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Ted Cruz Destroys Hecklers During Speech With Support From Cheering Crowd

Sen. Ted Cruz spoke to cheers and jeers at the annual Value Voters Summit in Washington D.C. A handful of people had to be escorted out of the event after interrupting Cruz during his speech, which focused largely on Obamacare. “I’m actually glad the president’s whole political staff is here instead of doing mischief in the country,” he said.

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  • craig


    • cyber_hackster

      Caps lock key stuck????

      • craig


        • msmotown

          I hear you, Craig. That’s like straining the gnat and swallowing the camel. Can you imagine having to live with someone so anal that they knit pick the heck out of you? That actually is a symptom of someone who has to control!

        • John Moses Browning

          Calm, you have a lot of friends here Craig. We herhave the Passion to save our Country

          • craig


          • John Moses Browning

            Your welcome man!

        • Johnnygard

          All caps only bothers me when it is a long post. But it is kind of like the protesters heckling Cruz, it isn’t right, and it is against the posting policy of this site.

          • craig

            I believe it’s a crime ..PUNNISHABLE BY BEING labeled johnnygard’s compadre

      • glop

        What’s wrong with having all caps? It’s a very good way to emphasize something. Besides, some people can read better when they capitalize.

        • Aristophanes

          And some people cannot read it at all because it gives them a headache!! All caps is unnecessary – for emphasis only.

    • Myrtle Linder

      If I were in a group of conservatives who behaved like that I wold part ways with them, because I might be thought one of them. I have never been in such a group of heathens.

    • BigJohnL

      Must be plant…told him to come in here with his “CAPS LOCK” on. Demorats are always disrespectful.

  • sandman

    Ted, you need to stop telling these obamer fools thank you! and tell them to get their heads out of , and wake up to the fact that it is they who are on the wrong side!

  • bet1125

    My response to the hecklers would contain the same intellectual insight and honesty as the incoming attacks and would be thus: “I know you are but what am I?”

  • Don Sr.

    Our parents used to tell us when someone was being disruptive”don’t pay them any mind. They’re just trying to get attention.” Great words weren’t they? So true where the words spoken by older generations of our past. And fr all of the hecklers…you don’t have good and respectabe words so just sit quitly and try not to make fools of yourselves. God trips up the mouths of foolish people. My father used o say that youcan be silent in company and people might think you are a fool or you can open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    • val

      I always learn more when I’m silent….my spouse likes to tease and tell me I need to be silent! lol

  • regulus30

    He is a truthful person;; he said; “I see all the paid obmama supporters are here today”,

    • craig

      and that is GETTING VERY OBVIOUS

      • regulus30

        tTed may be too conservative for the rinos and the liberal plants on these sights;BUT HE IS JUST RIGHT FOR WE THE PEOPLE;; ‘do not”listen to the media or the rinos;; they are attacking him because they know he is ONE OF “US” AND THAT SCARES THE HELL OUT OF THEM.

        • craig


          • regulus30

            we the people ARE GOING TO STOP THIS TRAIN;;;;;;;;;

        • val

          these brain dead wanna bees like to think themselves as Americans, but, they couldn’t recite the Pledge of Alligence. They’ve been propagandized into believeing that they’re entitled to the same things as the folks who work and earn those things they have. I luv the man on the street segment of Fox News when Jesse Waters goes out and stops ordinary people coming down the street and asks them to sign some ridiculous petition like ending the 5th amendment etc…and all he has to say is we need to help our prez BO and they sign write up. Then there are the folks who think Obamacare and the ACA are two different bills. Some I would guess couldn’t recite their own soc.sec. number…

          • regulus30

            AMERICA IS EATEN UP WITH A BAD CASE OF THE dumb-ass6666.

    • Warren

      The NAACP, Sharpton, Jackson, Celebrities and the black haters are silent on Miriam Carey, the murdered unarmed black women by the Obama police. Show black Americans we care. Let the Tea Party know we are tired of talk and no action by them who have also been silent. Show that you are not just talk and no action by letting the Tea Party know (as I have) that we want to march on D.C.The American coward needs to stand up for something.This poor black women was assassinated and the family wants answers. Let’s help them. I can’t do it alone.

