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This Speech on Abortion By a 12-Year-Old Left Her Pro-Choice Teacher Speechless

At first Lia’s pro-choice teacher told her that she was disqualified from the school’s speech competition because her topic was too controversial. But then she HEARD the speech and was so blown away she changed her mind. Lia went on to WIN the competition! And no wonder. Lia is more articulate than 98% of the people I know.

via YoungCons

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  • mtsnj


  • ladyceo

    Wise beyond her years! Fantastic!

  • Guest

    Wow. That was great so eloquent at a young age. God is smiling at her

  • DrSique

    I hereby nominate Lia to replace Elena Kagan on the United States Supreme Court. Seconds???

    • wolf2525

      I agree that hag is nothing but a dike and an Obama fourth reich member anyway.

      • Daniel Gray

        I will second it. She has more intelligence in her speech then Kagen and Sortameow does in their whole careers COMBINED!

        • KC135TopBoom

          I will be third. Lia is not just more intelligent that Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan, she is more intelligent than all dumbocrat politicians, combined.

          • Daniel Gray

            I will state that she is far more intelligent then some of the left wing numbskulls we have on the Supreme Court now.

        • Henry L

          You forgot to include Obama.

          • Daniel Gray

            ?? I thought that was a gimmee or at least obvious? lol

          • Henry L

            Well, yea, to you and me and many more, but there are still a lot of ignoramuses who need to be informed. Poor things.

          • Daniel Gray

            true dat! lol and what makes it even more serious and scary is they breed and vote.

        • Down to Earth Prepper.comFaceb

          Absolutely ! What an impressive young person. Gives one hope where little is present in the society at hand. And somebody had to raise her to think so rationally . That is good thing as well ! So do your part also.

          • Daniel Gray

            I have. I have requested that all left wingers be placed in California and then the state be shut off from the rest of the country. They will still have reps in the US Congress, but the only liberal judges would be their state judges. This way we can try and undo the damage they have caused this country without them messing it up again. Distasteful I know, but unless we do something to stop them they will destroy this country.

    • mathis1689

      She makes more sense in one minute than Breyer,Ginsburg,Kagan,and Sotomayor put together have in their whole lives!

    • Call me, Carlos


    • Dr. Robert C. Laity

      I second the Motion.

  • wolf2525

    What the hell is a twelve year old preaching about Abortion for, her parents must be some kind of loons.

    • DB

      And why is she too young to think about this issue????? No, really….

    • Daniel Gray

      The loon here is you. If they are passing out condoms to kids in grade school and teaching how to put them on to girls as young as 12, then she has every right. Pull your head from your dark and stinky!

    • 1 Adam 2

      Don’t you know that sex is taught in Kindergarten these days.

    • dick toomey

      and by asking that question, you expose yourself for utter lack of class.

      • wolf2525

        Oh gosh you can spell the word class, must not be a liberal huh.

    • loboohio .

      Seems to me she must have pretty darn good parents. I’d think any parent would be proud to have a daughter like this.

    • Hilly

      I think that since our schools can teach even very young children about every conceivable way a person can have sex, they also need to be educated about what happens when the sex is over.
      My hat is off to this young lady.

    • Tony

      Our public schools keep plenty from our children: the things they don’t want them to know, like traditional values, the truth about American history, and personal responsibility. At the same time they fill their impressionable minds with trash like the glory of the gay lifestyle and lies about our Founding Fathers.

    • NoRINO

      Twelve to eighteen year old are qualified for school sanctioned abortions without prior notice to parents.

    • charliebrown737

      When should she learn about it, at 17 and knocked up? 14 and knocked up? I have seen 12 year old’s who are mothers. Sad to say mothers should be talking about this with their kids, boys and girls at 6.

    • Omer the 3rd

      They teach her about sex, and give her birth control at that age, shouldn’t she be aware of all the consequences of her actions?

    • Jo

      She is old enough to get pregnant. Why shouldn’t she be researching this subject?

