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Teacher Admits He Helped Write Common Core To End “White Privilege”

A teacher told attendees at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics Monday night that he helped write the controversial Common Core education standards to end white privilege. Dr. David Pook, a professor at Granite State College and chair of the History department at The Derryfield School in Manchester, New Hampshire, argued in favor of Common Core. “The reason why I helped write the standards and the reason why I am here today is that as a white male in society I am given a lot of privilege that I didn’t earn.” Ironically, the $28,535 per year Derryfield School that Dr. Pook teaches at considers the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) inferior and does not use them on the student body that is 91% white.

via CampusReform

  • Macjamm

    This white privilege BS is getting out of hand, and all common core does is try to insure that absolutely everyone that attends public school is dumbed down,..

    • boomer babe

      WOW,,, instead of improving education for everyone, especially black kids, they DUMB DOWN EVERYONE? this sounds very ORWELLIAN to me….

      • Michael Skok

        This sounds very Obamian to me.

      • Macjamm

        Yeah that’s the infamous Liberal logic or lack there of,.. If you can’t bring them all up, well then of course, bring them all down, anything for a level playing field,, right,..

        • Clay Fitzgerald

          You hit on a great point, “liberal logic” by definition is illogical.

          • USACITIZEN97

            This should be be rewarded by a great kindness jesture. How about burial it the great PIG PEN ESTATES. NOTHING TO GOOD FOR muzzies

          • stonemike

            Many, many of the “progressive hierarchy” are actually DERANGED and out of touch with reality ! In their blind obsession with the unattainable “social justice” , they have come to actually believe whites are responsible for negro illiteracy and their refusal to participate in our system! There is no one on Earth more sickening than “deranged “screwballs who hate their OWN RACE!

          • JMWinPR

            You are quite mistaken. “White privilege” is a marketing tool to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. It is impossible to defend against and easy to implement. Anyone who uses the phrase is an enemy of the United States and should be treated as such. There will be more of these, in the past we have used homophobic, sexist, and racist for the exactly the same reason, this is nothing more than the latest and so far the best.

          • stonemike

            No, Im very aware of the “choreographed nature” of everything the “militant progressives “do! Its not hard to figure out , just listen to the “commie media”, if it isn’t white privilege , its income inequality, or some other crap, they will all parrot the “absurdity of the day”, but they are many of them who are actually off their gourd, as in DERANGED!

        • Shane

          Liberalism is a mental disease that causes its sufferers to betray their country, their gender, if they are male, and their race, if they are white. This is another case of a white liberal betraying his race because he wants to feel morally superior. I hate guys like him.

          • Macjamm

            Me too,..

          • raffaelecafagna

            me 3

          • stonemike

            Me four!

          • Macjamm

            When we get to about, Me two hundred million we will be in business, that should be a substantial majority .. PS; I think we already have that majority if we could only get them to speak up ,..

          • IddiKlu

            What most people don’t know is, that equality was always meant politically. Other than that there is NO equality, as we are all born with very different amounts of talents and abilities. To even just try to change that (as the present administration attempts to do very hard), is totally destructive!

      • stonemike

        That is exactly what EQUALITY amounts to, mediocrity or worse FOR ALL ! Progressives deranged idea of “perfect equality” is to base our lives on the “standard of non achievers” instead of striving to raise the average!

    • TheSunDidIt

      Where do we line up to get some “white privilege”?? I need some.

      • Macjamm

        Ha ha , I could use a heaping helping of that myself,…

        • Clay Fitzgerald

          Having worked in the public sector for over 30 years, I saw just how well “white privilege” worked when it came to awarding government contracts. There are so many programs and allowances made for minority and woman owned business that it costs the taxpayers untold billions of dollars in order to enable those businesses to get government contracts. They usually under perform and are over compensated.

          • Macjamm

            If you want, You should read Ta-Nehisi Coates’s latest article in The Atlantic.
            The Case for Reparations: An Intellectual Autopsy;; but be careful over there its liberal loon land, never has anyone put together such a steaming pile of bs as this guy,,. And for further entertainment read the comments ,never have such a bunch of caring erudite and scholarly people got together to pat each other on the back for hating whites and uplifting blacks, its sickening sorry but it just is,..

