Ted Cruz Slams Obama & Issues A Challenge: ‘Come Back & Insult Me To My Face’

Sen. Ted Cruz responded to Barack Obama’s insults, calling for him to “insult me to my face” and challenged him to a debate on Syrian refugees. On Wednesday, NBC News talked to Cruz on Capitol Hill where he called Obama’s comments “utterly unbefitting of a president.” Cruz explained, “Well, I will say it is fairly remarkable that President Obama has chosen two days in a row to attack me directly. He just called me ‘offensive” the day before, he called me ‘un-American.’ You know, I think it’s really quite rich that he chose to make both of those insults on foreign soil, while he was abroad, attacking me, and attacking everyone else in this country who believes that we should not be bringing in tens of thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees that the Obama administration cannot vet to determine whether they are ISIS terrorists.”

via DailyCaller

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