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Students Sign Petition to Legalize 4th Trimester Abortion

Once again, MRCTV’s Dan Joseph went to a college campus and asked students to sign a petition. This time the goal was to get people to show their support for legalizing 4th trimester abortion. For those of you who failed biology, babies are born at the END of the 3rd trimester. For those of you who didn’t, watch this…

  • cspanjunkie1

    hey, maybe you should get a petition for “post term” abortions and after they sign it, have them “check” a box that says 0 to 12 months, 12 months to 24 months, over 24 months, etc. I have actually read about two Australian (I don’t know if they were doctors) but they were advocating “post term” abortions- and after this petition gets signed, ask if they have any children or if anyone else has a little one that they would like to post term abort!!!

    • luciteehee

      Hopefully, their bodies will be as infertile as their brains are!

  • lifeknight

    And we send kids to college WHY? Fourth trimester! What a bunch of idiots.

    • Buyerbwear

      Yep, gotta love “free” government education and higher education–would seem that the more expensive the tuition, the more clueless the students.

    • luciteehee

      I thought twelve months gestation was only for elephants?

  • ARMYOF69

    They do not even know what a trimester is, and they are in college.

  • MaranathaMark

    I would have predicted this… Student have very little in the way of I.Q.!

  • Gary

    They need to stop letting students sign petitions. minimum age should be 30

  • pipcrusher

    generation yoyos……morons


    There is hope… Some got it, and I find that surprising.
    I’d like a copy of that petition, mainly for the email addresses, could have fun with them.
    I haven’t been supportive of Planned Parenthood in the past, but I am starting to see why they need more support, they’ve missed a few…..

  • Montana Made

    I loved the kid who signed after being told NOT to read it!! These are the sheeple that will be leading this country next!!!

    we are so screwed…


      you are SO right!

    • Brendajanetorres

      Makes me glad I am in my 70’s….I’m outta’ here!

      • Nicole Toma-Tolman

        Lmao… You are hilarious…. and lucky! ;p

      • smartgranny55

        I’d agree, but I have grandchildren who may inherit a very different from the one we’ve lived and it won’t be for the better.

        • Brendajanetorres

          Your right….They are going to inherit $17,000,000,000,000.00 or more by the time Obama is finished with us! College will be out of the question!

    • Mr T

      These kids won’t be leading the country, they’ll be blindly following!

    • Baf

      What about the idiot who works at Planned Parenthood? She’s getting her wages through tax paying dollars. You should at least know SOMETHING about your job.

      What about the women’s health care that enters into a Planned Parenthood and has to work with this idiot?

      Remember when obama worked in the Illinois state government, he signed a bill to approve that a child could be aborted and murdered at actual birth AFTER the child is breathing on its own. This IS the monster that voters put in the White House.

      • Nicole Toma-Tolman

        Are you serious?! I didn’t know that! I’m even prouder now that I voted Romney!

        • Baf

          Hi Nicole, I am serious and I’m proud to stand along side with you as well. Google obama’s bills signed as a IL state senator. It’s a real eye opener.

  • Seven Bears

    Interesting that all of the folks that support abortion during any time during the pregnancy have already been born.

    • jcmju

      Born without brains

  • Anthony Alexander

    Today the American people have lost their discernment intelligence and moral compass and have been bought off and silenced by gizmos and gadgets, smartphones, I pads and all the distractions that dull discernment and erode the moral compass and real discernment intelligence. The danger to America is not Barack Obama but the people who vote for him to entrust Obama with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the screw-ups of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate such as these people willing to have such a man for their president. I label these people as Intellectual morons. They are the ones who have their heads down texting, have no social skills, inept math skills and generally are addicted to ipads, iPhones, Facebook, and other time wasters. They are easily bought off and silenced by gizmos, gadgets and gimmicks.

    Their interaction is through the culture that self aggrandizes their egos, creates fantasy worlds where they are lost from the real world. The end result is a mixed bag of social problems, psychological problems and conscience that is misguided and in some people is a ticking time bomb. The culture of self-worth rather than through helping others and self-sacrifice adds to the problem. Another result is the creation of another group of people with overall bad judgment, no social skills, inept problem solving ability, lack of common sense and respect for other people. These people have become increasingly ignorant of politics and world affairs, and are dangerously susceptible to political manipulation. In General they are S T U P I D !!!!!!!!!!

    • General “Bull” Krapper

      Great comment — They’re brain dead morons who’d rather read about the Kard-Ass-hians or the royal baby than pay attention to what’s really going on in the world. — Stay Well, Safe & Free

    • anonymouse_again

      And “common sense” lays dying on the side of the road of “Progress at any cost”.

  • Old1946vet

    Well I guess I’m mistaken to think there are five quaters in a football game. To think these “stew-dense” are old enough to vote. This is why the our President likes to give speeches at colleges and universities. HE knows his audience’s level of comprehention……….AND THEY’LL VOTE!

