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The Greatest Play In Baseball: Player Stops Flag Burning in 1976

  • Shane

    Too bad the baseball players didn’t beat the crap out of these left wing traitors.

    • refurb001

      Maybe 20 or more stitches would make them remember for the rest of their lives what scum bags they are. Any bets they’re on welfare now? A lot of good men and women have died for that flag and scum like that have the right to burn the flag. Can only pray they suffer the rest of their lives….. with obamy

  • SallyE

    I wonder what ever happened to those two scumbags. They are probably now part of the Obama administration.

    • TheSunDidIt

      No, they’re teaching at a California College I’d bet.

      • headhunter

        why a California college? why not yale?

        • chetohimler

          Because everyone knows that all fags come from California.

    • Carlos

      They’re probably grown up, with kids of their own and as conservative as Rush. Adulthood will do that to ya.

      • jer1041

        sadly, only some grow up

      • chetohimler

        Nah man, once a f**king liberal, always a f**king liberal. Obamas re-election proves this.

    • tazz89103

      ya im sure O was mad that that player stoped them

    • eddyjames

      Likely they are both towel boys at Obama’s favorite gay bath house in Chicago. But if anyone can prove other wise I think they have a startling resemblance to Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod ! Where were they in 1976? Can they prove it wasn’t them?

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    Quietly well done by a Patriot.


    I salute you MR.MONDAY you are a true HERO.

  • Shorty Stuff

    What a great American act. It’s too bad that today half the people (demoncRats) would be doing the burning instead.

  • sunnyblues

    Wow, with tears in my eyes, I thank you, sir, for showing the world true patriotism, heroism and courage which instantly turned this ugly disrespectful act into a display of respect and honor for our country and our flag. Oh, how I wish there were more like you in the public’s eye.

  • Bruce A Silver

    Well played Rick you are a ture American hero.

  • Debra JM Smith

    That’s a real patriot. –The burning of the flag, should be seen as an act of war against America, because it is saying, “death to America.”

  • mrsawdust

    Yeah, I think their names are Holder and Obama

    • rocky63

      Or maybe Holder and Reid.

    • fixfen

      As I recall, they were Hispanis and possibly illegal aliens

      • chetohimler

        Your probably right. The only thing hispanics like are foodstamps and a government check. When was the last time you saw a hispanic waving an American Flag? Not even in public man….

    • Arvil Bankston

      you are 100% correct.

  • Joanne Christie

    I wondered the same…..these two scum bags should have been arrested. This is how the Left/Libs operate…….no respect for this Country & its Citizens. They have no class whatsoever. God Bless America!!!!

  • GeoInSD

    Unfortunately, people like those flag burners have taken over the country and they are now applauded.

    • refurb001

      Probably part of obamy’s core team. Un-american scum……

  • rocky63

    Thank you Mr. Monday. As a 32 year veteran of service in the US Navy, I salute you proudly. I’m sad to realize I had not heard of this incident at the time — or, possibly, I had but had forgotten it. In any case I am moved to see this reminder of your act.

  • Ed Leary

    Were the names of the two perps Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn ?

    • Sol_of_Texas

      :-) good one!

  • KAJ

    Thank you Rick Monday for being a true American. Too bad we don’t see more people like you in this country.
    Maybe 2013 will be the year America wakes up and realizes we are losing our country and our freedom.
    God Bless you.

  • caskinner

    I wonder if these 2 made it out of the park without getting the crap beat out of them. Rick Monday put into action what all Americans can be proud of.

  • An America Citizen

    I SALUTE YOU RICK MONDAY! It is the greatest play ever in Baseball. I have burned several U.S. flags. This was because the flags were being retired from service! I used the standard proceedure of flag burning!
    Thanks, Rick. Well done!

  • violamc

    God bless you, Rick Monday.

  • Robert Myles

    I think one of them was probbly Bill Ayer’s. We do need many many more patriot’s of this calibre regardless of whether they own guns or not. This guy understands the importance of our Flag and our Constitutional Republic, which Obama and his Muslim,Commie minion’s are hell bent on destriyong

  • TheSunDidIt

    God bless you Rick. Thank you. I joined the Marines in 1973 because of great Americans like you. I love the flag. I love the country. I rarely minded the protesters. But, when they started burning our flag, that’s when they lost ANY supportive feelings I might have had. Thank you sir.

  • KingofThings

    AMEN Mr. Monday! I do not recall this event and so I apologize to you sir profusely for that. On this date I was in the USN, as I was in the last draft in ’72, and unaware of many things. Thank you CV for bringing my attention to it and putting the video up!!! I will never forget it now!


    I would of payed for the privlige of being alone with these scum bags for 5 minutes, you know just to have an in depth discussion about manners and how to act like a human etc. just a heart to heart know one on one.

