The Dirty Little Secret About Wolves’ Role in Agenda 21

Did you know that wolves are destroying western wildlife, culture, and livelihoods? Did you know that over 90% of some of the most famous game herds in the world have been destroying by wolves since the federal government released the animals in the west in 1995? Did you know that carnivores, especially wolves, are the active ingredients in the Agenda 21 recipe? Without large, destructive, diseased wolves running around it would be far more difficult for agencies to work with environmental groups to create and expand more and more man-free wilderness zones and justify land acquisitions to create human-free wolf and wildlife corridors? It’s all about getting people out of the rural areas by ruining rural economies. Did you know that the United States Fish and Wildlife Service worked closely with radical environmental groups and cheated the endangered species act when they released Canadian wolves into Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming?

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