  • Pat A

    Why are these sheep wasting their money and time on college? Pathetic. And they vote!!! That’s what’s really scary.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    There’s a movie called ‘Idiocrysy’…this is the reality version…God help the stupid people…and us.

  • lakehead2

    Where did these fools get their elementary, secondary and highschool “education”. OMG and they are now in college? This country needs to go back to square one regarding education.

  • George Wentzel

    Nothing shocking here. Democrat and RINO Politicians have managed to completely gut our educational institutions as institutions of learning and replaced it with institutions of socialist propaganda. Kids are so incredibly dumb, it’s no surprise at all that ho-bama has managed to completely hoodwink dumbed down and poorly informed voters to flood the polls in his favor. We need to focus on physically removing this bad actor from our hallowed shores altogether very, very soon.

    • luciteehee

      ALL it would take is a COURT order to force the UNSEALING of his Documents he sealed as his first Executive Order after he became President! Before the ink was dry on his OATH! Red flags enough for a Bullfighters Convention! He had his records and Documents SEALED to hide the proof he is NOT legally qualified to be President OR IN our Country!

      • Harvey

        No one will even be allowed to run for President that would sign an order to open all of Obamas records. These people have control of this Nation and not one Person will be allowed to run for any Government office in Washington or any where else that will break their rules and let the American people know whats really going on in our Government.

  • MysticInvestigations

    The master plan of the globalist elite power structure, aka NWO, is to radically reduce the populace by a variety of means. The low level populace would then be easily controlled, and utilized as slaves. Their favorite method is incremental steps into hell. Abortion, and putting old, and sick people out of their misery is but the first step into full on extermination of everyone not deemed perfect by the government.

    • Krazeehors

      Do you GET that this is a ridiculous and quite successful attempt highlight the abject STUPIDITY of our populace?????

      Good Grief. The Democrats have NOTHING to worry about. They will be replaced by

      The SP — The STUPID PARTY —

      What’s worse: People will actually VOTE for them!!

      • anonymouse_again

        Too late. They already have!

    • luciteehee

      In OTHER words a COMMUNIST Country! Surprise! In the last half decade we have made great strides into becoming one!

  • dave.

    I wonder if they would’ve signed it if he explained fully what the fourth trimester really is? But, I guess the point was to show just how ignorant and uninformed many people are.
    Another thing, how am I going to get that cursed piano tune from the New Orleans ad out of my head?!!! Over and over and over……..

    • Krazeehors

      Wow. This is really scary. I am 59 and my mom is almost 87. Are WE in the 4th Trimester? Do WE have reason to worry??
      The commenter is being SARCASTIC!!

    • Krazeehors

      I believe that, given that the “4th Trimester” is AFTER the baby is born, all those kids going through the terrible twos are in SERIOUS danger!

      To say NOTHING of the dreaded TEENAGERS!!!!

  • panam60

    this is the future of america? scary!!!

  • racindavid

    Please please PLEASE publish the names of these dolts that signed….

  • racindavid

    ID to vote ? How about an IQ test !

  • jvb1980808

    products of public education= LOW INFORMATION VOTERS.

  • anonymouse_again

    Uhhhh…4th whaaat??

    Love the “Carlos Danger says hi to Planned Parenthood (paraphrase)” line.

  • jb

    There are so many people who are just plain dumb stupid and willing to protest anything these days. Doesnt matter if its killing a baby who is already born or electing those who are trying to bring America down. I really think there must have been something put in the water and half of their brains did not develop. Anyone who votes should be given an IQ test before they are able to forget the illegals voting give IQ tests that would elimate more than half the population!

  • djw663

    Cuz I is uh college student.

  • Reid

    Fredrick Douglass , In his ” Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, An American Slave” describes what it takes to make a person material for becoming a slave . These kids are ripe for enslavement just as described by Mr Douglass. ” I have found to make a contented slave it is necessary to make a thoughtless one . It is necessary to darken his moral and mental reason . He must be able to detect no inconsistencies in slavery ; he must be made to feel that slavery is right; and he can be brought to that only when he ceases to be a man”

  • Jerry Bono

    This is what your brilliant child’s expensive higher edumacation is buying. College aged, semi literate, oblivious to reality, dolts. Congratulations!

  • Ancoman

    This is a COLLEGE campus! (an institution of “higher” learning) and
    these idiots have never learned to think for themselves? Looks to me
    like they’ve never learned to think, period! This is why smart people home school!

  • Light_V_Dark

    Divorce Court is actually the abortion of a wumyn’s entire family and her inlaws as well.


  • popham

    Scary, when you think that these are ‘college’ students!
    Now, they would probably say that they were tricked and deceived.
    We’d say that they are just plain stupid.
    God help this once great nation from the likes of young people like these.

  • ForrestByers

    Once more, the electorate is full of, what else is new?

