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Students: ‘Unfair’ That Obama Couldn’t Use Teleprompter In Debate

Thousands of President Obama supporters turned out in in Madison, Wisc., for a rally following Wednesday night’s debate in Denver. The mood was somber, to say the least, as they waited to enter Bascom Mall at the University of Wisconsin Thursday afternoon. University of Wisconsin students and fellow Wisconsinites had mixed reviews on the president’s performance.


  • char51

    why romney didnt need one, oh, thats right he cant think for himself. no, telpromter for obber. to bad so sad he obber cant do anything for himself, hes a litter dictory needs his telpromtor to help him LIE, YOU KNOW THE WHOPER LIES HE CAN SPEND.

  • Cross

    If the man can’t speak without a teleprompter he shouldn’t be up there. He should have the presence (as the President of the U.S.) to be able to communicate without others telling him what to say.

    • The Truth

      Hmmmm, maybe that’s why his foreign policy is a bust…no telpromters in his meetings with other world leaders.

    • Karl M Williams

      I’ve said he is a puppet. He can’t put three words together without 12 “ums” unless his handlers write it for him on the TOTUS (Teleprompter of the U.S.). BHO is simply Soros’s lackey.

    • Samurai_Sam

      What do you mean “if he can’t speak without a teleprompter? He can’t even speak coherently with a teleprompter!


    I can give you millions of idiots who can be president using a teleprompter.


      Here’s one of them now, giving a negative, but has ZERO to say like his ZERO president.

  • Samurai_Sam

    I hear that the left wing media is claiming that Romney used a cheat sheet. Well if that’s the case it must have been written on BO’s forehead because Romney never stopped boring holes in him.

    On the other hand however it did appear that BO was making copious notes since he never took his face off the podium. In fact I can guess he was writing responses to Romney’s attacks.

    I’ve listed them below:

    Oh yeah! Well yo mama wears army boots.
    It’s Bush’s fault!
    Romney you ain’t as pretty as me! you wouldn’t dare to call yourself eyecandy.
    It’s Bush’s fault!
    Hey Romney! Your feet stink!
    It’s Bush’s fault!
    Oh Crap what did I get myself into? Somebody should have told me to pack my brain for this trip.
    How did he get all of these facts? I didn’t know that!
    Damnit now everyone is going to know I’m an idiot, I should never have told everyone I had a 160 IQ
    I guess I should have hired smarter people instead of stupid people but if I had then everyone would know how dumb I am.
    Oh Please don’t bring up my foreign policy failures.
    Can I go home now, Michelle is waiting to tell me how handsome I am!
    I wonder if I bow down to Mitt on the way out he won’t be as hard on me during the next debate?


      I love it…..

    • Richard Allan Sims

      Great commentary!!

    • ves

      Thank you so much this is great!!

    • Mary

      Beauty if in the eyes of the beholder….This self proclaimed EYE CANDY is not so in my eyes.
      Not my type at all….

      • Brenda L. Herbert

        Too many red flags there.

    • BlueViolets

      It would be funnier if it weren’t so darned close to the truth.

    • Neil Glenn

      Forgot that these ‘students’ probably also use the Internet to get THEIR term papers, too!

    • The truth

      LOL! Don’t forget…”Note to self: Take an Economics 101 class!”

    • Rob Royy

      Excellent post!!


    And, while we’re at it….who are these idiots being interviewed who cannot even put a sentence together?


      THEY ARE the “Ummmmm” crowd that will be tomorrow’s voters….unless we can get them properly educated before then!!!

      • MarilynBr

        Not tomorrow’s voters. Most of them are already today’s voters. Sad, isn’t it!

        • huey6367

          they don’t vote. They are too stoned to remember to vote.

          • Richard Allan Sims

            Sad to say that most of the voters in my Precinct are democrats and are totally oblivious to any reasonable suggestion to read information from the opposing party. A telephone canvas of my neighborhood reveals that fewer than 10% of the people who answer the phone are willing to answer two questions about their voting choices.

      • Richard Allan Sims

        They’ve already been educated and are lost to any reasonable deductable reasoning. The only thing conservatives have left is the possibility of changing the hearts and minds of the older generations – you know, the ones who can still add 2 + 2 and get 4!

      • Teriqua Jones

        I think they believe they are properly educated. Sad.

  • twilight

    obama was whining to Madiison college liberals because he hasn’t any where else to go.
    these kids will make good “OCCUPIERS” i.


    Ummmmm,…I’M CERTAIN that all these “highly educated” individuals would also think it to be FAIR to allow calculators to be used during a math exam!!! ~ Ummmm…Brilliant thinkers, huh?!