          • dontdoitagain

            I’ve seen it first hand too. We had a “minority” owned flagger company that our job superintnedant was forced to use instead of the one we usually used. (state highway job) The “minority” flagger company was inferior for a variety of reasons which had to do with experience mostly, but they still created a DANGEROUS situation for the motoring public and the rest of us who were on the construction crew. We put everybody on the highway at risk for a fatality just for political correctness.

            My boss had to have a safety meeting to instruct the truck drivers on how to protect the ground crew when cars accidently came into the work area at high rates of speed. We had several close calls. All for PC.

      • okihadit


      • stonemike

        Yeah boy, my white privilege started at the age 17, when I married and worked day and night on a nasty, filthy, freezing, hot oilfield pulling unit for $1’60 an hour to feed us, NO WELFARE, NO FOOD STAMPS, and NO EIC that the govt stole off other tax payers! Im sick of “leftwing” self hating whites !

    • IddiKlu

      You are right on the money. Keeping down people with talent in order to give those without that talent an even playing field is as destructive, as Dr. Spock’s (1950) advice to parents about child upbringing. Dr Spock in the late 1980’s admitted that he had been an idiot in what he pushed, but the damage has been done and can’t be reversed. Now this m o r o n is building on that foundation to complete the destruction of this nation. What a pity. He ought to be tarred and feathered.

    • Edward Ebersole

      I agree, this white privilige BS is getting out of hand. I have no idea of the privileges this Dr. Puke speaks of. I went to the public schools like most everyone else I knew did and we all had the same rights and opportunities. Of course there was the occasional BS with a teacher, administrator, or some coach discriminating against some poor student because of the color of the persons skin or how much money the child’s parents contributed to the school or the sport. I know this because I witnessed such things and experienced them as well and it was a unsettling environment to say the least. Keep in mind these people did the discriminating were the malicious. To them it did not matter what the color of your skin was and they sure had some warp minded ideas of how things should be. You were either with them or against them so-to-speak.

    • GWRiddle

      i enjoyed “white privilege” while I was growing up working on the family farm, serving my country for 4 years, supporting myself thru college, paying for my children’s college education and providing for my retirement. Just lucky I guess!

  • regulus30

    cut the cocksucke666rs throat then de–nut the faggot.we maybe in a reverse order……..

  • darylj46

    Communism in education and the federal government so what does anyone expect

  • The_American_Way

    Dr. David Pook is a delusional moron who has been brain washed into a “white guilt” complex. It is precisely because of people like him that liberal and liberal ideology is rampant in the education system. They gain these letters behind their name i.e. Dr. and this gives them some credibility. That’s too bad because when an idiot like this stayed busy with his head buried in a book he was not learning anything about the real world. The end result is that we have another delusional liberal out there indoctrinating our children.

    • Anthony Alexander

      Well he has the liberal degrees, BS, MS, PhD….BULLS_IT, More S_IT, Piled High and Deep

      • iwojimafan

        To me, the PhD stands for PHONY DOCTOR, which this Moron Liberal Idiot Is.He must have got his degrees out of a Cracker Jack Box and Swallowed the Nuts which he Now IS.

        • Anthony Alexander

          LMAO!!!!! Good one!

  • govman

    So his idea is that they will make as many kids as stupid as they possibly can and that will improve society. Or is the idea they will make as many kids as stupid as they possibly can so maybe they will then be the leaders?

    • Emanon65

      Close but not quite. They are making the kids stupid so they will walk around in a catatonic state, so the citizens will be under, total control. That’s what tyranny is. Pure and simple, it’s slavery.

      • boomer babe

        THEY ALSO put the kids on antidepressants, so they will continue to shoot up the schools.
        Asians and other minorities are actually doing BETTER than whites
        its just blacks who aren’t doing as well IMO.

