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It Takes Trey Gowdy Just 3 Minutes To Shame The Media Into Silence Over Benghazi

  • angelkisz

    You go Trey, rip them a new one. Wow! What he said was so to the point. Grrrr Pit Bull on the loose.

    • freedomringsforall

      I hope so
      A lot of us out here are praying for you Trey

      • mbnick

        All except the Obama moocher voters who don’t care as long as they get free stuff off the backs of others.

    • Jack Laurie

      Wow, Trey really nailed it…the dirty lying Dems and stink media are going to see a real Pit Bull Prosecutor is action, I can’t wait!

      • parlayer

        Me either.

  • djw663

    But I won’t tell you how to do your job! The MM probably couldn’t understand what you just said.

    • PYPYPY

      Mr Gowdy is to the point. Anyone with a conscience would get what Mr Gowdy said/asked. However the media is bias and is covering up for BO, Hilary and his admin (big time) they have no shame or they would have done their job and be honest about benghazi and many other issues which there remain, unanswered questions

    • ARJAY

      You’re right djw663, probably not SMART enough to catch THAT one! LOL!!

  • TiredVET1

    He is the man and has the questions but do they have the answers I fear not for it will shut them down. And I hope he has his way on this and goes for the juggler. Time to rip the ground out from under them and take them down.

    • johnbbbb

      He needs to be the next Speaker of the House to replace gutless Boner.

      • TiredVET1

        Spot on my friend spot on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • One who cares

        How about our next pres? He would be good!

      • Harold

        I agree with you, we need a speaker who has some principles , courage and patriotism. And who is not working with the democrats to destroy America.

      • rank

        He needs to be the next Attorney General under the 2016 Republican President.

    • Down to Earth Thinking

      Actually it is time to show them how wrong they have been and get them to start questioning authority ? of this regime. Gowdy is da man and I hope to meet him very soon ! DC MAY 16

  • chuckster

    The meia will be scared to death to ask him a question

  • Norma Haney

    It’s about time somebody is finally……hopefully, going to get to the bottom of this tragedy. Prayers are with you Mr. Gowdy.
    . Go git’em

  • darylj46

    He said it so right and to the point. Great of Trey Gowdy

  • victorbarney

    Trey, if “we the people” actually survive this current administration & Un-Justice Department, YOU will get me to come-out and vote again! I PROMISE!!!

    • Orrie Froloff

      I have totally lost any trust I had in those who sit in Congress and especially those misfits in the White House. I want to see justice done to the full extent of the law and not some simple slap on the hand’s of the guilty. These people have been getting away with murder, lying, cheating and covering for one another far too long and it has to stop. I hope Trey Gowdy is successful and exposes everyone who took part in the cover up and sends them to prison.

  • PeaverBogart

    Trey Gowdy is da’ man!!!

  • Dagwood

    I think he deserves a new name RIP!!! GETTUM!!!!!

  • Radman414

    Rep. Gowdy gives and outstanding and concise summary of the MSM’s complete and utter FAILURE to do their jobs and investigate the multiple FAILURES of this administration’s foreign policy in the run-up to the tragic deaths in Benghazi, Libya, and also to investiate the cover-up, the sole purpose of which was to shield the president’s reputation 2 months before the 2012 election.

  • pointdan

    God Bless you Congressman Gowdy.
    Please be careful . . . .

  • Radman414

    This is an excellent follow-up to the following from Sen. Ted Cruz on or about 5/6/14:

    “I think it is unfortunate to see the Democratic Party circling the wagons around President Obama and Hillary Clinton and treating the death by terrorist attack of four Americans as nothing but a political inconvenience. “It has been 19 months, almost 20. We have four dead Americans. We have the first dead U.S. Ambassador killed in service since 1979. In the 19 months that have followed, we don’t have a single dead terrorist or a single terrorist apprehended, and what we have seen from the President and Senate Democrats has been stonewalling,” Sen. Cruz said.

    Sen. Cruz continued, “You and I both remember the presidential debate on foreign policy when President Obama said no one is more upset about what happened in Benghazi than I am…. If he were speaking the truth, if he cared about it, you would think that wouldn’t be the last time he mentioned it.”

    “The truth shouldn’t be partisan. Finding out what happened, finding out how we could have prevented it, and acting to actually apprehend these guys, should not be partisan.”

    • Rham

      As usual Ted Cruz is spot on. Obama runs away from the word Benghazi like the cheating little child he is.

      • Radman414

        I just wish that more people who really need to hear this actually will hear it, and not just “move-on” to slander the prosecutor and anyone else who seeks the truth about Benghazi.

