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Track Team Banned From State Title After Runner Thanks God at Finish Line

Of the likely places for a debate over religious free expression to erupt, a Texas high school track and field meet probably wasn’t high on the list. Remarkably, that’s precisely where one athlete’s reactionary gesture has led to a broader discussion about what is appropriate at public school events, after a Columbus (Texas) High relay team was disqualified for one of their member’s heavenward gesture. The incident occurred in Columbus, where the track and field team was hosting a meet with the goal of qualify athletes for the state championship meet later in May.

  • cae973

    The constitution does not say one cannot practice their religion, what is says is that the right to practice religious beliefs shall not be infringed on! This young man had the legal right to give thanks to God and the State does not have the legal right to deny him his rights!

    • rosech

      And how does putting your hand to your ear and pointing towards heaven even tell us that it a sign of a thank you. Only a braindead mind would think that. Any way we can thank God daily is why America is still here. Get rid of the clowns and bring in school officials that have a brain and think and change any policy that goes against our Constitution and Rights. Texas has made some really truly sad mistakes lately, which means Texas may not be the state to move to. Sad. Get it together, Texans and get R. Perry to stop these shennigans!

      • MalikTous

        ‘Braindead mind’ sounds like liberal extremist to me!

      • Nessa Avlia Ellanesse

        liberals are brain dead

    • allamericanpatriot

      In addition to having a legal right to give thanks to God (practicing his religion), he also has the right to free speech so he ‘could’ have shouted it at the same time. They have a LOT of NERVE doing this to those Boys and every one of them should demand justice.

      • Phil

        Start with the White house occupant and every one associated with him.

        • cornhuskerboy2003

          Amen on that one… there Phil. Get rid of that stinking smelling Muslim President Barrack Hussein Obama.

      • Bill Cottrell

        Warriorsmom and Allamericanpatriot: You are both so right!! The complete school board and administrative staff that sanctioned this action should all be immediately Removed from their positions and fined a minimum of $100,00 each and possibly jailed for “Contempt of the Constitution!! If such action against these ‘liberals who do not know the Constitution,’ were to start, “PERHAPS” we would see such violations of our Freedoms minimized! Maybe?? Maybe?? But with the turkeys in Washington, and many of our states’ governments continuing such violations…..any hope of change is diminished every day! It should be REQUIRED of all federal and state government office holders, and school boards and Administrations and teachers, to pass a Constitution test EVERY four years!!!

        • Justanaveragejoeinmd

          Conservatives must run for these small local offices, especially the school boards. Then fire anyone who is stupid enough to do something like this.

      • Daniel from TN

        He should not only sue, but he should also seek a restraining to prevent the state championship meet from occuring until the matter is settled in court.

      • SpudPicker

        One of the problems is that they have replaced the 1st Amendment with the phrase “separation of church and state.” By using that phrase they fool the low and misinformation types into thinking that that is what the law is. We need to get rid of this “phony amendment.”.

      • Bob

        Some clarification of the words “free speech” that have often been pulled out of the First Amendment should be made. First, the First Amendment is a SINGLE SENTENCE, containing a SINGLE SUBJECT, and that subject is FREEDOM OF RELIGION. It begins by stating that the government would not establish a required religion, as many European countries were doing, causing the people to come to the “New World” for religious freedom. It then states that the people have the right to worship God in the manner in which they feel is appropriate and not be shut up about it verbally or in writing. (That’s the freedom of speech & of the press.) Then it references “freedom of assembly” which refers to the original definition of the word “church” which is simply a group of people gathered together to worship God. It concludes by stating that we have the right to complain to government if any of theses rights are violated, but unfortunately it is government that is violating theses rights. If any restriction could be made to the First Amendment, it could only be to ban the religion that believes that people that do not believe as they do should be killed or enslaved. That’s one that we need to get out of this country, along with the Liar-In-Chief in D.C.

        Now let’s take a step back and survey the entire Bill of Rights. We will discover that the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Amendments all include the words “the right of the people.” That makes it very clear that if those that have no problem violating their oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” want to take our Bibles or our guns from us, they will have to violate our Fourth Amendment as well to do so. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

        • Bob

          Sorry, that’s the 4th Amendment, not the 3rd.

    • warriorsmom

      It seems rather odd that a school system, and those who represent the school system are so uneducated that they wouldn’t be aware that the First Ammendment to the U.S. Constitution states:

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
      prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
      speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
      assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.[1]
      Giving thanks for what this young person obviously believes is a successful accomplishment, based on what he seems to believe are his God-given talents is NOT a violation of any law. However, it does seem that the “educators” making this judgement have, in fact, violated this athlete’s Constitutional rights. His behavior didn’t effect the others, or the outcome of the race. How shameful that our educational system, paid for by taxpayers’ money, is so stilted. Someone needs an education, and it isn’t this young athlete. Hopefully, the “powers that be” in the school system will find a way to right their wrong, and allow these athletes to go forward in competition.

      • auhunter

        Next will be the banning of the flag and the national anthem at major sporting events, such as the MLB and NFL or NASCAR races. I have always given a prayer of thanks to the Lord for being able to excel in any competition I have ever entered and will continue to do so. To hell with these retards who think God is not involved in our daily lives and gives us just that little nudge now and then to excel in what ever we are doing.

