Ted Cruz Tears Mitch McConnell To Shreds, Calls Him A Liar To His Face On The Senate Floor

Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor this morning to call out Mitch McConnell for straight-up lying to his own party on the Export-Import bank. According to Cruz, McConnell had assured Republicans he hadn’t made a deal to permit a vote to renew the Ex-Im Bank, the agency that saw its congressional authorization lapse at the beginning of this month. On the Senate floor Friday, Cruz went off on Republicans for engaging in crony capitalism and listening to K Street on reauthorizing the Ex-Im bank instead of doing what’s right for the country. And then he went after McConnell, lamenting how the Senate Republican leader told “a flat-out lie” because of how now McConnell agreed on an Ex-Im bank vote. He linked McConnell to Harry Reid and declared, “If you or I cannot trust what the Majority Leader tells us, that will have consequences on other legislation as well.”

via Mediaite

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