    • OzzWorx

      No, thanks to liberals!

    • Amanda

      There is nothing wrong with an educated child! I did a presentation on abortion in middle school. Children would have to be extremely sheltered to not know about sex and abortion by age 12.

    • LovesFreedom

      I’m guessing it was brought up in ‘intimate talk’ in the classroom, plus exposure on the news, tv shows, and whatever. She’s most likely talked with a parent about what she’s been told or heard and came to the obvious conclusion it is WRONG! The shame is that it’s a debatable issue and so many leftists advocate abortion and support it as an alternative birth control.

  • Daniel Gray

    What an intelligent child. It would be an honor to know her and her parents did something right to give us this child. Way to go mom and dad, you should be immensely proud!!!

  • jd1958

    Incredible!!!! Cut, Copy and Paste it onto the Huff’n’Puff.


    Wonderful speech.

  • Rachel

    Wow…that’s quite a kid and she made a great argument.

  • A_patriot

    Wow, that brought me to tears. This child is destine for Sainthood. So young, and yet so wise.

  • mari

    A child shall lead them.

  • HongryHawg

    “Reproductive Rights” begin BEFORE the legs are spread. That’s called “Personal Responsibility”. When the phrase “Reproductive Rights” is used, it means someone was too lazy to practice “Personal Responsibility”. And that allows, in their mind, for the unborn child to become someone else’s problem.

  • KC135TopBoom

    WOW!!! So powerful is Lia’s speech that even her pro-abortion teacher allowed her to give it. God bless Lia!!!

  • barbarann

    If a woman aborts her child as a result of incest or rape does she then become unraped???

    • Call me, Carlos

      Dumb question….
      Says something about you.

      • Jo

        I am grateful that abortion was not an option when my mother was raped at fifteen years of age. Otherwise, I would not have a big brother.

    • kathin9

      And how is it the right of a woman to victimize and innocent as the result of incest or rape. She/the woman claims victimization yet she is doing worse by murdering an innocent life.

    • Daniel Gray

      You and the left wing seemingly think so

      • barbarann

        Daniel, my comment is NOT in support of abortion in any way. Women say the reason to abort is incest or rape. My comment tried to point out that an abortion did not then make them unraped. I am very much against the murder of a baby in the mother’s womb…or, anywhere else. And, I’m a conservative and a rabid one at that. The Tea Party is my party.

        • Daniel Gray

          then you should have phrased your statement differently as it seems that I am not the only one that read it and thought you were from the other side of the fence.

          • barbarann

            You might want to consider eliminating the words “you should”….that is, unless you are perfect. Have a blessed Easter, egg. lol

          • Daniel Gray

            not perfect and never claimed to be so your point in that is confusing. but if you dont clearly explain what you mean then you can expect to be challenged like this.

  • shkirby

    So eloquent and wise. How could anyone argue with anything she said. Wish more people could hear her!

    • Jo

      So, who did you share it with?

  • Riding the Tilt A Wheel

    1 Million dead children last year, WOW! and the same Government want to take our guns away? Sounds like the shoe should be on the other foot!

  • Swed.

    She would make a far better Judge, articulate, capable.

  • dave

    I’m impressed with the fact of a pro-choice teacher allowed her to give the speech. Hats off to the teacher for her actions and a big thank you to the young lady for giving the speech.

  • Call me, Carlos

    A+…. Nuff said.

  • Macjamm

    Great job well said,..All the potential and hope for the future gone when you kill a baby is the way thinking people see it,. Liberals on the other hand somehow see the abortion as hope for the future not the death that it really is,..

  • Call me, Carlos

    There is a certain liberal segment of society, that should consider themselves, as “owned”.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Awesome kid. Reminds me of my girls. Once the truth was explained to them, I never had to wonder again if they would choose to MURDER their kids. They know God and have given their hearts to Jesus. And, if an “incident” should happen, they know that I’d raise the kid if they didn’t want to.