  • WitnessforPeace

    Trey Gowdy for President! I’d love to see him demolish Joe, or Hillary or any of them in a debate. They wouldn’t stand a chance in H_ll or even a chance in Benghazi. . .

  • Mathematical certainty

    To my friends in SC., keep Trey Gowdy in office. If we had representatives in both the House and Senate with the style, intelligence, morality, and integrity, as that of Trey Gowdy, our Nation would not be in the current abysmal condition created by the left-wing-liberal-nitwit-Neanderthals of the present administration. As a prosecutor, Trey has won every case (over 100). I have no doubt by the time Mr. Gowdy is finished with the Benghazi fiasco, the truth will be known, and those responsible for the Benghazi tragedy will be tried for treason. To include: Hilary Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and most likely 50 other left-wing-liberal lying democrats.

  • Macjamm

    Do they even know where the mythology of our phony president Obama originated??? NO!!!!!

    They just cover for him because he is the first black president, its politically correct to allow the Country to go down the drain for the first black president, hell they will just blame it on racists and anyone or anything but the real things,.. They are destroying this Country…
    They are blinded by the blackness….

    • DollarBill

      I am CERTAIN there will NOT be Any more BLACK PRESIDENTS!

      • Macjamm

        Me to,…..
        If we do I give up,
        It will just prove Americans have become to dumbed-down to be free,….

      • savetheusa2

        I wish Allen West was running. He’s a soldier and he is smart. I don’t care about color. We can’t bar all of them. That doctor is pretty good, too.

  • danhspoonhourdc

    WOW! WOW! WOW! At last we have a Tiger in our Tank! Did you hear what I heard? I heard the media picking up what was left of their rear ends from the floor! Tiger Trey is what I’m calling him from now on! How refreshing it is, to have someone at bat, that can hit it out of the ball park against the opposition! I’ll vote for this man any day!

  • KJ

    It’s time to hold single person media conferences. Rep. Chffetz’ expressions were a distraction. There was no reason for a smile or a smirk. The unconscionable actions of the Obama administration are serious and deserve unbiased thorough investigation. A smile was uncalled for. I applaud Rep. Gowdy for assembling a committee of serious intellectuals who are capable of being non partisan.

    As much as I like and respect Rep. Chaffetz, it’s right and proper that he was not selected for the committee.

    • CJMcRat

      KJ, I understand your point. And yes you are right. It is my opinion that there are lots of people who are not doing their job. Let’s face it, the news media is a large group that is not doing what is expected of them. I do not think that Obozo would have been elected the first time had the news media done their job. I believe in my heart that Obozo would not have been elected a second time if half of the media had done their job. Although it is not funny I took great joy in watching someone who is much smarter than me take the MSM apart. You’re right, this is not funny, but I dare you to watch the video again and see if you smile at the smack down that is given. This video has got to make every conservative smile.

      • KJ

        Freeze the last frame as Rep. Gowdy grabs his paperwork before exiting the room. His look of disgust is more akin to how I felt all the way through his rhetorical monologue. He was disgusted to be in front of a room full of people who have done nothing to defend liberty and seek the truth of the Benghazi matter without bias and prejudice.

  • Rham

    Ted Cruz for President and Trey Gowdy for Attorney General would mean the beginning of the restoration of sanity into this federal government. Good patriots with clear and clean purposes is what we need, instead of this gang of inept lying democrats and yes some useless republicans.

  • jonbernal

    I guarantee you the so called “journalists” out there were probably either seething, yawning or preparing to draft their next stories on how the Republicans are going to turn this into some sort of pre-election right-wing witch hunt.

  • pduffy

    The phrase, “What difference does it make”, shall go down in history similar to the famous Marie Antoinette uttering, “let them eat cake” before she was taken to the guillotine.

  • lizaz

    Does the MSM know why the 30 or so witnesses who were at the “embassy” have been hidden away from the American people, no interviews by the investigators because no one know where they are??????

  • Earl

    THANK YOU, FUTURE President Trey Gowdy!

  • katjan68

    You go Trey Gowdy! Wish you were a Congressman from my state so I could be proud again, sadly I am not.

  • Ltjg

    I appreciate your Hard Ball Stance. I have been researching You and Happy with Your 10 Serious Questions You ask. Let me Add a Few more You should Ask. “Why was General Carter Ham relieved of Command by his Second in Command when he responded that he was willing, ready and able to come to their Rescue?” Bring him into the Investigation, lets hear what he has to say. Another, Admiral Gaouette willing to respond and rescue Ordered to immediately return to DC in the middle of deployment (unheard of and to my knowledge, never happened before in Our History while in Deployment)? Lets hear from him too. The more they protest and object proves more reason to seek the Truth. Emails alone are proof of further cover up. The families of those that Died deserve Honest answers…not empty Promises. If it were the Sons of the people involved in these Deaths and cover up…I can rest assure you they would be screaming their Lungs Out.

