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“Tea Teams USA”

  • jasper

    I am ready for Constitutionally minded Americans to make the effort to restore the Republic.

  • Hallie Lewis Roberts

    This sounds good to me!

    • jujohn

      sounds good to me too !

  • Lou

    Get er DONE !!

  • Anne Marie Naquin Flint

    Sounds wonderful to me-We are in!

  • donl

    I believe this will have an impact on our Communist President. I am for it!! Come to augusta ga.

    • Steve Wrubel

      It most definately WILL NOT have an impact on this Pseudo President, but it may very well light a fire under the asses of those in congress and re-ignite the fire of those apparent turncoats we just sent!

  • Atilla the Hungry

    Love ya Bill. Suggest you hire a food taster and don’t go out walking after dark by yourself. Remember
    Andrew Breitbart.

  • Mark Humberger

    I’m all in Bill. Restoring our Constitution in this country is overdue!!! God bless our Tea Teams and America again!

  • Donald York

    Iv’e been ready for this a long time. Count me in.

  • Robert

    I and all my local friends are IN, lets do this

  • davienne

    its 4 years over due, I am so ready… BRING IT ON

    • LarryNC

      Four years? This garbage has been going on a lot longer than that. Nixon, LBJ, etc. Remember when George W. Bush screamed at a group of republican house members who were not wanting to support the so-called patriot act? He slammed his fist on his desk and yelled at those house members that “the Constitution is just a God dam%*d piece of paper.”

      “it’s four years overdue.” If people don’t wake up and get their heads out of their a$$es and quit believing in and supporting every body who calls themselves a republican, and uses words like “conservative” then we will accomplish nothing! And while I’m at it, I might as well make some more people angry and say this; Faux News is as bad as MSNBC! Both of them have the same job. Propaganda and keeping the American people angry at and afraid of one another. Until everybody learns that, and stops playing that game…absolutely nothing changes and absolutely nothing gets better.

  • Miko

    I’m in. Have been waiting for this. Don’t be surprised if those SOBs shut down the websites related to this. Keep us posted.

  • jenniewalsh

    If anyone is curious about HOW to rise above and to become immune to the evil ones, SEE: and follow the links to learn how to become a Breatharian. More and more people are learning how to live on Cosmic Love.

  • jenniewalsh

    The Illuminati’s globalist organized crime syndicate is VERY WELL represented in congress, the presidency, the supreme court and all levels of government and the bureaucracies. Of course, they don’t announce that they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, that is for us to figure out. You can recognize them by their works of evil and tyranny. These people are EVIL ON STEROIDS.

  • jenniewalsh

    Thanks for heading up an organized effort to overthrow the evil ones who have taken over the government in every branch and in every level. “Liberalism” is Satanism in politically correct language.

  • Russ Fowler

    I live by GOD laws.

  • persuasive

    I follow what your saying and commend what your starting to do and have started as well But you don’t need me for that. Still I don’t thing you can shove God anywhere, least of all where ignorance and evil refuse to see the light. Evil will flee in the face of God and Jesus or where the name of Jesus is put forth in righteousness and for a good purpose. Keep it up though. couragetolaugh[dot]com and view my book I’d Much Rather Laugh! How You Can Save America from Ridicule and Ruin. It speaks of Jesus, Americans who work hard, and about the parties who ignore both. It has a solution.

  • Jerrilyn

    We must use the right words instead of politically correct ones. They are NOT “illegal immigrants” or “undocumented workers”. They are FOREIGN INVADERS. It is not early termination of some weird unknown life or pro-choice, it is infanticide… murder of a baby. Control the language and you control the argument, as we can all attest. It is time to stand up to the soft tyranny of political correctness and say it like it is, regardless of the consequences. May God bless America again.

    • stonemike

      OK, it will take WAR to killout progressivism!

  • Steve

    Count me in!

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