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The Onion: Obama’s Approval Rating Down After Photos Surface Of Him Eating Big Sandwich All Alone

  • Jeanne

    A lot of people believe him to be a pig……this confirms it

  • spyderdalton

    All the lying, 17 vacations in three years, scandals, communist fundamental change destroying our beloved country and it takes stuffing his face with a sandwhich to lower his ratings? How pathetic!

    • spyderdalton

      Oh I get it, it’s supposed to be a joke….

    • jamie

       my thought exactly!

  • Texal37

    This couldn’t have been better choreographed by the Republicans if they had actually tried
    to get Obama to pose for them. Obama at this point in time doesn’t need any enemies….he
    is a one man wrecking crew. Looks like his “chickens are coming home to roost”. Couldn’t
    happen to a more deserving person, in my opinion.

  • American

    Excuse me as much as I can’t stand Obama what does a sandwitch have to do with his ratings? I don’t see it,

    • Jeanne

      It’s “character”.  Get it?

    • Jennie

      Humor… because his wife Moochele is always pushing nutrition and veggies down our throats. Their motto is ‘do as we say, not as we do.’  Where have you been?

  • Jeanne

    Where in the world has he chosen to sit down and stuff his face, where are all the Secret Service?  Why does he look like a homeless bum eating ravenously his last meal on any park bench in America?  Just a thug!

  • American

    I pray for my children and grandchilden that Obama and his socialists and marxists and communists comrads are all voted out of the whitehouse and disappear from America



  • American

    Who cares about the stupid sandwhich, I want to see him out of the whitehouse so our country can heal itself from his awful attack on it.



  • Miller0924

    I want Newt Gingrich for president!
    but I don’t get to vote!

  • Rett Morgan Adair

    Obama is a festering sore, a blight on humanity. His actions will impede other actions in senate and congress for years to come. It’s clear to me that the USA was set up and not voted on. With his back ground being such hype and gloom, it couldn’t come out before his placement in office. He is a criminal. Not our friend, or I’m very miss informed. I’m not alone on that 

  • Shavager

    He freely criticizes and disdains Americans for what he thinks is “excesses in wealth and living standards” in contrast to rest of the world, but he jetsets around the U.S. wasting HUGE amounts of money taxpayers are responsible for, living the high life on our dollar for 17 VACATIONS in just 3 YEARS, MONEY LAUNDERING BILLIONS of TAX dollars to campaign contributors, supporters and CRONIES with his “stimulus” bill, “green energy” BRIBE payments and foreign wealth redistribution of U.S. TAX dollars in muslim countries for mosques, computers and WEAPONS to drug cartels and terror organizations.  Webster’s dictionary should post a photo of OWEbumbler and Moochelle under the definition of “HYPOCRITE, COMMUNIST, ISLAMIC, ANTI-AMERICAN”.

  • WVF

    If my memory serves me well, I believe that Mama Cass choked to death on a sandwish.  What are the chances?

    • bodyman47

      She choked on a piece of chicken. Added a whole new meaning to choke your chicken.

      • WVF

        Thanks, Bodyman47, as I remember she was eating while in bed !  You’re dead right about the “choking your chicken” concept.
        Wendell Fountain (WVF)

  • Jennie

    He looks like a chimp feasting on his banana…

  • Chuck

    Want to be rid of our tyrant?  VOTE for Romney.   He favors lowering taxes, cutting sending, passing a budget, strengthening  the military, keeping our guns, exploring our own lands for oil and gas, building the Keystone pipeline,and repealing ObamaCare.

  • Peggy

    No class – as a President. 

  • George Bernard Vieto

    He makes Captain Huggyface look like a hungry chimp by comparison.

  • Kookie

    Posed for sympathy. He’s used to his servants serving him lobster.

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