  • fran x


  • Virginia Cavalier

    I did not buy it! I shall not buy it! But then, I do not buy anything associated with The ObamaNation…

  • TheSunDidIt

    No, I “don’t know” Congressman Gowdy. That’s why I’m glad you’re after the REAL answers.

  • FRENCHIE1369


  • RGS48

    So many questions no answers. CAN YOU SAY INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING! That was the good old days. You remember way back when Bush two was President. MSM should be ashamed!

  • Combatvet52

    Here is a man with brass balls you better believe he will make a lot of media people and the ones in Washington diarrhea in their pants, go get Trey your the MAN.

  • Seldena

    What a great man to lead this committee! He will get to the truth!

  • Jim

    FORE !!!!!!

  • OzzWorx

    Sounds like Jeff Foxworthy… “You might be a muslin communist shill if…”

  • Pat Alexander

    Trey Gowdy a most worthy American seeking truth so that America does not fail!

  • jim scofield

    Knock them out Trey Way to Go Did You notice the fella standing behind
    Mr Gowdy I thought He was gonna bust a gut. GREAT Job Trey

  • el_loco_jp

    Gowdy is starting to look more and more Presidential

  • TPM

    THAT was a powerful message. Will it wake up the main stream media?
    I doubt it. The aren’t media, they’re DNC cheerleaders.

  • Kaiser

    I’m starting to like this man more and more. And yes, he made the MSM look like the fools they really are.

    • dragonfFIRE01

      i hope the media stops drinking the Obama kool aid

      • Kaiser

        It’s bad enough that our politicians are liars and corrupt, now we have to deal with lying news media? No wonder their ratings are so low.

  • Al Chemist

    Those were all good questions to ask the MSM. But, here’s another question to the MSM. Do any of you lap dogs and pimps really give a s**t? Never mind. I already know the answer to that one.

  • dragonfFIRE01

    good got a ROTWEILLER in charge

  • david of tampa

    Do I see the next Attorney General You may get to see Holder hang yet. After Hillary, Barry, and Reid.

    • GoldenRudy

      Oh, now that would be nice, real nice. But can America withstand the onslaught until 2017? I fear not.

      • david of tampa

        The findings should lead to impeachment prior to 2017. All congress who value their seats will vote to prosecute Barry for treason.

  • worldwatchers

    Trey Gowdy Asked some very important questions today of the Media!!

    Why was Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi Libya on purhaps the worst day in American history!! I would say the worst day of his life!! The Ambassador went to Benghazi Libya
    that night Because he was ordered!!!
    In spite of the facts All his protection was shipped away! He asked for more he feared for his life!! There was no Party in Benghazi on Sept 11/2012!!
    That was wrong the Islamics had a party that night! As only the Islamics can!
    I ask you of the left this same question! You cannot lie to your self or the Lord God

  • dragonfFIRE01

    Chris Stevens was there because of gun-running arms to the Syrian “rebels”.have to cover his tracks ya know.

  • parlayer

    Gad, I’m glad, proud to have Trey on the “Right” side of Issues. Keep me out of his sights.

  • Nikita63

    Trey Gowdy asked intelligent and pointed and VALID questions and will get no answers from this corrupt administration or; they will obstruct his investigation and delay his ability to discover the TRUTH to the maximum because most Americans KNOW, this was a fraudulent cause and a totally inept result by a useless administration TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED people in positions they have no business being in. end of story. , except of course for the ongoing damage to our image and our credibility , WORLDWIDE! His questions were directed at the media but we all know who and where they were really directed and we are entitled to answers. GO GET ‘EM GOWDY!

  • bet1125

    One more for you, lame stream media: Do you know why none of you can seem to find any certifiable evidence that the person occupying the White House is an American citizen?

  • ezekiel22

    Trey called the media correctly. The media failed miserably a their job. Instead they have sold their soul to the administration and became its propaganda machine. That is one reason that I check other news sources.
    As far as the questions that Rep. Gowdy asked I can answer some of them for sure. Yet the press was silent.

  • Daniel Spickard

    I just loved when he gave the main stream media both barrels and shut them down cold! Now this is one guy who’s going to give Obama a whole lot of ass whooping! Go Trey Gowdy!

  • Daniel Spickard

    Take Obama to the wood shed Trey!