        • Jamie

          I see alot of arguments on utube between evolutionists & creationists, where the creationists try to point out how atheism always brings in tyranny.

          Atheists argue that it’s only a belief and has nothing to do with ones morals, or tyrannical politics, yet here we go again. Why is it that behind every infringement of liberty is an atheist? Why is it you always find those who try to redefine governments involvement in religion to be on the side of less & less freedom, and usually to a such ridiculous degree as this?

          • cornhuskerboy2003

            Jamie: The thing is you got some information wrong. The atheists wants there rights to do things without the infringement of following God’s ways and lead there own way of life and disrespect God and his ways. These people have no respect for anybody but themselves. The fact is religious values was started here a long time back. And the Constitution was based on the religious values and of God’s Commandment. The Presidents who signed the Constitution was Presidents who had moral God’s Love in there heart to heed his ways. Things in this world had problems until atheists came and ran the presidency of this country. Then we started having issues. When a religious and God fearing man took over Presidency. There was problems.. because of the atheist before him or after him. A religious man has God commandment in mind. A atheist does not have any plan to follow God but think of himself only and what Is best for him.And the heck with everybody else. Does that remind you of someone in our office now?? Hint: Barrack Hussein Obama.

        • cornhuskerboy2003

          Auhunter: didn’t you know that President Obama wants to change the flag to another type of flag huh?? True. He wants to change it to a black and gold flag which unites the country’s together. He has been working on that for a while too. Changing the flag. I thought a lot knew that already.

      • sandman

        It would be something of a modern miracle, if say all the other teams competing in the “state finals” were to suddenly refuse to compete in protest of this outrage! we can only pray to God these young people have the courage to stand for what is right, or the folks that are behind this outrage see what is obviously a grave injustice to this team!

    • ccalreds


    • tlc1532

      It seems the 99% are forced to kowtow to the 1%. This is unconstitutional and I hope the athlete keeps it up. It’s time we took a stand. We are rapidly being forced into becoming a Godless nation.

    • cornhuskerboy2003

      Obama is the one responsible for our rights not to praise God since he is a stinking Muslim.

  • kathgab

    Utter insanity.

  • parkerglp

    I guarantee you if they dropped down and bowed towards Mecca, NOTHING would have been said!!!

    • ccalreds

      You are so right. This is an outrage. It just makes me SICK.

    • cornhuskerboy2003

      You got that right what you said.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
    prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
    or abridging the freedom of
    speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
    assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Somehow that just doesn’t seem all that hard to understand…..

    Maybe liberals really are to stupid to understand the simplest of concepts….

    • Jamie

      They aren’t stupid, they just hate Christianity so much they’re willing to sell out their freedom just to spite religion. This is the blindness of their species of hatred – they’ll sell themselves down the river to appease their resentment. They kid themselves that this minor loss of freedom won’t affect them, at least not imminently, but will be worth it, to silence their guilt. But amazingly & predictably the guilt is never silenced, it gets even louder and they get proportionately more angry and hyper-sensitive to religious references.

  • Proudamerican

    Forgive them Father for they are stupid and know not what they do.

    • BruceD

      You can’t fix stupid!

      • warriorsmom

        No, you can’t. BUT….you can vote in a new school board at the next election!!!!!! They sit “in judgement” because they were elected by the taxpayers! They were “hired” so to speak, and they can be “fired!”

        • Phil

          Elections are worthless any more. They only place those who can tell the best lies into positions of authority so they can do everything they said they wouldn’t.

    • Daniel from TN

      I must disagree with you. They are NOT stupid and they know EXACTLY what they are doing. It is part of their plan to get the people to see the government as God. Denial of religious freedom is a part of the Communist/Liberal agenda.

  • Tonto

    Who the hell do these people think they are? That entire school board should be fired without compensation…immediately.

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      And the administration, most of the ‘teachers’, and cancel all union contracts, hire new Teachers that TEACH instead of indoctrinate the children.

  • rosech

    Freedom of religion is our Constitutional right and no one or entity can change that! I can’t believe Texans even allowing this! Today’s public schools are following O’s communistic plan and they need to stop and think about this in Texas and elsewhere. We must educate our children and not indoctrinate them in class or in a “policy”. Now, who voted in that policy. Fire them TODAY! They don’t God in their lives, fine, but we do want God in ours. Let them eat dirt!

  • apfl

    Its time to clean house… this infestation is out of control.

    • Romeo Subialdea

      The time for talk is over…. the time to act is now.

      • Phil

        I’m with you brother. 1776 repeated.

        • RacerJim

          Loaded and unlocked.

  • guest

    Why is it ok to curse, swear and make obscene gestures, but expressing faith it is not acceptable when one is quiet, personal, and respectfully grateful? Violence, abuse and disrespect of authority is glorified by this administration. Again, personal constitutional rights are denied!

    • Daniel from TN

      Copying on a test is also now considered a “legitimate” method of obtaining the correct answer.

    • Jamie

      This is how they prepare their own hell, how they express the darkness inside themselves. They seek to create a society that not only allows, but encourages vulgarity, filthiness & disrespect, while crying out against decency. They want to erase all reference to morality and goodness, and bring in a more compulsive government. Starting to sound anything like hell?