  • hiskid1964

    i would like to know what those two punching bags are doing these days

  • twiceshy

    We need more men like him if we are going to get rid of Obama. People who aren’t afraid to take action.

  • Barbaree

    obama and moochelle attended flag burnings. Unbelievable!

    • RacerJim

      So did Slick Willy Clinton while he was attending Oxford University in England.

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    I had this video on my computer for years. Every single time I want to punch a liberal, I watch it. Patriotism is making a comeback but we have to be the ones to fuel the fire. Rick Monday did more for this Country than Obama has done in 4 years. Keep the faith Brothers and Sisters.

  • BMW Metro

    Give the Cubbies an honorary World Series title for this one!

  • theholts

    This was posted on YouTube, with the video, in 2008:
    On April 25, 1976 at Dodger Stadium, Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs, grabbed and secured the American flag from two individuals as they were attempting to burn our flag in the middle of the playing field. It was an outstanding display of American Patriotism. Due to the numerous references to ‘allah’ and insistence that their chairs be faced in a certain direction while being questioned, the two, a father and his son, were described to be muslims by several security personnel including an off duty police officer in attendance at the game who went down to the security room soon after the incident. Others claim that the two, William Errol Thomas and his brother, later corrected to be Thomas and his 11 year old son (not identified due to his age) were war protesters. Others claimed Thomas escaped from a mental institution, others said that his wife was being held illegally and against her will in a mental institution and various other claims. Regardless, it’s probably safe to say that what they attempted to do was a disgrace to our American Flag and every American citizen. Aside from public ridicule, Thomas incurred minimal legal actions for his actions. He was fined $60 for trespassing and placed on probation for a year. No formal charges were filed against his 11 year old son who was treated as a juvenile offender. Something that was also confusing was obtaining the flag burner’s real name. Security personnel at the stadium said that his name was William Errol Morris. However, the police report and court records all list him as William Errol Thomas, Aka William Errol Morris (Criminal courts building record Case# 31-543367 Thomas, William Errol, Jr. Violation Sec. 602, P.C. one year probation and ordered not to enter Dodger Stadium during probationary period.) His attorney in the public-defender’s office said that Thomas was American Indian, a transient living out of the back of his car. DMV yielded no information nor did the registrar of voters or Veterans Administration. The Bureau of Indian Affairs in Phoenix had no information nor were there any military records.
    I do not know if this is true, but I’m off to do more research…

  • Lloyd

    Rick Monday, I don’t think I watched that play, but I sure wish I had. God bless you sir. Just one thing though, maybe you should have pulled an illegal play, and spiked them as you grabbed the flag. They might have a learned a little respect for those colors they were about to burn.

  • Donald York

    Was that Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda?

  • Malcolm Cummings

    Rick Monday is an American hero!

  • freedomringsforall

    That is great!

    Thank you Rick!

    May God continue to bless you.

    What a patriot!

    I am embarrassed that i don’t remember this.

    Also, may God continue to bless those who stood up in pride for this the greatest experiment in governance the world has ever seen.

  • Bull57

    Even the most timid man will only take so much. The Our Great Country has had just about enough mr. Obama!

  • Steve Hughes

    I little piece of history… and you EARNED it, Rick. All I have to hear is the intro, “The greatest play in baseball history…” and you come to mind.

  • Richard Jorgensen

    Let them light the flag, then wrap it around their stupid heads.

  • Hatchet

    I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve seen this But GREAT PLAY my friend!!!

  • Jerry Smith

    I hope the other players who ran to the outfield beat the snot out of those two dirt bags.

  • Bret G.

    The biggest problem today though is that if it happened now in today’s climate with today’s leftist news and sports networks it would be edited out so the country would never know it happened.

  • Noneya Biz

    We might as well burn every flag in this country. I can’t even look at it now…it makes me sad and sick. I grieve the death of my country every time I see it. It is nothing but a historical relic of the wonderful place we used to live in, and never will again.

  • Wolf-Talker1

    Ever since the Supreme Court ruled that burning our flag is free speech, they sanctioned an action as free speech. If I ever see anyone burn Our Flag I will exercise my right to Free speech as I am kicking their ass and verbally protesting their actions.
    R. Young U.S.A.F. Ret.

  • Bret.G

    The problem today is with our media and sports media being leftists like there lord and master Obama that if the same thing happened today they would go to commercial and edit the whole thing out so only the fans at the stadium would know it ever happened.

  • Bret G.

    The problem today is that the media and the sports media today would edit it out. If it happened today the only people that would know about it are the people in the stadium.

  • gwedem5995

    So inspiring and I am 71 and never about about this before.

  • 2013 Watcher

    May God Bless you, Mr. Monday, each and every time that flag is brought before you, whether it be mental or real life. This Nation was founded on God’s laws, and no matter how stringent the protests or denials, it will for ever stand. Our Nation owes you a Medal!

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