        • Jen

          and I am sorry but I have seen a lot of different types of households and one thing I will say is I have seen families that really push their kids .. they sit with them EVERY night with their studies and MAKE sure they get it and I have seen families that concentrate on video games and etc instead of making sure their kids can read … I dont even have to say which ethnic group each is in but guess which one has kids that are nuclear phyisicists and which ones are preg in HS ? Just take a guess

    • okihadit


  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    “White privilege” is a two-word racist meme pushed by racists.

  • porterv

    The schools have been anti-white for years now. “Barrack Hussein Obama hmm hmm hmm.” Common Core is just making it worse. The sooner we completely eliminate the public schools the better. Cut off their heads, or whatever, financially.

  • WerewolfVm

    What a sell out to his own kind! A freaking traitor to his own race besides his own country! He is a communist sell out scumbag! That is treason and blasphemy towards your own race!

  • tellitlikeitis

    this is why allthe younger generations,5 years old to 25,they are all weak minded,due to the public schools and what they are brainwashing them with.these kids do not take responsibility for anything that goes wrong in their life,it is always someone else’s fault.and the males that are coming out of the public schools nowadays,act more like females and whiners.

    • boomer babe

      i BELIEVE the book 1984 since the kids conceived and born after that year are in trouble with common sense. ( Orwell got the term from 1948 in reverse), unless we try to train these kids by homeschooling them, or at least good CHARTER SCHOOLS.

  • Rham

    Another ideolog that if successful with this common core thing will make sure that all 21st century scientists will be Chinese and Indians and USA might as well just graduate hamburger flippers.

  • SW

    If this moron is a teacher and did not earn his creds, then shame on him for cheating! Who took his state board exam? Then shame on them! Most of us “privileged” earned our own degree! Crawl back into the cesspool you crawled out of moron!

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    So his intention is to make the whites just as stupid as those blacks who live in neighborhoods where they do not have good educational books or can afford a decent education.

    • boomer babe

      Huxley also comes to mind. as much as orwell.

      • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

        Did they not write about the dangers of what might happen?

    • Elson Snider

      There’s not a black kid in America, that doesn’t have the chance to get an education! Tell me where this place is that you talk about! Chicago spends more on education, then any city in America! The teachers are in the top 5, in pay, they’re he stupidest, but the highest paid!!

  • Don Sr.

    It’s not clear to me whether this guy is losing his hair because of inheritance or our of a skull that’s just empty and has no way to anchor it. Either way when you open your pie hole sometimes you insert both feet. When you pull the feet out all the trash left from between the toes remains. Just sayin…,.

  • Wayne

    Self incrimination is prosecutable. HE HAS DONE IRREPARABLE DAMAGE!

  • WardMD

    SO… Is this White Liberal asserting (by his writing of Common Core) that either: A) Common Core is SO STUPID, everyone will FAIL at it; or B) Common Core is ACTUALLY how minorities THINK (regarding how to do math problems, for example)?

    Either way, it’s INSULTING to BOTH whites AND minorities!

  • cornbread01

    There isn’t a doggone liberal idiot that has ever “earned” anything except disgust from NORMAL , decent, thinking, hard-working folks who live are polar opposites of these sub-intelligent fools.

  • NeoracerX

    This man teaches kids!?? He is a IDIOT!

  • monacall

    HANG him……….

  • Gary

    Another self hating white. I must admit that when I was born (during the Truman administration) there may have been an advantage to being white, but only in that you were likely to be middle class with means and expectation for succeeding in life. There was no secret door through which any one could pass just for being a white male into the upper levels of authority. There was a dichotomy of male/female roles but that’s along another avenue. Today though, with the preferential advancement of women and minorities and with the suppression of the male role model, being a white male is a disadvantage. The colleges are majority women and minority foreign graduate students. White males have been convinced they’re pretty dumb, abusive and racist haters and that sports and parties are their future (bread and circuses…where have I read that?) with futures in home construction. One reads about young public school boys playing the word game hangman sent to the principal of the school for exhorting violence. I think we’re in trouble. Another thread in my email says that the left maintains that boys are just defective women. I know we’re in trouble. I’m glad I’m not a boy in these times. My closet isn’t large enough to hold the required dresses and skirts to fit in with the rest. Send your kids to private or Catholic school. Give them a chance.