      • regulus30


  • Furious citizen pilot

    God be with you Ted. You are a breath of fresh air that the GOP needs to support.

    • val

      so what are u thinking of doing in 2014? well since these RINO’s will not sign on and stand with Ted I will not vote for them. If it happens that it leaves the GOP vulnerable so be it. I will not vote for a second liberal progressive party who is as much to blame for our current situation as the democrats. It takes two to tango. Cruz, Paul and Mike Lee I trust. The rest will have to prove their worthiness to ever get my support for them to be re-elected. I don’t believe in re-electing incumbents – well except for the U.S. house of rep. as they only get a 2 year term and I think if they haven’t screwed up too badly they can go back for a second term. But, here in PA first time congressman Meehan, another RINO! I don’t care if a dem. gets in, I mean really what’s the difference. This Rep. creep is voting to lift the debt ceiling and fund Obamacare and lots of crap that he doesn’t think will catch up with him. aughh he’s wrong. Once and Done for him. Now if we could get all the people thinking this way what POWER we would have.

      • craig


      • Furious citizen pilot

        I will be voting for anyone who is a true conservative. When it comes time, I will vote for Ted Cruz and or Mike Lee. Like you, I don’t trust the rest of the “old guard”.

  • TAM44

    Give them a phone and a obama sticker and they will kiss his muslim butt all day long and twice on Sunday. Sad what these obama slaves do for some one who gives a rat pelosi about them only at election time, proof you cannot fix stupid.

  • areunuts?

    Good for Mr. Cruz, the people at the value voters summit, they have no values hey are not valued and they care for one else’s values as long as they can get Obama to support them. Non-essential all of the hers and losers.

  • suzeeqbl

    He cuts through the crap. We live with a crap filled administration. Lying is there forte. No shame, no conscience Pretty sick!! When the truth is spoken people listen up.

  • Constantine Ivanov

    And why is that almost always the overwhelming majority of hecklers are women? Are they in a bigger need of money than professional male hecklers?

  • msmotown

    Ted Cruz is a great patriot and he needs our prayers for boldness and protection. God be with him. These hecklers, who are afraid they will lose their free handouts, have a rude awakening!

  • Wiseoldlady

    God Bless Ted Cruz….you are awesome… are a true patriot…a true American who knows the Constitution. We love you.
    The liberal idiots are so ignorant….they spoil everything they touch.

  • fidlin1

    Ted Cruz/Ben Carson 2016

    • barkingbird

      Like them both

  • rmwayne

    I honestly hope Ted Cruz runs for president in 2016. He definitely will have my vote.

  • paulrph1

    We were by Page, AZ. a while back and there was protest going on at the dam. After trying to talk to one of the demonstrator there he said, “I have to go, I have to catch my bus”. He told us he was paid for doing his protests.

  • robinswebnest

    What a difference between Cruz and obama. When anyone questions obama during one of his rambling repeat speeches, he has security escort them out.
    Cruz handled it with humor and made good points. Too bad libs don’t treat people with respect. If they did, there would not be a government shut down, and our parks would not be closed.
    Oh, yeah, social security only has a skeleton crew working. I guess they are also un necessary workers….

  • cyclemama33

    You go Ted…..all of us TRUE Americans are behind you.

  • Warren

    The NAACP, Sharpton, Jackson, celebrities and the black haters are silent on Miriam Carey, the murdered unarmed black women by the Obama police. Show black Americans we care. Let the Tea Party know we are tired of talk and no action by them who have also been silent. Show that you are not just talk and no action by letting the Tea Party know (as I have) that we want to march on D,C. The American coward needs to stand up for something. This poor black women was assassinated and the family wants answers. Let’s help them. I can’t do it along.

  • equsnarnd

    Rand Paul/Ted Cruz 2016.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Isn’t it touching watching and listening to obamaites? Several villages are missing their idiots!


    And our chance to win the Senate nexy year. What’s his risk? Think Texas will get rid of him when the time comes? Let’s hear from someone who has skin in the game!

  • Carol Jean Goodwin


  • Jim Nuziard

    Americans will follow courage! Keep up the great work, Sen. Cruz!

    As the Anti-Americans get more bombastic in their destruction of this great country, We The People need to stand more aggressively. It’s time we flush the toilet on these turds, and get them the hell out of our country!

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