      Now you can begin to understand why there is a hell. Because some people literally try to create such a place here on earth – not surprisingly they will naturally be a conditioned for such a place when they die, and only be comfortable there. It will be the very kind of place/society they sought to create while living. It is not even so much a punishment, but simply a match to their desires. If they desire such a society – and they do – how could they belong anywhere else after they die?

      It really is no mystery when you look at the stark reality of what they admit to wanting. What will be so chilling when they confront the reality of what they so valiantly pushed for here, will be finding there are no decent people there to keep their world from becoming as utterly depraved as this world would have been without the “salt of the earth”. Their new inheritance will be completely consumated by their deeds & desires alone, without measure and without the total ugliness of it being held back by the mixture of good people.

      They will be without all the saving graces they so spitefully rejected, mocked and punished. In that state, their depravity will collapse in on them like a black hole and be felt full force with no buffer or quenching of the fire of hatred which they can only turn on themselves & each other. There will be no more target for their hatred, no power over anyone but themselves, no religion to mock, no God to curse, no light to deny and no life force to give hope, since they have & will continue to profane the source of life.

  • Montie Rumsower

    These are the soulless perverted criminals that have infected every level of our government and lives, NO decency NO morals, NO freedom, NO sanity or common sense, nothing but their agenda of control. This country is dying from the mental retardation of the leftists.

    • RacerJim


  • dotherightthing4

    I read on another site (Texas Tribune) that he used his middle finger–does anyone know the truth? If he was simply pointing with his index finger then this is awful but if he used the “other” finger then maybe there is more to the story. I am a fair person.

  • cindylu

    I smell a lawsuit that will win!!!

    • Jack Magurn

      Even if it somehow didn’t win, it would keep the issue in the public eye long enough to get the moronic school board members voted out,

  • Jim28thReg

    Two measures should be taken NOW !!! The rest of the schools should all refuse to participate unless this ruling abandoned AND THE PARENTS SUE THE SCHOOL BOARD SUPPORTING THIS RULING. Just remember that vengeance doesn’t belong to us. Don’t hurt the perps even though they certainly deserve it. Jesus will take care of that.

    • Shirley

      This is the best idea I’ve heard. I wonder if the other schools in the state have the integrity to stand up for what’s right. How do you feel good about winning that relay if you didn’t really earn it? There are a lot of reasons that a second place finisher gets first place because of a disqualification but these are usually because the disqualified team has taken some form of unfair advantage. Thanking God is not an unfair advantage. He didn’t do any excessive celebrating, just a point to heaven. Excessive celebrating would be like the NFL in the end zone doing their obnoxious dances.

  • joanc

    Many schools have become agents of radicalism and to them the Constitution is not something they choose to follow. They have altered the past to suit their political agenda and it appears they are not alone. all mention of Islamic radicals was removed from our Military training sessions and any mention of the very real Jihadists is strictly forbidden. What’s next?

  • Stealth

    It’s TIME for the PARENTS and all who CARE to tar and feather the s.o.b.’s who came up with this ‘banning’….

  • Incredulous_one

    What IS it with Texas schools?!?!? How does one of the most conservative states in the country wind up with one of the most libturd school boards in the country? STUPID POLICY!!!

    • JD

      Schools and the Teachers that run them are as narrowminded and corrupt as the idiot in the White House

  • Big Dan

    As the old saying goes “you can’t fix stupid.” This is just another example of the far left getting their way again. The ACLJ will hopefully come to the rescue and show these liberals who want their own kind of censorship, what the constitution really says

  • Richard Brophy

    This is getting more and more and insane by the day. Now a slight gesture of pointing to the sky that thanks God is all it takes. This is, to me, clearly a infringement of the First Amendment. How it can stand and get away with it just goes to show how stupid so many Americans are today.

  • leber

    Why do good people of the town and of the school, continually just say “that’s unfortunate” and back away from garbage like this. It’s time we stood up and demanded that Track Officials apologize to this team and start using a little common sense. We are letting the idiots win!

    • itzAHoax

      Simple answer,They’ve become desensitized to it. We all have, we don’t react in any meaningful way, Christians are lampooned and persecuted on a daily basis, what happens?, little or nothing. Now take muslims, look cross eyed at one and they’ll come after you like a pack of rabid dogs. Look people the plain fact of the matter is – no one respects Christians we roll over and play dead every time. Until this trend is reversed or Christians are wiped out (more likely), this sort of thing will only continue, and get worse. Enough with turning the other cheek, we’ve been there and done that. So either fight, or shut up!

  • Connie Stanson

    This is America, we are Americans. Most of us share in Christianity. If any other Religious Factors don’t like it, tell them to pack up and go home.

  • itzAHoax

    If he’d said i’m gay and jumped around like a pansy at the end; that would have been ok! WTH are they smoking down in Columbus TX? I mean you expect this sort of stupidity in places like Kalifreakshow, but Texas?

  • Jeff Brodhead

    The Proggy mentality wants ALL THE GLORY GIVEN TO GOVERNMENT!
    Our children ARE NOT property of the government. They ARE NOT party to the perversion that is DC!

    As it turns out, the People are NOT party to the goings-on in DC – we have NO representation there, so the People should withdraw ALL consent; all delegated powers (which means ALL powers, period) from DC and, if necessary, the States!

