Ted Cruz Slams Trump For Skipping Debate, Calls Out Media For Airing A Trump “Telethon”

Ted Cruz went after Trump for skipping the next Fox News debate, calling his excuse for skipping it ‘silliness’, noting that the voters aren’t that stupid. Cruz said AIPAC is a multi day event and would have allowed him to speak at a different time. Speaking of AIPAC, Cruz also ripped Trump over his proclaiming to be neutral when it comes to Israel and the Palestinians. In fact I’m guessing that’s why Cruz said no to a town hall with Fox in place of the debate, in order to be at AIPAC when Trump is there to throttle him on this. Cruz also called out the media for their wall to wall coverage of everything Trump, accusing them of putting on a telethon for Trump.

via TheRightScoop

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