    It’s truly sad to think that they will be the ones to spawn the next generation.

    • Richard Allan Sims

      Spawn is the correct term! I doubt that any off spring sired by any of these “students” may end up resembling the offspring of diseased Chinese toads.

  • pittymax

    So, in other words, the whole debate should have been scripted so Obama could use a giant cheat sheet! Sounds like how these morons are making through college. We are so screwed if these guys are the next generation.


      WE ARE VERILY, TRULY….screwed.

    • $6863335

      These are the morons that we will be fighting in civil war 2.No i take that back these morons have no balls to fight.

  • doggiegirl

    Pay attention to these students because I think they’re giving us a clue as to how they’re being schooled! I feel using a teleprompter is cheating – there are your answers right up there in front of you. It seemed 50% of those asked believe it’s OK to not know your facts and to use cheat sheets. My goodness – I wonder how they’d feel if their doctor was performing a complicated surgery and brought all his notes and textbooks into the operating arena? And then, for each step of the operation, had to take a break and “go look it up” LOL

    • Richard Allan Sims

      Considering my limited access to “higher education” I consider my self fortunate to have escaped while I still have a brain left!

      • fliteking

        Solid point.

  • Madmax1450

    These students are living proof that liberals are crazier tha a syphilitic suicide bomber with mad-cow disease

  • MarilynBr

    How stupid can you get. Anybody heading the U.S. government ought to so familiar with issues and facts that it is a part of their memory because they have a direct part in shaping things as they are. I don’t even see a logical way you could use a teleprompter in a debate. If Obama didn’t like the outcome of the debate, he shouldn’t have been celebrating his anniversary the night before the debate but the night after, so that he would have been rested and prepared. How much alcohol did he drink at his party?

    • ves

      Drink or toke or snort???
      However even stoned he should have been better since he supposedly has a high IQ and an Ivy League Education??????? LMAO

  • cae973

    Are they serious? We want a leader not a reader!

  • Shannon Roberts

    It just goes to show they think he is to stupid to do a debate without the teleprompter Did Romney use one?? NO. Poor baby obama, the idiot

  • Ray Williams

    The truth doesn’t need a teleprompter.

    • Mickey Davis

      AMEN to that statement

  • cordwinder

    This is a sad time for america, one can only wonder about the future of this country with this kind of mental mantality.

  • Einstein lives

    If B0uded the Telepomter he would have lost by a much wider marjgin. With a Telepromter wouldn’t be a debate. the teadon B0 lost is because in no country in the world has sociaIism worked, and it is undefendable.

  • huey6367

    Just goes to show you that just because you are in college doesn’t mean you are smart.

  • concession

    It is unbelievable that these students are stupid enough to even consider having Obama or any President for that matter use a teleprompter for a Presidential debate, They are in the debate to tell the American people which way that they plan on taking our Country if they are elected, They are suppose to know what their policies are, WHY WOULD THEY NEED A TELEPROMPTER! GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY IF THESE STUDENTS ARE OUR FUTURE.

    • Teriqua Jones

      They are in for a huge awakening if they get jobs. Their employers will hold them accountable for updates on their work. If they don’t have answers, they will eventually be fired.

  • bayman61

    Memorize a debate? What are you stupid? No one is supposed to have the answers BEFORE a debate, you dummies. These people have no idea what a debate is. And these are the ones that vote for Obama? No wonder our country is in such bad shape

  • bayman61

    You know, Mitt Romney did very well without a teleprompter. He has the intelligence to give an answer without someone doing the thinking for him.

  • 427fordlord

    This debate just proves what the people knew all along, That this man is incompetent to be our president.He cant think for himself so some one must do his thinking for him and print it out so he can spread his liberal fecal material to the masses!

  • jjkrjw

    These “students” are the product of government schools, previously known as public schools, which are controlled by teachers’ unions that push socialism, “social justice,” “collectivism,” “pluralism,” class envy, racial warfare, and “fair share, fair share, fair shame,” obama’s communist mantra. Critical thinking is no longer taught even in our universities because socialist teachers don’t WANT young people to actually think for themselves. These “students” missed the entire point of the debate.

  • rocketman

    Obama performed just exactly as I expected. In a battle of wits he’s almost unarmed.