  • Mark Davis

    It is not just a violation of his freedom of religion. It is also a violation of free speech. There was nothing excessive in what this young man did. The thing that is excessive is the unmitigated attack on our freedoms. I would bet the referee is a low life liberal who jumped at the chance to attack this young mans religious belief.

  • tarbella

    All those that are rejecting God are in for the worse surprise they will ever encounter when God is ready to show them his powers. He has not and is not ready yet, but the time is coming. These people have no idea what’s coming just because they rejected God and forbid others to do so. Its all right there in the bible, and I bet none of them have read it or studied it enough to know the rath that is coming. If they did, believe me, they would not do what they’re doing. Jesus Christ said to pray for them, because they don’t know what they are doing. We don’t have to like what they’re doing, but Christ has asked us to pray for them because God loves them and wants all to make it into his kingdom. But, they are the ones that are going to have to make the choice, go with God or not.

  • Emmit Jones

    Tyranny is on the march. Yes, government and quasi-government little tin horn dictators are snuffing our Christian expression wherever and whenever they see it. Individual religious expression MUST be approved by the state! If it is sincere expression of reverence and thanksgiving on the part of a person to an Omnipotent Power, and not to the all seeing state, the representative of the state will punish that “offender”…and severely!

  • REID

    what the hell has happened to the Republic of Texas ??? I wonder if any of the morons at the meet remember the Alamo ?? These kids are bigger and better for their actions They have something the people judging the meet don’t have , integrity !!!

  • Figley E. Whitesides

    The forces of evil are working very hard to create a godless world. This is the work of atheists and those that seek to erase everything that is God. But God is everywhere. No matter how hard they try, they will NEVER succeed. Just one person with God constitutes a majority. Stand up…..and with the power of the Archangel Michael and his Sword of Blue Flame…..We will vanquish evil. God simply IS. There is no way to drive out God in our lives for his Presence is Everywhere…..and that is what our enemies can never complrehend.

    • Joyce Wells

      It wont be long till we will have to hide, like Anne Frank did in Germany, to read our bibles. The fags can run around the streets in New Orleans, during Mardi Gras, which had a religious beginning, naked, drunk, and having sex in the streets, and that’s ok? A man can bend his knee to God and be reprimanded, my dear people the end is near. to Heil with Obama.

  • John Robert Whiteside

    Ok fellow Texans what are we going to do about it? Scream? Yes, and contact the Attorney General and the Governor! Of course the school! Lets go! Why do our kids have to be raised in such a civilized world? He could praised Allah or thanked the all knowing god of queerdom and no problem! Sorry team there’s a Christian amongst you!!!


    Another good reason not to send your children to public schools, they are horrible people running our public schools who are making these anti God policies. Those who made this decision should be fired, but they probably won’t.

  • Dolly

    What is happening to our freedom….freedom of religion… god his crap has to stop……since when are we not able to praise our Lord no matter who he may be…..look on all the state an goverment buildings that give our commandments etc. and the money we use ” IN GOD WE TRUST ” we need to stop these atheist and others who are controling our freedom …if you don’e like a kid thanking god so somewhere else or turn you dam head…..

  • TxGCB

    This is awful and if one of the black members have done the gesture, would there be any backlash. Tebow can not gesture his faith but RG III can. This country has lost its mind!

  • retired cop in arizona

    Just asking, exactly what is Rick Perry doing about the out of control school system in Texas??

  • Skip

    To HELL with the Texas Uni. Texas needs to get it’s education system under control. Kick out ALL lib Dem progressives!! They are the ones destroying this country. Now they are destroying the dreams and accomplishments of this talented team. They, along with everyone in America, has the RIGHT to express they’re feelings and gratitude to God IF THEY WANT!!! Keep pushing Dems, there will come a time when the rest of us are going to put our collective feet down…..HARD!!

  • texan texan

    Ok guys. Atheists have almost no effect of school,policy. They are not powerful at all. No, the school would not allowed thanking Allah or queers either. If you fax blast Governo Opps Perry I’m sure he will smite these evils down and take away their school. We’re moving to charters here anyway. Also call Señor Cruz. He has saved our golf courses. Surely he can save us Christian team sport people. He’s very very good at golf courses.

  • James Forsythe

    These sick officials should be barred from all sports events.

  • pysco

    If they won the title everybody knows they are the winners, even if some PC Esshole tries to give it to someone else……………..America needs to get a grip, and start putting the PC idiots in their place.

  • ff_emt

    oh, but it’s fully acceptable to bring the Lord down to gutter level by using His name in a profane, filthy comment…

  • Ronald Christopher

    It is about time the Texas governor steps in and stops this idiocy.

  • Edward Perkins

    I support organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom – ADF, Liberty Counsel and other similar organizations that will bring legal cases against school districts that refuse to obey and follow our 1st Amendment rights. I hope many of you will raise Holy Hell over this and other such matters. If you don’t you will find other Constitutional Rights stripped from you. Fight now or wish you had in the future.

  • A.M. F

    And I hope this team, or the ‘accused’ team member, hires a great attorney – immediately!!


    What is happening to America?
    Is it being taken over by EVIL force or
    already IN there..

  • servant1jkb

    IF that student had thanked ALLAH, or Satan, nobody would have said a PEEP! What a bunch of self-righteous hypocritical P.C. idiots, we have as “LEADERS”?