  • BKNH

    Education should be the priority for EVERYONE. Our educators are missing the basics that our children need to advance. Stop all this BS about how Common Core will level the playing field. Blacks control most major sports but trully lack the necessary skills to succeed in a worthwhile major in college..

  • carlton goodson

    There is no White Privilege only blacks and there races that have the gvo. covering there them whites come in last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Fried

    This liberal ass licking and sucking has gone to far for too long!!!!!! I do not no one “white priveledge” person except the scumbags in so-so-called higher learning and politicians. They represent a tenth of a percent of America. GO TO HELL YOU FILTHY PEOPLE!!!!

  • shamu9

    Black and Hispanic Privilege Trumps any White Privilege Real or Imagined. Ask any White State or Fed. employee

  • For What Its Worth

    Here is an example of the great many moronic, public educated, public school teachers. These under-educated and over-indoctrinated “educators” have been brainwashed since the first day they entered pre-school. This is a fine example of what Dewey (Communist) and Hegel (subscribed to by Stailist Russia and Hitler’s Nazi Germany) have been working towards. Now we have generations of “illiterates” but have no fear, they have been brainwashed within an inch of their lives. Great cannon fodder and automatons for the Oligarchs. Is it any wonder that we are on the brink of becoming a totalitarian society with few if any freedoms remaining. This is a fait’ accompli and the inmates, idiots and fascists are truly running this asylum! Only the oligarchs are happy…….

  • hbcark

    This is the best excuse I’ve Heard for politicians to get off their derrière and pass a real law to do away with this illegal law instituted by coercion and bribery by the National Education Association and bureaucrats in Washington, DC.

  • Anthony Alexander

    It is a lie and a liberal myth created to get votes. All men are created equal but not are men are equal in terms of intelligence. But all men have the same opportunity…it is up to each man WHAT he does with that opportunity at the level of intelligence he is at. There are a few smart successful people and WHOLE LOT OF STUPID ONES and the stupid ones are increasing. But the liberal mind set in their neurotic ways THINK they can level the playing field in having common core. Nothing is further from the truth. It is impossible.

    They persist in their failed agenda of attaching a solution to a problem that has nothing to do with the problem and in spite of all the data that shows their visionary fantasies and asinine ideas are all failures, they persist in this agenda, despite its madness, and therefore fall under the old saying, insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.

    The liberal agenda’s principles violate the rules of ordered liberty, their most determined efforts to realize its visionary fantasies eventually fall short. Yet, despite all the evidence against it, the modern liberal mind believes his agenda is good social science. It is, in fact, bad science fiction. In spite of all the data that shows their visionary fantasies are all failures, they persist in this agenda.

    This is a typical example of the neurosis of the liberal. This Liberal neurosis ranks up there with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases. It has been the mainstay of the liberal mindset since the 1960’s which these people come from, embrace and subscribe to.

    Liberalism IS a disease, common sense is the cure. But as Ron White the comedian says……there ain’t no fixin STUPID in this case the same applies……………… There ain’t no fixin liberalism.

  • USAVeteran

    Real Teachers and Educators teach the Truth. Anyone that tries to level the Playing Field or Re-Write History to make it come out the way they want, are nothing but Communist Re-Educators…and if we let them win, there’ll be nothing left but Slavery to Tyranny.

  • UnknownUzer

    That man, Just like many liberals, is nothing more than a societal cuckold.

    • Alupara


  • pysco

    What privilege, I had to pay for my own education, I have to work, I have to pay taxes, I take responsibility for myself, and family….. This idiot doesn’t speak for me, and probably 99% of other white males. We earned our way, nothing was given to me, he’s been brainwashed by socialist SOB’s.

