin affects you, and not always in a good way. Those are real bullets whizzing past you while trying to aim at the one or ones shooting them. They are very distracting!

      • Randolph Goeman

        It’s too bad that since the 60’s kids can not tell the difference between REEL life & REAL life.

    • joe1234x

      And funny, they don’t limit the number of guns. So… one could have 8 guns with 7 rounds each, but not one gun with 14 rounds. Of course, how could any law-abiding person carry 8 guns to the grocery store. A criminal on the other hand, is not inconvenienced by any of these laws. Good for him! And the homicidal maniac mass murderers typically bring a bag of guns and extra mags. So yeah, this should really reduce crime. /sarcasm



    • TheSunDidIt

      That’s “THROW” not “THOUGH”. But, I concur.

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    I invite Mr Cuomo to walk through Central Park at 2:00 AM with 7 rounds in his pistol or long arm. He wants Police Officers to “do the walk” but does not have the guts to do it himself. I don’t hear any talk about a Death Penalty for murderers yet he wants to take legal guns away. Adolph Cuomo is a complete FRAUD! All states that don’t have the Death Penalty should just be quiet.

  • Ort

    I don’t know who this guy is, but I love this dude!! But because he speaks the truth using logic, the libtard haters will call him their tired old names.

  • MarieDevine


    In 1833 God revealed in D&C 98 & 101:77-80 that He created US
    Constitution for rights and privileges for all people. Second Amendment right
    to own guns means we are America’s unpaid army, quick and available protection
    from oppression and take-over. We trust in God, but He said we have a right to
    guns in case we need to be a militia.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Secret Service walks into NY or NYC they need stopped and arrested. I know they carry fully automatic weapons. So does the NY State National Guard folks. SO DO THE COPS. So, WHY are we supposed to be the sheep? Why are we left for slaughter? Why are OUR families NOT IMPORTANT? WHY does the state “infringe” upon our SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS and NO ONE is being arrested for it? WHY?

  • HerrCapitanFick

    You people just don’t get it, now do you! The president is more important to you in all way shape form or fashion! R H I P! Why do you still continue to cry?

  • WarVet

    These Commie progressives need to be stopped!

  • rebart

    Restricted the police to seven rounds? Why would anyone want to be a cop in NYC? The inmates are running the asylum.

  • Lockmanxo

    Ya know we have a PROCESS to change the Constitution and amendments to that same document. Those who say “we” need to evolve, well then FOLLOW THE PROCESS! Contact you STATE legislators about the need for a Constitutional Convention to make changes, BUT suffer the consequences, as it could backfire. Trying to chip away with Congress or Potus is NOT the LEGAL PROCESS.

  • Doctor_Bill

    All of this is true. The laws passed in NY are counter-productive if not outright dangerous. The manner in which they were passed violates the state constitution. Gun owners have done nothing but give up ground for nearly eighty years. All the facts, figures, and historical data support our position. And you know what. It doesn’t mean a thing. It does no good to be right because the liberal officials and those that elect them don’t care about right and wrong or results any more. Look at cities like Chicago or Detroit; circling the bowl for decades but they still elect the same leadership over and over again. In January of last year I predicted to all my friends that Obama would be re-elected. There could have been video of him clubbing a baby harp seal to death while chain-smoking “Luckys” and listing to “Dixie” on a stereo and he STILL would have been re-elected. The only hope we have left within the system is to somehow convince the elected officials that we will manage to unseat them from office and I hold out little hope for that. Maybe we have reached the point where a true federal government cannot be re-created in a country the size of the continental US.

  • RedMeatState

    Sad story indeed. If all it took to lure the scumbags out was the “click” for an empty pistol; he should have dropped his clip, fired 2 rounds, “click”, then install the clip and chamber a round.
    Could have been a happy ending.

  • rank

    I just know that all of the gangs, and other criminals, in NYS are holding meetings to make certain that they only load 7 rounds in their 30 round magazines. After all they would not want to break the law… now would they?/S

  • Ranger5150

    Anyone who wonders why a hunter needs a clip with more than 10 rounds has never faced a charging bear.

    • joe1234x

      I always respond to that question with “Why do I have to show a *need*?” It’s the 2nd amendment. The burden is not on me to prove why I need it, it’s on you to prove why you need to take away my God-given and constitutionally-protected right. There is no significant benefit to restricting magazine capacity, so that’s the end of that. Whether I *need* it or not is irrelevant.

