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Strangers’ Amazing Act When A Man Becomes Trapped Between A Train And The Platform

A dire situation in Perth, Australia on Wednesday morning had a happy ending after 50 strangers pulled together to free a man trapped between a subway train and the platform. When someone is in need, humanity pulls together to get them out of trouble. The world is not such a mess, after all.

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  • Johannes Perlmuther

    Wonderful video. Thank you for sharing it.

  • ste1021

    Viva Australia!

  • craig

    kinda what America used to be like

  • rosech

    I never understand why some have to stand and use cameras to take picture instead of helping. Thank you to all those who had the good heart to resolve this situation. People, get off the phones and get a life!

  • el_loco_jp

    If that had been NYC they would have all stood around watching with their iPhones and let the “whitey” lose a leg.

  • 2egypt

    Australia…been there in 1982. Great country and great people…so friendly and helpful like in this video…wish America was like that…

    • meg


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