  • Mathematical certainty

    Why surprised? This is the type of idiot being torpedoed from the schools of education on an annual basis. They receive the most worthless degrees in “Education” and are released to indoctrinate our youth. Common Core was designed and written by the moronic education majors who are incapable of feeding themselves. Most of those who receive degrees in Education, on average, have the lowest SAT and ACT test scores of all professions. They are the last group to be accepted into college because of their abysmal performance in HS.
    Solutions: Schools of Education and the bureaucratic Dept. of Education should be abolished, educational control should be returned to the states, rid the public school educational system from the teachers unions, and give parents the options of having their children educated in charter schools.
    Until these measures are taken, and if you think todays youth are being short-changed educationally and intellectually wait until they take control when no changes are made.

    • Alupara

      In shorter terms, what you are trying to say is that, “Those who can, do; those who can’t , teach”.

  • CTConservatives47

    This pathetic excuse for an “educator” is only succeeding in assuaging his white liberal guilt and pandering to minority students hwo are the victims of such politically correct thinking.

  • Clay Fitzgerald

    Will, liberal hypocrisy ever end? This moron, in spite of his credentials he is one, has no idea of what he’s talking about.

  • HappyG

    Wow, Another hypocrite liberal who refuses to live by the standards he sets…who else isn’t shocked?

  • dandeman

    Hey dude, if you really have a “white guilt complex” then you’ve fallen into the trap of liberal ignorance hook line and sinker. Look around you stupid moron. People who “want” to achieve will. Those who have no motivation “won’t”. It’s that simple and has nothing to do with skin pigments. We are already ranked at the lowest levels of world education. You sir.. seem to have been a case of the “no child left behind” program.

  • Barbara Straub

    It is a travesty in math. And they have rewritten history for their own agenda. No to Common Core.

  • higgy01

    The joke is on this nincompoop. There is no such thing as “white privilege” at least not for the last 50 years. There is black privilege, minority privilege and perverts privilege but not white. We are rapidly becoming a minority and thanks to common core everyone in the current up coming generation as well as future ones no matter what race or gender will be universally dumb.

  • msmotown

    Why am i not “feeling” the white privilege thing? I, along with others, have been bumped in the hiring process due to gender or race even though we had great people skills, communications skills, experience, and education!! And if any of us disagree with this current president’s ideology ( and there’s a hell of a lot to dislike) we are instantly racist!! I know of some black politicians that would make great leaders of this country!

  • worldwatchers

    These foolish white Liberals wont be satisfied until they get a brand on their Ass’s

  • Alupara

    The real deception lies in the fact that now that there is a black/mixed race president in the White House, it is difficult to continue to justify “affirmative action”, so it has morphed itself into “white privilege”.

  • kyrunner

    This guy is a absolute moron. Where does he get off deciding what is right and what is wrong. This guy has no place in the education system. Sounds like a progressive socialist who is guilty of people who work hard and actually earn their own way in America. Geez! Common Core needs to be stopped NOW!

  • Sandy

    self-loathing racist….send him to the FATA in Pakistan for a reality check….

  • myfordtruck

    The only Privilege I Know The whites have is that they get to support the blacks on welfare so this man is crazy

  • lella04

    they don’t use common core at the school where he works? wonder why? could it be that they want to actually educate the “privileged” whites that attend? just wonder what his salary is there. maybe he should just resign and try to find another place that will hire him. fat chance!!!


    And you allow that jerk to teach our kids and write the standards? How low we have fallen!

  • JD081

    In other words, everyone comes down to the lowest common denominator, is that it? If you’re white, the dumber you are, the higher the grade?

  • jerimiah69

    Another liberal sicko..I am not white, but i see this as another cog in the wheel of promoting racism….If you don’t want to be white, go get a tan and don’t go where whites fact, go to hell…

  • The Truth

    This IDIOT….WOULD make a GREAT “Director of Education” for Josef Stalin.

  • The Lone Realtor

    What a stupid idiot. And he’s an educator? We’re doomed.

  • shrtwvlstnr

    At least there was a noticeable reaction from the audience.

  • jb80538

    Hey douche bag…There hasn’t been white privilege since affirmative action!

  • Citizen Joe

    The Communists are uncloaking.

  • InvidiaAbsit AKA 800LbGorilla

    It’s ok… Don’t fret. The reality is that those who perform well in their jobs will be vindicated. If there were such a thing as “white privilege” this witch hunt will prove the difference between the races – if there is any. Whoever the real performers are will rise to the top and those who don’t will be washed out of the labor system.