    • GoldenRudy

      More like “impeachment” and/or to jail. Reggie Love lives and loves in the “woodshed”, so that is no threat to Obama.

  • okihadit

    good for him!

  • diana

    Hope you don’t fold like the rest of the cowards hope you get obama, clinton, holder,and put them in federal prison were they belong, then you and we the people can get the rest of them and get our Country back our laws enforced the Constitution enforced and the while you are at it get the supreme court back were it belongs not making up laws for perverts and rich crooks.

  • ECwashr

    The only difference between Obama and the pilots on 9/11 is their method of destruction. His pro muslim brotherhood policies and actions prove it. He could have sent help to those four Americans, instead he went to bed then called the murders, “a bump in the road”. You make me sick muslim usurper pathological liar HuSatan Obama!!

  • Stan Parrish

    If Trey ran for president he would have my vote.

  • Grandma Kitty

    Trey Gowdy puts every politician in Washington to shame. Trey Gowdy is a true patriot of this great country. You go Trey!!!

  • The Truth

    I only have one word, WOW!!

  • Ednar

    This is the kind of president we need BADLY!
    He makes Obooboo look like a petunia!

  • Take 2

    Its a Murder investigation ie littered with highest level of Governing – shamefully disrespectful of human life and those left behind grieving – all due to overzealous individuals thirsting for or to sway a majority of electoral votes;

    A main point is MEDIA is not doing a service or justice to mankind for what they as individuals dedicate themselves, as investigative journalist. Meaning, even script readers should have pride in their reporting News work and not kneel to this administration acting like 1930’s Germany Third Reich.

  • Privatejetsetter

    Face it…if Romney were president and Stevens would have had a splinter instead from the attack, MSNBC, Rick. Manhands, Sissy Hayes, Makers Mark Matthews and dead head Ed would be 24/7 on it and digging into why he was there and explored the gun running claim

  • GoldenRudy

    MAN, I love this guy. (In a natural way, that is.) I hope and pray for his safety. His task will be daunting. But as we near the 70th anniversary of another “daunting” task, I hope Trey is just as successful as that other task, 70 years ago this June 6th.

  • GoldenRudy

    Add another: Where was the POTUS for 6 to 8 hours? And if you know where he was; then what was he doing? … and with whom?

  • bix2246

    Congressman Gowdy NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder the left is making such a stink about this investigation……..there might be some real investigating done. We need more men like Rep. Gowdy in Congress. PERIOD!!!

  • Pat Alexander

    This Gowdy fellow is one Great American that will always be a Great American!

  • luciteehee

    The LIBERAL media has been SILENT (with the truth) through this entire fiasco except for the “totally fictitious” version aired by someone who had NOTHING to do with Benghazi! NOT an expert for the world to hear from! And less than 1% believed should have been the one chosen to speak on the subject! Was she the one easier to “convince” to “take one for the cause”? AND was there a REASON Susan wasn’t asked to tell the WH “version” of the attack on Fox News? Just asking! Freedomringsforall, ALL of us who love our Country, are appalled at what’s happening to it, and fervently pray for our dedicated Leaders, stand WITH you! Our hope is in Jesus Christ answering our prayers through the Almighty power of God, and the healing of our land!

  • wizard

    That put it on the line! It is way past time hat those responsible for this atrocity be held accountable. In spite of Hillary’s medical problems (dizzy spells, faints, loss of memory) it does matter.

  • Beepster

    I have only one comment to make: He surely better watch his back!!!!

  • lifeissogood

    Where are all of the brain dead liberal shrills that love to defend their messiah on any/every article posted with his name? We usually see one or two trying to push their spin on articles that states facts.
    Where are they hiding? Well?

    The next time I see one trying to push their ‘conspiracy theory’ spin, I think I’ll ask them to answer these questions Rep. Gowdy asked.
    If this is nothing but a ‘political witch hunt’ as they claim then surely they have the answers.

  • carbo

    The press felt bad for about 5 seconds before the press Mom brought in more kool-aid and then the feeling passed with the liberal sugar rush.

  • rank

    That my friends is exactly how the media needs to be handled. I anxiously await this man questioning Clinton, Obama, Holder, Rice and others. What we need is more Trey Gowdys in Congress!

  • xoxozo

    Gowdy is BRILLIANT….We NEED HIM as Pres. one day!!! Maybe VP this time????
    EVERYONE …Call your Rep. and tell him/her you want Gowdy as SPEAKER of the House..NOT Boehner.

  • TeaParty Patriot

    Fantastic speech and reasoning and he picked the right group to castigate. He is right, the press has been uniformly lax in holding the politicians of both parties responsible for the failures of this affirmative action impostor in the white castle.

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