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‘Tara! Tara! Please Stop!’: CNN Panel Discussing Trump Campaign Manager Descends Into Chaos

Two conservative CNN commentators––one a Trump supporter, the other someone who does not care much for him––duked it out on the air tonight in a fight over Donald Trump that turned into, well, chaos. Tara Setmayer told Kayleigh McEnany she’s amazed at how she’s not ashamed of Trump’s many nasty remarks about women and the controversy regarding him offering to pay for the legal fees of violent supporters. McEnany said, “I said I don’t like those things, you can’t put words in my mouth!” Setmayer believes that it’s a problem that she’s not been publicly ashamed for her candidate over this stuff. When Setmayer mentioned the incident regarding Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski allegedly “assaulting” a female reporter, McEnany scolded her for “defaming” someone on TV and telling her to “Watch your words!”

via Mediaite


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