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The Movie Hillary Doesn’t Want You to See

A new film is coming called Hillary’s America. In it, the documentary will detail the Democratic Party and the world that creates someone like Hillary. Dinesh D’Souza, known for statement making documentaries, has done it again. WOW. This will be amazing. In theaters July 2016! Who are these Democrats? What is the progressive party hiding?…

Ferguson’s New Police Chief Seeks to Heal

rish Moss, Ferguson, MO’s first African-American police chief, goes ‘On the Record’ on the initial challenges he faces in his job, the source of racial tension between public and police, whether the media are fair, the Freddie Gray decision and more. Via Fox News

Is America racist? Larry Elder Has The Answers!

Is America racist? Is it as Obama said “part of our DNA”? Author and talk-show host Larry Elder examines America’s legacy of racism, whether it’s one we can ever escape, and in the process offers a different way of looking at things like Ferguson, crime, police and racial profiling. H/T Truth Revolt