  • Ranger5150

    Seven rounds maximum…..does that mean they will also restrict the number of pellets in shotgun shells?

  • Harold

    If we the people cannot have guns to protect ourselves, then the President?, senate, congressman, CIA, FBI and all other government people cannot have guns nor armed guards either.

  • Tonto

    Solution is simple….ignore the idiot in the White House… ain’t law until it’s passed in Congress….so all those “executive orders” are meaningless to us….only to Federal agents….and I’d like to see the day when they only carry 7 bullets. HA!

    • joe1234x

      And be happy you don’t live in NY!!!

      • Tonto

        Went to NYC one time. Didn’t like it but the ladies were foxy. Felt like a combat zone to me.

        • 101guest

          NYC is only a small physical area of NY state!

          • Tonto

            Yeah, Thank God. Upstate is beautiful in summer….but I’ll stick with Tennessee.

  • tthan43

    The facts of the matter are that those who worship obama do so solely b/c he is black and gives them stuff. That’s all. These sycophants are NOT interested in truth, logic, common sense, facts or anything else….only worshiping the disease in the white house and enabling him to accomplish his agenda. You can absolutely believe that he could not care any less about dead children. He is only interested in being a despot and making this a Socialist nation.

  • Jay Williams

    Only an idiot wouldn’t relate to this true story of a man being murdered in cold blood. However an idiot would think this man shouldn’t have had any bullets in his Glock. Thank you left liberals for your stupid thought patterns. New York poly-tics need to get their heads together………..

  • hmmmmm

    dumbo only want we the people to carry 7 rounds cause he’ll be sure to have several of his henchmen on us with way more than 20 rounds. I do not understand why anybody voted for this dufus

  • Ronald Christopher

    The stupid people vote into offices stupid people. And that is the sad story of that. Stupid people pass stupid laws and the stupid voters have to live with those stupid laws.

  • Terence

    Reminds me of the story of the Texas Ranger at a cocktail party in Austin… a society matron looks at his holstered .45 auto in shock and says, “Sir, are you expecting trouble here?!?” He replied, “No, Ma’am. If I was expecting trouble I’d have brought my rifle.”

  • 2War Abn Vet

    No single gun law, and we have over 20,000 of them, has ever stopped a criminal intent on causing havoc. Passing additional laws will only serve to disarm honest people. Nothing government does will have any effect whatever on criminals.

  • Naggie

    What is the point in an inauguration when he has sworn ONCE ALREADY to enforce the laws
    and the Constitution which he has certainly not done and we have a chicken-shit Congress who
    will do nothing about the treason and destruction of the US (his total objective)???

  • Paul Brown

    When the Gov. and the Police carry restricted rounds, then I’ll think about it, untill then they know what they can do!

  • ArtBrecher

    A criminal by definition is a person who has committed a crime. Therefore it follows that since a criminal is already committing a crime it is unreasonable to think that said criminal will all of a sudden follow the law, at least in NY, that he limit the number of rounds in his magazine to seven. He is already intent on committing a crime, that is why he is a criminal. He commits crimes. Why does Obama want to disarm law abiding citizens who wish to defend themselves while leaving criminals free to carry whatever they want in their magazines?

  • Daryl Vanella

    What is insane & wrong is this video trying to change the focus of
    the issue. It was not a criminal thinking person that shot those
    children or theater goers or high school students or college students.
    It was mentally ill people. They ALL got the guns from people who
    owned them legally. So, if the mentally ill man that shot those
    children (or any other of the shooters) had a limited supply of bullets
    & less powerful guns to chose from maybe the outcomes would have
    been less tragic.

    • Dana King

      Really? So by making ME less safe through gun and ammunition bans you believe that equals a weaker criminal? Are you insane? Obviously you are since that is your very premise. Your premise equals empowering the criminal at the expense of the safety of the law abiding. You’re ignorant and evil.

      • joe1234x

        I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he’s well-meaning but ignorant. But VERY ignorant.

    • joe1234x

      Yeah, cause this perp already was not allowed to own a gun and was not allowed to go into the school with a gun. So, that already prevented him from shooting up a schoo, right? And I’m SURE he would have stayed within a law on magazine capacity. And even if he did (which is laughable), he carried multiple loaded magazines, which can easily allow large ammo capacities, regardless of how many bullets are in each magazine. So, the only thing you are doing here is limiting the ability of law-abiders to defend themseles and others. Think about it.