    • Barbaree

      If any student wanted to stop everything to pray to allah five times a day, they would be fine with that.

  • Robert Linscott

    It is freedom “OF” religion as written, NOT freedom “FROM” religion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bbnnmm

    The guy who won the Wells Fargo gulf tournament Sunday thanked his “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” for the win over major network TV prime time Sunday coverage. Have they banned him from future tournaments yet? I haven’t heard. Have any of you?

    • Bella

      Not that I’ve heard …. But I thought the same.

  • D. Guardian

    ….God not allowed anywhere, and those idiots complain about massacres here and there, we have to ban guns and blah, blah, blah. A child with a Bible in his hand, have no room to carry a weapon and he certainly wouldn’t be looking around to see who he is going to shoot next. Like the man said: take God out of the schools an the devil will move right in…..liberals are the best servants that satan ever had…….by the way, everything is owned by God, including your miserable souls…..satan?…God owns him, too.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    What would really work great, is if all the schools involved in the track meet, voluntarily refused to participate and/or collect any trophies until or unless this situation is rectified.

  • lovestoread

    I guess we need to help elect a President – so he/she can influence policy – regarding faith in the public square. This nut in chief is so obviously against Christianity that the whack jobs are getting a big voice. This has to stop. Vote Republican so sanity can once again reign

  • Nancy Law

    Yo,Obama butt heads, we have FREEDOM OF RELIGION here.

  • MalikTous

    ‘Tebowing’ is a legal advertisement, not proselytisation. Disqualify the meet officials and give the track team their earned place in the meet!

  • Nancy Law

    How could such a “POLICY” have come about?

    The ONLY way to stop these atheists is to SUE the CRAP out of them.

  • Joyce Wells

    We are lost, God will NOT be denied. May God have mercy on the faithful. They are taking away the freedoms of God fearing people in the United States. They have no idea, because they believe they are greater than God, they have not yet seen the wrath of my God. It took awhile, but Hitler was defeated. We have no country who can come to our aid, as America did for Germany.

  • Sauger_stockBC

    You know not for nothing but if four young men are into sports and are not dead in a ditch somewhere from drugs or alcohol everyone had ought to be encouraging them and not disqualifying them for what is described as pointing a finger in the air so as to thank God. I would like to see the video and suggest everyone write or call the big money sponsors and tell them what you think.
    State FarmBaden
    Fox Southwest
    Nike Team Sport
    Best Western
    Dairy Queen

    It is not like the young man was in the face of any of the co competitors.

  • Rebecca Leach

    It is a violatation of freedom of religion and total bullcrap!!!

  • grmarshallpe

    More stupidity by supposed “academicians”. They’re so busy hiding behind “policies” to escape possible criticism that they cannot see the utter stupidity of their own actions. The team should be immediately reinstated and the “officials” who made that ridiculous call should be immediately terminated. The policy is asinine and should be immediately cancelled……it never should have existed in the first place. Somebody get offended by acknowledging God, screw them.

  • JacktheFAC

    If they had thanked Allah, they would have been praised.

  • Plaintruths

    Makes them proud when one admits homosexuality. Enough said – time to remove the warped people who have infested leadership roles by action if necessary

  • Romeo Subialdea

    Pure censorship of Christianity…. if this guy had turned around and kissed his gay lover on the lips, the school officials would have called them “heroes”…. if he’d thanked “Allah”, not a peep would have been heard. It’s all in the name of religious persecution of Christians. I don’t give a rats behind about school policy. School Policy does NOT trump the Constitution!!

  • Ernest_T

    ACLU this kids rights are being crapped on now take up the case. It is the right of religion not the right from religion.

  • Fred_K

    This sounds like a civil liberties lawsuit. Go for big bucks, and get the idiot who disqualified the team fired.

  • True American

    Wow! Sounds like a lawsuit is a brewin’!

  • Still American

    The entire state should boycott the upcoming events. Athletes should refuse to take part. There comes a time when people have to stand up against a tyrannical government, and one who violates the Constitution is a governing body whose time to perish has arrived.



  • Norma Jean Buhle

    ….”in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will (a promise) guide your path.” Prov. 3:6 He did the right thing in GOD’S sight…

  • Jackie

    How dare they practice Christian persecution. Christian behavior at any public event is the most appropriate behavior possible. if he had waived a rainbow flag a yelled yeah gays they would applaud him. And that would be obscenely inappropriate behavior. This school should be shut down for inappropriate behavior. Schools practicing Satanism which is what persecution of Christianity is, is obscene beyond the pale.

  • Jackie

    How dare they deny this kids religious freedom. Hitler religious persecution has no place in this world. The person in this school who made the call for this sick stance. Has to be fired immediatly. They are a danger to human rights and dangerous to be in any environment with children.

  • justcrusinby

    Romans 12:19 Vengeance is mine says the LORD

  • Chew

    In GOD they WON!!!

  • Earl Hudgins

    When is enough, ENOUGH?

  • Rdean

    “Politically correct” idiocy rules the day even in Texas- God help us all

  • David Peacock

    Sodom & Gomorrah

  • Jackie Fie

    Such an absurd decision, against religious freedom. Everyday there is a new radical ruling, that should not stand in this country, founded on freedom of religion.