  • falling321

    And now we know why so many of these kids end up pregnant! They can’t read the instructions on their birth control!

  • areunuts?

    Why don ‘t these women just keep their legs together or have a hysterectomy if they want to do the deed. I hope they know there are ways to prevent pregnancy and motherhood you don’t want and can’t care for the consequences of becoming pregnant. It is incomprehensible that they and the President can even imagine an abortion of any kind at any time early or late. God help them for taking a life because they can’t keep their pants on. If they want an abortion late is it to make the father pay the consequences he doesn’t want to take by marrying the loose girls they go out with and were probably told they were on the pill or had taken precautions? What is wrong with these women they certainly do not have a soul.

  • luciteehee

    It is going to be VERY interesting when they reach their eternal “destiny” and be JUDGED for such actions as these! Will God give them a glance behind his Judgment seat of all the beautiful, unwanted babies the pro-abortionists helped or allowed to be murdered? They won’t BE in pieces or divided body parts like they were when they left this earth! Their beautiful SOULS went straight into the arms of God with NEW bodies! Whole, perfect, happy and loved! The really sad part is, most of the helpless, defenseless, precious babies murdered in our Country are black ones! It’s almost as if the Ultra Left Liberal pro-choicers are pulling a Charles Darwin! Are these precious babies just inconvenient and unwanted “body waste”? An enema for the womb shaped like a vacuum cleaner or cold scissor-hands? We are going to spend eternity SOMEWHERE whether you accept that or not! Even if you don’t believe in God NOW, you WILL when you face him and his final Judgment! I had MUCH rather “believe” and be RIGHT than not believe and be LEFT!

  • Moe

    So now these young poepe whose brains are not fully devoeloped want to legalize something that is tantamount to infantcide? Yes a womans own body is hers; she has a right ot “chose,” but that is before she is has sex and gets pregnant. After that he womb in her body becomes the property of the fetus, and is no longer hers for consideration or her control. How about campagning for the use of birth control or prevention before she spreds her legs for some guy that turns her on so very much. These are kids do not jhave the capacity to realizethere is a big difference between sex urges and true lover. Mkig it short an not so sweet, lsadies stop thinkng with your sex organs and try using your feeble little minds.

  • MIKE6080

    you have to pass the bill to see whats in it , why are these people in college ?


      It beats welfare.

  • Dan Williams

    I guess our educational system is educating a bunch of murderers.

  • 733336

    Once a fetus ourselves. How many of us would still be
    here if they had legalized abortion back in the 1920’s?

  • toongail

    I do hope they were told this is a hoax- so they can realize that they are so stupid…

  • DebraJMSmith


  • Kathleen

    Parents need to have more say in the college bit, especially if they’re paying for it. These children (and they are just children at college) haven’t got a clue as to what life is really all about. Perhaps it would be best if they went out into the working world for 2 years from H.S. graduation and see for themselves, then think about college. They have no real discernment at 18/19 and these working years might give them a little time to wise up……hopefully w/ parental help along the way.

    • Irma

      They could enlist in the armed services – but the military has a higher standard than colleges and universities!

  • Kookie

    Shows how stuped they can be. Even having sex with everyone anytime. No morals. Just thinking of themselves.

  • KittyKittyKit

    The absolutely amazing STUPIDITY of the generations coming up in the last 30 years is flabbergasting.
    Who’s going to save them from THEMSELVES. Two generations in a row that don’t have the COMMON SENSE God gave a “stick”.
    Just a bunch of whoremongers, whores, and baby murderers………….GAG ME with a spoon……..eeeiiiichhhh!!!!

  • Dan Foley

    It’s amazing what people will sign. Here’s a video of people signing to prevent “chemical castration” under Obamacare:

  • Fothergillgirl

    Do we have a future?

  • ExposeDEMLiars

    Another demonstration of what a waste of money our colleges have become. Only the dumbest and the dullest need attend.

  • SickofPoliticks

    I think we should legalize 76+ trimester (college age and older) abortion. We could get rid of some of these idiots that are going to be leading this nation in the not too far future.

  • Jane18

    These people should be the poster-people for… …THE IGNORANT!! Ignorant(to ignore), they have ignored so much education and the obvious 3 trimesters of a pregnancy. Would love to know where and what college campus these people were enrolled in…

  • Nicole Toma-Tolman

    That chick signed it… after having a baby THREE MONTHS AGO! What a stupid wench! I’m glad this video exists… If I ever see her, I’m gonna kick her @r$3!

  • Stan Parrish

    This is what happens when kids are indoctrinated instead of educated.

  • AZWarrior

    Post birth abortion. For liberals -I’d almost be in favor.

  • trueright

    To bad these students were not aborted by their mothers. then we would not have this pathetic problem.

  • BusyBee

    Future doctors, nurses, clerks and politicians – Lord, Bless America again!

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