  • jim

    I have a very close Professor friend in Arizona. He was instructed by one of the University’s Administration Offical, “to use a curve when grading. “Its not really necessary you tell the students”. They are paying your salary, so no reason to be so critical on them” Thats how so many students are getting through Colleges. This is the way Obama and the democrites want it. Most students dont have a clue. Therefore, they believe what the few students that does know, tells them. And a lot of the time, they are told if you dont vote for Obama, youre a racist. College students havent got a clue. It isnt surprising these idiots in college think a teleprompter should be allowed. After all, they are given the answers to the tests. My friend, is Required To Review any test that could affect the students final grade. Thus, the day before the “big test” hw go over the test itself, give all the answers, and grade as instructed.

  • gingeradog

    Oh this is so unfair. Poor Obama, can not remember what he needs to say without a teleprompter.LOL!Do these people not realize that is cheating?They are as dumb as Obama.

  • Mickey Davis

    All these people are saying is. Obama is to stupid to think for his self. The whole bunch can not defend his record in office.Real students know there is no job waiting on them as long as Obama is in the oval office

  • Ole Geezer

    Hello! It’s called a DEBATE for a reason, you moron.

  • Mary

    anybody who believes that his fraud POTUS should use his teleprompter is an idiot. A leader of any country, who speaks the truth should be able to verbally excrete his most truthful thoughts without the help of the media or teleprompters….JUST LIKE Mr. Romney was able to debate with anyones assistance..

  • Mary

    these student know that nobama did poorly and they have to blame it on someone else…..I am surprised they left Bush OUT of the picture this time

  • Teriqua Jones

    These people are our future? Yikes!
    One of the people interviewed said, “He should be able to use a tele-prompter, nobody can memorize a long speech.” I don’t think they get it. It wasn’t a speech, it was a debate, consisting of questions to each candidate about issues a president should be able to answer off the cuff.
    BO has had four years to prepare for this debate, he should not need a tele-prompter.

  • Linda K

    I think these students need to learn that real life does not come with telepromters. Debates can show who has real knowledge and a real education. It seems to me that our current president has very little clues to what the real issues of the American public are concerned about. He is only interested in taking our constitution apart and supporting nations that want to attack and kill out people. This man has not lived up to what he promised to do. And it is really funny at all of the accounting and calculating mistakes that are suddenly coming out. It shows that he has imcompetent people working for our country. I wonder how many more “mistakes” will be found. But what is really low is the fact that he has ordered compnayies from telling their employees that after the elections that they will be getting laid off for their christmas presents, as many, if not more than 400,000 people in this country is scheduled to lose their jobs is he wins this election. That will clearly bring that unemployment rate right back up to close to 8.5 percent again.

  • richcarro

    the reason they don’t let you use the teleprompter is because it’s a debate and that he has to answer the questions not any of his croonies that want to answer it for him. A teleprompter is just another way of cheating. As you saw in the 1st debate, he couldn’t answer some of the questions . He has to learn that he has to use his own brain and not someone elses.

  • spikespeak

    These people are the future of this country??!! That’s scarier than the possibility of ZERO getting reelected.

  • Hudmar

    If this is the caliber of students to come we are truly gone.

  • cliff261

    So if students think Obama should have been able to use a Teleprompter … isn’t that admitting that they want a Puppet for a President. Because we all know a Teleprompter is someone else’s words. We have some really dumb students.

  • Mr Lucky

    These students are a bunch of morons! Of course the apple doesn’t fall very far from the trees!!!

  • Robert Prinz

    That is the mind set of students today. They cheat on tests that’s why some come out of school dumber than when they went to school. If barack hussein obama didn’t have his yes men & the MSM backing him up he would always be showing how dumb he is. Romney took advantage of his time in school.

  • siquijorisland

    we need real schools and real teachers.

  • Neil Glenn

    Want to bet these students would also prefer THEY be able to take ‘open book’ tests on history, science, poli-sci, etc? Their God-King has proven himself inadequate in political debate (he didn’t have his beloved TelePrompter and adoring sycophants cheering him on, BOO HOO!), and besides, it’s all BUSH’s fault!

  • StanB

    And now you know why the United States keeps falling farther behind the other Developed Nations in Academics. All vestiges of common sense have been eradicated from the grey matter between their ears; they cannot grasp the reason for having a debate. And they call that “Higher Education”.

  • Dean Cannon

    I weep for the future of this country.

  • emjay98

    I tholught this was supposed to be a debate and not a recitation. Don’t these people know what a debate is? Romney certainly was not using a teleprompter, but that didn’t bother him. I am sure that Obama was using notes (allowed). To the one who said Romney talked longer than Obama, that is also not so. Actual time was five minutes more for Obama than Romney. Do these students think it is OK to cheat on tests? Might be comparable to using a teleprompter in a debate

  • Carol

    The only way Obama can do anything he has to read what he means to say or he simply can’t speak so therefore in my book he can’t two things at one time talk and think at the same time.