    This will backfire and cause the actual truth to be revealed.

  • Elmer Goetz

    He gives a whole new meaning to the title : White Trash. He is just another over-educated moron who contributes absolutely nothing beneficial to society. It appears to me we have too many people attending college and getting degrees who don’t know sh1t from shinola, and they’re proud of it.

  • Danimal

    I am SICK of this so-called social justice BS! Yea let’s lower, the standards for everyone so we can make America less competitive than we already are!! I seem ‘to remember a well tested axiom which has always worked. “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” Why should we lower more capable kid’s standards so the “dummies” can be rewarded for, in most cases, less work and maybe some capability. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t advocate abandoning them, but let’s not drag down the smart kids, and there’s many minorities that are just as smart as whites, so don’t assume what my comments mean any disrespect, This is why I never sent my one child to public schools. I didn’t want him indoctrinated by these uber liberal idiots!! Time to abolish public schools and go charter and home schooling! My Son was CHRISTian schooled then home schooled and he’s more capable than most public schooled kids, by far! It’s time we wrested control from these teacher’s unions and started getting our kids back to normalcy and proper learning and not someone who calls the Father of our Country a racist because he had slaves, who, by the way were probably better off than some whites back then!! They knew where thier next meal was coming from and had a roof over thier heads.

  • nancy miller

    Isn’t it interesting that the people who have the say, don’t believe that blacks and other non white children can compete on a level playing field. Talk about racist. Guess why they are kept “down”.
    In the end what they are doing is dumbing down the white children.

  • Sue

    If you want higher standards? Then other side of that is: you want lower standards. That’s what I want for my country, equal stupidity. Printed words on a test are either understood or they are not. The idea that a school curriculum is biased says you can’t keep up. You don’t lower standards to accommodate.We want better for our children. Challenging students was the basis for education not having them barely be able to comprehend.
    How this audience sat through this is beyond me.

  • budman

    Here we go again. Another Liberal teacher speaking out without doing any research to prove his allegation. If anything, the Department of Education and the Teacher’s Union have gone out of their way to tip the diversity scale against whites and it seems those of the Protestant faith as well

  • noweareman

    Too many MASSHOLES moving up here to my Live Free or Die state!!!

  • wizard

    If this guy is on some sort of personal quilt trip it is no reason to lay it off on all white males. Any privilege white males may once have had started to decline around fifty years ago. Today the most privileged group is the black female followed by illegal aliens. But Common Core fits in more with the administration’s concept of equality. In that concept we don’t improve the education of those at the lower end nor improve their economic conditions or living standard. We create equality by bringing everyone else down to their level. That is to say we reduce everything to the lowest common denominator. This is much easier to do than building people up. Also low educated people are easier to control. And we will not be as competitive in the rest of the world.

  • canary

    Every human being is endowed by God not man. When you have individuals as this who believe that secularism empowers one over another, it is the work of men not God. We need to return to community based schools that control the curriculum and those that they hire to teach. The corporate school system keeps proving the inability and it has proven to be a tool to suppress knowledge and the power of each and every person that they, each and everyone of us, is the only true political power. That which we loan we can retreive.

  • zrevtom

    if you are upset about being a privileged white mail, then for you the manly and right thing to do is to go to Africa where you being white will be a minority male, see how they treat you and how will you survive being no longer privileged. As for the rest of us Americans I am honored to have been born here, not being black or white or red or yellow, none of these matters, Being born here in the United States doesn’t give me privilege it gives me opportunity. If you as a teacher are too ignorant to see that than you are too stupid to be a teacher, turn in your license and leave this country. We need patriots and educators, your statements and actions tell us you are neither.

  • Ackerjax

    The first gentleman stated if a school district ‘wants’ to have higher standards they could? Sure, why have high standards or push to be able to think or solve problems. How insulting to the teachers who want to pass knowledge, challenge and inspire learning! Yep, let’s all just raise a bunch of dumb kids unable to comprehend and be easily manipulated. That privileged ‘teacher’ is probably not be all that smart and does not want to be outdone by his students. Considering how inept and incompetent the so-called liberal intelligent leaders we have in Washington sounds like this low threshold has existed too long already.

