‘The Planned Parenthood Song’ Exposes the Aborted Baby Parts Scandal In An Amazing Way

The scandal of Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies and the body parts of aborted babies is a serious matter that has already involved Congressional and state investigations and calls for prosecuting the abortion practitioners and Planned Parenthood staffers responsible for potentially breaking the law. With nine videos exposing every facet of Planned Parenthood profiteering from the sales of babies they victimize in abortions, there has been so much information and so many expose’ articles written on the subject and millions of Americans have protested Planned Parenthood or shared the videos online. To help digest all of the information, Dan Joseph at the pro-life Media Research Center put together a campy video that chronicles the greatest hits with the kind of levity that is sometimes needed for such a serious subject just to get an emotional break from the disgusting and heartbreaking spectacle that is Planned Parenthood and its abortion industry.

via LifeNews

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