  • Texas Pete

    lmao…so the President needs a teleprompter, i dont want a pres that has to have a teleprompter!!! so Dems really dont know current affairs…lmao!!!! So what does obama do when he meets with heads of state, no teleprompter there, that worries me!!!!

  • Brenda

    It is simply amazing that so many people do not grasp nor understand the meaning of a debate. To imply that obama was treated unfairly because he did not have the advantage of reading his responses to the questions is unbelievable. Each candidate was given the format and subject to be addressed. It was their responsibility to study the subject and form their answers, not the job for some script writer to supply the answers. The fact that obama cannot form a sensible answere without the use of prewritten scripts shows just how ineffective he is witout his support staff of “experts”.

  • GrandmaAmerica

    OMG, Its Madison, Wisconsin! I am so embarrassed! Please don’t judge all of Wisconsin by one nutty liberal city….

  • Annie C

    What these people are saying is racist: in essence, Obama is not able to speak clearly and lucidly unless he has a teleprompter for him to read his responses. A black man defended by a bunch of white liberals who have no more respect for his intelligence than to say he should have been allowed to have his teleprompter.
    Funny that some of them thought it was unfair for Obama, not not unfair that Romney had no teleprompter.
    HINT, HINT: Romney was speaking factually. Obama had nearly devastated our country and has NOTHING whatsoever on which to stand and point to in his first term, other than INCREASED joblessness, etc.
    FACT: Unemployment under Pres.Bush, notwithstanding a market crash a few weeks after he took office and then war declared on us barely 8 months later, was a mere 4.5 PERCENT. GASOLINE was ONLY $1.82/gallon.
    So how can you say you’re better off now than before 2009???

  • $6863335

    These are the morons coming out of your Universitys today they are not learing nothing but how to turn this country to communist.

  • Karl M Williams

    They just want a level playing field. How could BHO win unless he had some compensation for his lack of a brain. Let the idiot have his teleprompter.

  • neleh

    What uneducated, ill-informed and ignorant students they are. They made the point that O is lost without his teleprompter and they didn’t even realize they did it

  • Suescritters

    At this level of debate the President shouldn’t need a teleprompter. If he’s not knowledgeable enough to speak freely about anything related to what he has done what he plans on doing and the ramifications of all of it then he needs to go somewhere else. He’s not the man for this office….at this point 4 yr into his term in office then he needs to go. I’m praying he’s beaten by a landslide. The smirk he wore during the debate has me wondering if he knows the “fix” is in when it comes to counting to votes. There fore it doesn’t matter how he does during a debate..

  • duif100

    In order to have the answers on the teleprompter Obama must be give the questions before the debate. The answers could then be provided by anyone and not necessarily represent the presidents views.

  • Stan Parrish

    You would think that people would know there would be a serious time lag between Obamas speechwriters coming up with a response and the pace of the debate. The debate would be over before the teleprompter got the hellos out of the way. Romney didn’t have one either so where is the disadvantage.

  • ff_emt

    Romney’s “cheat sheet” is in his brain, and this wasn’t so much a DEBATE as a DEBACLE! If ø had used the teleprompter, it would not have been his own words; why should he use it unless he had naught to say from his own brain???

  • bernie

    It really is a shame that the people in college today and those in the 20-25 year olds don’t know what a DEBATE is and how it works. What a waste of minds.

  • Daniel Thomas

    Wow and these people are 47% of the future !! Not a one of them had a clue as to what is behind a teleprompter! People that use them are not intelligent enough to think for them selves and need someone else to construct their answers for them.

  • Gospel Knight Rider

    now I see the problem. They are getting knowledge, but they have no wisdom.
    Leaders of tomorrow.. I think we are a little screwed. TGKR

  • David Peacock

    hey; obama is the smartest man on the planet;; as long as he is reading someone elses garbage,

  • David Peacock

    f66ch you

  • Rob Royy

    I hope all these so-called students are reading these posts, because every one is true. I bet 90% didn’t even bother to watch the debate. This country is in a sad state. If this is our future, we are screwed!

  • Tom

    Is there something in the water in Wisconsin ? The ” Zombies ” interviewed in this video are not capable of critical thinking. They could have been asked ” Is it okay to use a cheat sheet for your final exams ? ” , and gotten a similar response.

  • kenpo5

    GEEZ…how F-ING STUPID are these people???

  • Dan

    It has to be in the water.Fluoride comes to mind.

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