The Church That Trump Says He Goes To ‘A Lot’ Responds With A Very Different Story

The New York City church that Donald Trump said he attends says he is not actually an active member. Trump was asked which church he goes to while campaigning in South Carolina on Thursday. “I am Presbyterian, Protestant. I go to Marble Collegiate Church. The church I was originally with was the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, which is out in Queens, New York,” Trump responded. “And I’ve had just great experiences in church, whether it’s Sunday school or whatever it may be. But, now I go to Marble Collegiate Church.” Asked how often he attends, Trump replied, “As often as I can, a lot. And I do, because I travel so much, I go around the county.” But in a statement to TheBlaze regarding Trump’s membership status, Marble Collegiate Church said that while the Republican presidential candidate has a “longstanding history,” he is not an “active member.”

via TheBlaze

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