    • DebbyX

      Don’t count on it!

  • darrell_b8

    It’s about control and loss of freedom. The left will not honestly tell what they really want; so they have all this half assed measures that do NOTHING or make things worse…aka “Gun Free Zones”….DEFEAT every Liberal Democrat….everywhere….you life litterally depends on it.

  • pisssed patriot

    Doctors still use leaches in medical practice today! ….and our second amendment still holds true today.

    Here is a quote i penned, please feel free to use it:

    “Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution, its
    amendments, the writings of our founders, or the writings of those who inspired
    them does it state that the people only have the right to inferior arms.”

    –Thomas B*****

    As a matter of fact, when the Bill of Rights was written, hand grenades and cannons were readily available. They were NOT excluded from the Bill of Rights, or was the type, size or quantity of “arms” restricted! PERIOD!!!

  • Bo Graves

    What else can you say. When fools make the rules.

  • gwedem5995

    This was a great video. Every person who has a story like this should be contacted and they should make a documentary and when the zealots start talking about gun control, it should be played over and over. Maybe it will get people to thinking.

  • Varian Wrynn

    Nice story, but a glock doesn’t go click after the last round has been fired – it goes squish and feels off-balance with the slide locked open.

  • Thomas Duensing

    Excellent video. Since this law will not actually protect the citizens, maybe our “leaders” are implementing these stupid laws for another reason….maybe it really isn’t about gun “violence”.

  • missnellie

    Complete sense….wow, a simple American speaks out and makes total sense…at least to me. No politics, no connection to Washing, no insults….just common sense for America. The one issue I don’t seem to here is THIS IS AMERICA and we have had our Second Amendment since the Founding Fathers…..WHY….WHY do politicians and advocates compare us to other countries with whom we share NO common ground. Focus on our own country…respect the Constitution….and thanks, Mr. Noir – you made simple common sense and I thank you for it. I don’t own a gun…have thought about it…but if I choose to own one and passed the background checks…I should be allowed to.

  • Todd Smith

    If by some miracle they restrict us to seven rounds, I’m going to get a Taurus Judge and put shotgun shells in it and back that up with my Colt .45…Oh wait, do they consider that a “military” type weapon? Are they going to take that away too? ….Butt jammers……

  • USA Patriot

    It’s not just NY, Deval Patrick is attached at the hip to Obama and what ever Obama does the Gov. of Mass. is guaranteed to follow.We have a war on our hands and the gun owners had better wake up and storm their Senators and Reps to let them know how they feel about this gun grab or we’ll all loose our freedom and be shooting bean blowers.

  • chetohimler

    Very nicely said and done Mr. ColionNoir. That is exactly why they are called criminals, because they have no disregard to laws.

  • LLinLa

    MrC, you are always on point and make more sense than any 50 Democrats put together!

  • Karl Osis

    Why don’t I see more messages like this one? Why is there so much crazy rhetoric? There are a million sane reasons against gun control. Why aren’t pople using them? Does anyone think that calling the President names is going to help anyone. That is incredibly aggravating. Did calling someone Mr. Poopy Face on the playground help anything? It’s just stupid! Fundamental human freedom starts with one fact: everyone has a right to defend themselves. The only way we can ensure this on a practical level is though firearms. Governments have violated their people time and time again. People have violated each other time and time again.
    In some parts of the world even animals have violated people time and
    time again. The great equalizer is firearms. It would be nice if they
    were not necessary, but that’s just not reality. People talk a lot
    about the statistics. Yes, many people in are shot in this country
    every year. However, most of those are people who put themselves in the
    line of fire. Suicides, criminals, police and so on. The chances of
    an average law abiding citizen getting randomly shot is almost zero.
    Then there’s the random person who should have had serious psychological
    help and should have had medications. But, we don’t take mental health
    seriously in this country. It’s a big joke. When one of these people that we should have been taken care of goes off the deep end
    we blame it on the guns. Really? It’s the guns fault that we did not
    take proper care of our brother or sister. It’s the guns fault that
    someone who was broken and hurting was pushed off to the side and
    forgotten. The problem lies not in things, but in the fact that we have
    forgotten how to love our neighbors, our friends, our family.

  • Thomas Sharp

    Criminals don’t follow the law. The Police show up only after there is a crime scene and are very good at making chalk outlines.
    Protection is your duty and your right. Even in today’s liberal environment, it is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

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