  • Joe

    I believe white privilege is BS. Only people that are uneducated and unmotivated are buying this crap. This BS is nothing more then race baiter’s doing what they do, and they make a lot of money selling it to the public.

  • TPS12

    I guess white privilege taught him how to read not the schools he attended. No extra effort just dumb it down great teacher he is.

  • littledon

    Why don’t you get a bucket of paint and put it up your free loading as’! and paint your self what ever Color you want. You are a Jack As’! He is what teaches our children, he is Brain Dead!
    God Bless America!

  • John OMalia

    In effect the government is saying that minorities are too stupid to succeed in school or anywhere else for that matter. So we’ll create a curriculum so convoluted that practically no one will succeed. In that way there’ll be no white privilege. Everyone will fail to achieve their potential. What an insult to minorities. Hmm, a falling tide lowers all boats.

  • Kevin

    This is definitely another stupid policy coming from the Obama administration. When will all these liberals wake up and realize we’re not competing just inside the US; we are competing globally with all the nations who have made their education policies and standards higher. The Asian kids are getting high and math training like statistics in the third grade; in the US, that usually doesn’t come until college.

    Obama-keep making everyone less intelligent!

  • 48vince

    White Privilege is actually the “for public consumption” derivative of Critical Whiteness Theory, the base theory underlying this insanity which is being promulgated by the sick elites in the academic community. Papers on Critical Whiteness Theory not infrequently conclude with thinly disguised recommendations on the eventual need to exterminate the so-called “white race” in it’s entirety. These manifestos can be found all over the internet, usually including, of course, the names and academic positions of the author or authors.

  • JoeShmoe

    He should recuse himself from his priviledged position as a common core author. Instead, common core should be devised by a group of minority youth who flunked out of high school; that way there will be no doubt as to the politically correct value of the curricullum.

  • Mort Leith

    Yet ANOTHER Educated 1D10T ! !

    Too ign0rant to know how RACIST he is….. against WHITES !

  • TruthBeTold

    How does ‘white privilege’ cause black and Hispanic kids who are sitting in the same classroom with the same teacher learning the same lesson and doing the same assignments to do poorly?

    If ‘white privilege’ has the power to deprive minorities of their ability to learn, perhaps the solution is to return to segregated schools where ‘white privilege’ won’t won’t be a factor.

  • FredZarguna

    Pookie: Please kill yourself. It’s the only way to end your privileged existence honorably.

  • gthog61

    How did somebody from such a 3rd rate school get into such a position of influence?

    • djm1992

      kissing lots of @ss and putting a lot of “white guilt” on display in front of a bunch of progressive educrats, most likely…………

  • OgieOgilthorpe

    My old man always used to tell me that “the road to HELL is paved with “good” intentions”.

  • Dang
  • djm1992

    Dr. Richard Pook: educator indoctrinator

  • gekkobear

    This makes sense, assuming you understand the goals, the data, and the implementation.

    Step 1: Identify the main goal. Equality of outcomes for all students.

    Step 2:Identify a solution. Making all student do as well as the best isn’t possible, so we must lower the top to the average.

    Step 3: Identify the path to the solution. The main determining factor of student achievement is parental involvement, so this must be stopped as all students don’t have this.

    Step 4: Implement a plan. Change all teaching policies to new unused and complicated polices that parents don’t understand, so they can’t help their children with their homework; to force the kids to do worse by removing parental influence.

    Step 5: Achieve a system with worse outcomes overall, but much less variation in outcomes, closer to “equality”.

    … Oh, you think I’m wrong. What would they do differently if I were 100% correct? The data DOES show parental involvement is the most significant determining factor in student achievement (that’s not a guess). And the rest follows from looking at what they actually did.

    WHen they’re doing exactly what they’d do if my guess here is correct; I can’t be far off, can I?

  • alaanile

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  • alaanile

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  • swaadd

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