‘The Government Can’ – An Anti-Socialism Music Video

  • Sol of Texas

    It would be really funny were it not so true. :-(

    • TheSunDidIt

      Yes, it’s sadly true; but, still FUNNY. I’m the kind of person that would find something funny about being locked in a very small room or dumped into acid or thrown in a fire. That’s why I make such a “good citizen” for the “new” form of government.

  • Janet

    Thanks for making my day!!!

  • regulus30

    too bad for the takers;; they will soon run out of gold;;;;;;

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nancy-Lebischak/100000493555704 Nancy Lebischak

    That was Great, made me feel good, then realized he is right, made me feel mad.

  • pappasmurf

    Has a great voice. Too bad it is so true that so many people are so stupid to fall for all Gov’t propoganda!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ken.jacobsen2 Ken Jacobsen

    The 47% are not going to like this. Tim is actually telling the truth of our current situation with the dipstick in the WH, Reid and Pelosi wanting to bring socialism and tyranny to our country in full force. Never mind that socialism/communism has been proven time after time to be a failed process.

  • cal-stone

    There has not been a single video available to view in the last three days. Nothing to click on. What gives?

    • Wondering Woman

      Who minds not having a single new one in 3 days as long as the ruruns are as good as Tim Hawkins is in this one. If you get a chance click on his “Whiff of Kansas” video – but should have been whiff of Washington, DC because he must have been smelling what has been coming from there for the past several decades!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gregbeaty Greg T Beaty

    It is funny and true, I propose that all Democrats pay all the taxes since they are so happy to tax and spend and the Republicans get save their money for their retirement that will really be there for them. absurd, right; well that how most Republicans think of Democrats and correctly so.

  • Rose

    I love it!

  • R.Young


  • voter suppression

    OKnow lets promote this video. So true.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RobinFilios Robin Filios

    This completely explains my current life! Probably yours too.

  • Little Bright Feather

    So good. Sadly so true. And he sings really good too ! This needs to get on radio

    • TLady62

      I agree. This ranks right up there with Rush’s parodies.

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