  • Wayne Graff

    What a bunch of jerks, this policy needs to go along with the people that implemented it. It’s not like he did back flips and taunted the boys he beat. This needs to be changed right now!

  • TrueGrit

    Who in the hell do these criminals , denying these young men their just victory think they are ? They are not going to get away with this cowardly abusiveness and we Americans will make them feel it.

  • Mr Lucky

    You people will be getting alot more sick before it’s over!

  • oleinwi

    At no time in the history of this great nation have Christians suffered such persecution. May God help us all, makes you wonder what is coming next…

  • Albert Fortsmere

    Don’t just complain/comment here; let the school board hear your message!
    be courteous but firm.


    Gary Kulhanek,Board President,

    Scott Kilpatrick, Board Vice-President,

    Alfred Pavlu, Board Member,

    John Brashe,r Board Member,

    Dr. David Neisner, Board Member,

    Dorothy Wostarek, Board Member,


    Tony Valastro, Athletic Director,

    Eric Amick, Assistant Boys Track,

    KC Hayes, Assistant Boys Track,

  • Justanaveragejoeinmd

    As with public schools, colleges and universities, leave your guns and common sense at the gate. This is a common sense free zone. SUE THE BASTARDS. Then run for the school board and make sure they are FIRED.

  • Swed

    So sue the bastards, quit whining and kick ass.

  • Steve Nichols

    I could understand this if it were in California, but TEXAS? Unbelievable!.

  • pikemaster1

    God bless those boys !!

  • benitez

    we the governed need to continue to band together against this immoral government. I used to pray in school and read the bible every Friday. it was the jews that petioned to remove the practice that was given to us by the Christians of the past that created the universities and all schools. The jews still hate Chrisitians and Jesus Christ. This is not there country. It belongs to Christians. if the jews don’t like it leave now, they don’t belong in a Christian country. If we don’t stop this, there will be no GODLY Christian America anymore. They the jews hate America also. They are running everything, even the presidency. Wake up people.

    • leithel1

      “Jews” and Muslims are different nationalities. I think you are confused about who hates Christians.

  • TPS12

    Who is the bully here?

  • Rue

    This is just bloody stupid.. whomever disqualified them should be fired and drawn and quartered..

  • Storm

    This is in fact, a clear violation of the student’s civil rights. He praised God, and did not jump around and do a dance or some classless thing such as that. The administrators or whomever made or enforced this ruling know better than this. There can be NO prohibition of religious expression on private or public grounds according to the First Amendment. They can ban whatever else but not this. A rule such as this, perhaps going after Christians who like tebowing and such, is a clear attempt to deny religious expression of the students cloaked in a policy that sounds as if it were meant for something else. This is a human rights violation, aimed at a certain demographic, therefore fits the description of a hate crime. The ones that created and enforced this policy on this student should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • 1JBRice1

    Obama’s war on Christians is really getting out of hand. As a muslim president, he does not have the right to protect his muslim people and put Christians down. He is truely an evil person. If this boy was a muslim, he would be invited to the White House, but since he is a Christian he is treated like a criminal….

  • Bonnie Wheeler

    That is a violation of this fellow’s freedom of religion – why isn’t someone standing against government prohibiting the freedom to worship.

  • G W

    Sue the atheist that violated this kids right to religious expression. I am tired of these fascist.

  • sudsy

    I am totally disgusted at the way things in this country are going with this administration in power! No one is trying to stop him and he is given free rein to do and say whatever he wants without any rules being enforced by Constitution or Bill of Rights! Congress should stop almost all if they thought anything of their country! He is succeeding in his quest to destroy this country and no one seems to care!


    TMLC needs to represent the athlete and team in a major lawsuit!

  • lfhpueblo

    Outrageous indeed. They’re stomping all over GOD once again, so the USA be prepared for another big disaster as a Harbinger Warning before final judgement.

  • blueslo


  • Paul Brown

    What the hell has this country become today under this muslim pig? You cannot thank God for winning something, then its not worth even bothering to go to school and play in anything. The entire school should show support of these kids and not show up for class and protest against the school until they allow these kids to go to state, otherwise the hell with the school.

  • gtm615

    The problem is, they have accomplished their goal. Silence the Christian voice – even if by intimidation. That is precisely what the school policy does. Notice the final words of the news commentator. The young athlete did not wish to express himself because it might disqualify him for next year.

  • Debra JM Smith

    Wow! We all know exactly why this happened!

  • Sunshine Kid

    The liberals are afraid of God, that’s why they object so much.

  • KittyKittyKit

    FOOLS !!! When are we going to TAKE BACK THE COUNTRY AND DO RIGHT????


    The ONLY WAY to stop ALL of this ridiculous NONSENSE is for the nation to step up together on July 4, 2013, at 9 a.m. EST (6 a.m. PST).

    This is the DAY, DATE, and TIME real Americans can reclaim America from this OVERTHROW of all of our American values, and restore the freedom of the people. Only those with guns have power to rule, and that POWER belongs to the We the People………….not the public servants.

    Every year, on the SAME day, date, and time, 80 to 90 MILLION fully armed Americans step out into the public. It’s called “opening day” of hunting season, and NONE of those armed men and women go about trying to kill each other. We are Americans, and we have morals, and we know how to handle our weapons.

    We CAN DO THIS, America. Pass the word via e-mail, twitter, facebook, face to face, make flyers, call your talk show hosts………….get the word out. JULY 4, 2013….9 a.m. EST (6 a.m. PST) we ALL sling our rifles over our shoulders and strap on our pistols (fully loaded), wearing them as every day APAREL, and NEVER take them off again.

    Wear them in ALL PUBLIC VENUES……… is our RIGHT………..the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE.

    We will NOT go around shooting each other, and the CRIMINALS who decide they want to commit crimes while everyone around them is armed would be FOOLS and we will bring them down.

    Any cop trying to take our guns from us, we will charge with TREASON for actively engaging in the overthrow of the U.S. Constitutions 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th amendments by trying to enforce UNLAWFUL ORDERS, because these amendments to the Constitution have NOT EVER BEEN REPEALED, and they are SWORN to uphold the Constitution…………not their senior officers or some communist bureaucrat.

    The GOOD COPS, and there’s plenty of them out there, will CUFF them, AFTER WE MAKE A CITIZEN’S ARREST on the TREASONIST cops, and take them to jail, book’em, and let the courts deal with it from there.

    We the PEOPLE, will PROSECUTE these officers and politicians to the fullest extent of the law for TREASON and SEDITION, and we will PREVAIL!!!

    We can do this America. 80 – 90 MILLION of us TOGETHER against a total of 6 MILLION cops and active military……………and the MAJORITY of the cops and military want to be on OUR SIDE, standing with the Constitution.

    Once the PATRIOT COPS and SOLDIERS, see the 80 MILLION PATRIOT HUNTERS standing with them, they WILL step up and we WILL TAKE DOWN what is a TRUE MINORITY of cops and soldiers and the TREASONIST POLITICIANS and bureaucrats, and JAIL THEM.

    We can do it ALL without having to fire a single shot. We can have America back in less than 30 days but ONLY IF WE STEP OUT TOGETHER ON INDEPENDANCE DAY…………………..ANYONE INTERESTED???……………………….ANYONE GOT A BETTER IDEA ?????

  • Randy Cote

    this is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard. so he thanked god. the military saying is for god and country, are we all going to stop that also NO, so get over it and leave the kids alone he is not robbing a bank is he?

  • LetzBReal

    Tim Tebow thanks God. Albert Pugols is a well-known Christian in professional baseball. Their abilities have put them a little above the fray, but they too are suffering persecution. We have lost our marbles as a nation. This kind of blatant religious persecution in violation of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution shows the stunning fall from faith and dependence on almighty God that has come about with the election of the fraud in chief. It seems his presidency has opened the floodgates to this kind of stuff. The ascendency of Hitler drew all the evil men to him, Eichman, Gobels, Himmler to name a few. So this president has given the green light to the God haters. They’re basking in his blessing and strutting their stuff. Surely we are headed for a mighty judgement as a nation. I thought it was bad before, but never could I dream that it could be as bad as this.

  • Joe

    The left has said Texas is a target and the target, in the target, are the school kids. Get on the left boys and girls. Ride them out of town.

  • freebird777

    This is getting extremely ridiculous and I hope people that are attacked like this by the public school system will fight and win these ridiculous and outrageous charges. How can the public school get away with this infringement of the students rights (to HIS freedom). FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT they are WRONG and they are BULLIES!

  • FloridaJim

    Isn’t it time we tell Peta, Tyrannical teachers, Congress, our President “we are sick of the political correct crap and we will not take it any longer”! This is our country it belongs to the people not to the tyrannical President, the tyrannical congress, the tyrannical state governments , the tyrannical EPA and government unelected dolts who are stealing our freedom step by step. PETA, Green Peace, OFA, DHS, Professors, lawyers, lobbyists all have overstepped their slim power and we should ignore them forever.

  • Mark

    If Tim Tebow can do it the kid should be allowed. This PC Crap is getting to be too much!

  • ConsultantInAction

    Welcome to the Union of Socialist States; One would think, after all the change we’ve undergone since the election of Obama, Americans would say, Enough is Enough! This isn’t the State, it is however the once again Academia…National Education Association, the single most powerful Union in the United States….The further Left, the better as far as they’re concerned.
    Governor Rick Perry can put a stop to this, there is a struggle taking place in Texas, as in most Red States, the Progressives are like Cocroaches, you don’t see them, until you see them. By then, they are so infectious, it takes a huge undertaking to rid the area of them…
    Get inovlved in your local Education Issues…School Board Elections, in most states, they are controlled by the Liberals, and they are sooooooo Passive Agressive, again, sickening. And, Oh, So Politically Correct, disgusting, especially when we all know the Left’s Objective; To Destroy all that America is.
    GET INVOLVED, V O T E V O T E V O T E V O T E V O T E V O T E V O T E Your Conscience, Country and above, the Constitution, Freedom doesn’t come cheep

  • Darius Crist

    Well, to be fair, the rule applies to ALL hand gestures deemed as excessively celebratory. This is not an attack on religious freedom, but really just the unbiased enforcement of policy. I do, however, completely understand the frustration.

    • robocop33

      So you are NOT supposed to be happy that you won a contest? Why?


    This needs to be a wakeup call for all parents. These God fearing, religious kids are going to become the backbone for future demonstrations. The parents of these kids should take class action again the school board and administrative “officials” that made this decisions. I would rather have these kids praying or atleast thanking God than having them join gangs dis their parents and faith. This is exactly what is wrong with our society and letting minority opinions (yes from these teachers) needs to stop if we are going to have any hope for saving our morals and our nation.

  • jenjen

    Despicable! I don’t know how anyone can believe that American’s are still free!!

  • Dima Kaminskiy

    Okay, folks lets make this clear: I AM AN ATHEIST, my particular hatred is reserved towards Abrahamic religions, however, I am an American, who respects the law and constitution. 1) His gesture was NOT an attempt to press the religion on others – thus what was done to the team is illegal and amoral. 2) If it was some arab doing this towards Mecca he would immediately claim “religious persecution” and “violation of his civil rights”. I suggest the team in question does the same. 3) This political correctness rots our country from the inside. It needs to be surgically removed, like a cancer

    • Ted Crawford

      As a Deist, I feel the same way. In fact I have much more respect for those who express a belief and live their lifes in an honest attempt to honor that belief, than in a group that while declaring No belief in an entity, do everything in their power to destroy, what they claim to NOT BELIEVE IN! They seem to be simply a confussed bunch of hypocrits, and I have absolutely NO respect for them!

  • Robert Anderson Sr

    Whoever in the School Admin. in the State that put this rule in should be TARRED & FEATHERED ! This is B/S. to do that to ANY KID !! Someone was just mad that their team did not win !


    Just boycott the whole event as illegitimate. And to think they boast they are the State that is all American. Not anymore!

  • MarkRNY

    This shows why “Freedom of Worship” is a Leftist inspired phrase. “Worship” means you’re free to do whatever you want behind closed doors or within a church/place of worship–out of the public square. Practicing your RELIGION anywhere else is forbidden, which guts Religion. They did exactly this in every Marxist overrun state. Until fairly recently, for example, priests/nuns weren’t allowed to dress as priests/nuns outside of their churches–and Mexico’s the basket case it is today. They’re blatantly tipping their hands by pushing this phrase.

    Our very 1st amendment–before ALL the others, including freedom of speech–guarantees freedom of Religion (not “Worship”), and the Founders knew why. Never let the slimey bastards get away with this “Worship” crap. Many on our side buy into it. It sounds “nice”. You see what it leads to with this track team though–in Texas of all places! You gonna let this stand Texas? We in the dead state of NY would, but you guys?

    Read ‘Blood Stained Altars’ by Bishop Kelley about what they did right next door in Mexico for the template they’re using here–and always will use!

  • Yannd Noyam

    Every team should shut down the playoffs, until this team is reinstated for the win and the gesture is accepted as American as apple pie.

  • Ruth Pharis

    Where is Perry when you need him? Hey Governor, come to this team’s rescue. This is getting more redicious every day.

  • standtallall

    That is the height of the ridiculous! Whoever made that decision should get his (this space reserved for violent thought). What a moron. You hit the nail on the head parkerglp. This country is headed in the wrong direction.

  • nomad123457

    tell them to contact – Jay Sekulow – American Center for Law and Justice .they have a good lawsuit for religious persecution.

  • MCzwz

    Is anything going to be done about this? Why are the parents not incensed, highly upset and insulted? This is yet one more slap at Christians — why are no protests? Why are the parents of these kids — who EARNED the win — not being protected, defended and held as ideal models of exceptional talent?

    If no protests materialize immediately to stand up for these kids — and their Constitutionally protected rights — we will, as a country, deserve the continued deterioration of our Country!

    What is going on in our country?? This persecution of religious expression must be stopped. The only way to stop it is to immediately react, protest, demand answers and not let go until these dictators stop trying to destroy all aspects of our Constitution!

  • persuasive

    [And then they turned their back from the one true God and worshipped the graven image of their government.] I hope this young man grows up to help lead us out of the forest and back into the light.

  • akoby

    Common sense alone would tell you that putting your hand to your ear and pointing towards heaven is not an excessive hand gesture. Spiking a football or fist-pumping may qualify, but certainly not this. And now this poor kid won’t even speak to the press because he is afraid of his standing on the team for next year? If that isn’t religious persecution I don’t know what is. Probably wouldn’t even have been an issue like parkglp said, if instead he bowed towards Mecca. This country is in a world of hurt. I am surprised that the rest of the teams didn’t have the courage to stand up and defend this team member. They shouldn’t go to the state competition unless this team goes. “There but for the grace of God….”

  • mgk

    Welcome to the United Soviet States of America! I wonder what would have happened if a runner pointed his finger and said Obama is number 1! The officials would say oh that is not excessive celebration that it simply making a political statement. As far as I am concerned this all originates with the dictator and chief! IMPEACH NOW!

  • johnsnare

    We as a Country have gone totally crazy in this era of,POLITICAL CORRECTNESS”. What the hell is going on. How many times have we seen a heroic act on TV, and the individual, whose life was saved by a firefighter, or policeman, and utter the words.THANK GOD FOR YOUR HELP.? Nothing but left wing lunacy. They have no problem patting down elderly seniors at airports, buy cannot remove a Muslim Burqa. Only in America.

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