  • toughhombre

    Incredible! Twelve years old and old beyond her years in understanding life. My dream would be to have her give this same speech in front of Nancey Pelosi, Obama, his wife, Siibelius and all the so called pro choice baby killers in the senate and congress. Then I would love to hear their weak, simplistic, idiotic responses if they indeed had any. This girl’s parents must be extremely proud.

  • Bill


  • Jeffrey Liggens

    Outstanding! Now let’s just hope she doesn’t grow up to have an abortion herself. It is not at all uncommon for a number of women who were pro-life, until they themselves were facing that decision. And then of coarse, other than being life threatening, their situation is always “different.”

  • Onteo

    Amazing child

  • Myrtle Linder

    What a wonderful little girl with a heart the size of all out doors. May her speech be responsible for saving many babies lives. I know her family is very proud to claim such a wise child, one who has such respect for life other than her own. She is s precious, is enough to make any parent proud of her. It is hard to realize such wisdom in so young a child, to far exceed the wisdom of millions of adults.

  • John Centonze

    This girl should teach B.O. how to speak without a teleprompter. Second thought, no she shouldn’t. Just let that bozo continue to act outlandishly and even use a teleprompter when speaking to second graders.

  • Patriotliz

    God bless her.

  • M96LT

    absolutely amazing!!

  • sk1951

    If most people were not simply rats and a plague on the planet I would not support pro choice. But I do.

    • mamacancook

      Perhaps you should change you circle of friends. Most people I know are of great value and their lives will touch and improve hundreds of other lives

    • cc

      apparently typed while seeing @sk1951’s own reflection in the glare of the monitor

    • oneteedoffpatriot

      Code speak for “Blacks” right?

  • sk1951

    You can tell she has never been coached or practiced by her religious parents! LMAO…

    • mamacancook

      Any parent would coach their child to do well at this or any activity for school. Wait…any respectable parent..

    • oneteedoffpatriot

      Where you a member of the Hitler Youth?

  • SolaChristo

    The world needs to hear this girl!

  • Bo_Kassa

    I hope obama and his minions see this child speak…she makes more logical sense then obama and his baby killing entourage ever did. Of coarse what more coould you expect from obama, the spawn of Satan!!!!

  • Hoosier Mo

    I am totally blown away by her thoughts and words. God bless her, and her message!

  • IvyDevilDog

    Wow – very powerful.

  • wolf2525

    I know the sick ars liberals teach their kids about sex as toddlers.

  • diana

    God Bless her no truer words spoken, there is still hope for common sense, have not seen it in awhile but here it is in a child, smarter than most adults.

  • Mys77

    Beautiful child, how many precious children like her have been aborted? Remember, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed be their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Libert, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. If life is created in the womb, that life has RIGHTS. This does not say born equal, it says Created!


    Wunderkind and leader of tomorrow!

  • Barbara

    What an amazing little girl….her parents should be proud that she is so mature. Her comments about those who have had abortions is spot on…I had a child and gave it up for adoption and two yrs later because I thought that was so hard made the decision to have an abortion. It was NOT! The abortion was the hardest for me to handle down the road. I had become a Christian and went to a pro-life mtg. at my church and when I saw that what I was told by planned parenthood was not true…that my fetus was just like a period blood clot….I lost it! If I had not known that God forgave me through my Christian faith I may truly have tried to commit suicide leaving me to wonder how many have. Of course planned parenthood would never reveal those statistics.

  • pysco

    THANK YOU LIA……………………..

  • dasbunker

    A future President of the United States of America ?
    The Left do sent grant the same privilege to the second amendment.
    Way to go girl.

  • BS Detector

    Praise God for this wonderful little girl! Thank you, Lia!

  • jb

    Every woman thinking about abortion should hear this little girl. Maybe just maybe they would change their mind and let the unborn be born. They themselves could have been aborted! Its murder and its legal!

  • Jackie

    From the mouths of babes. Eloquent truth. Bless this girl.

  • frog-out-of-kettle

    This little girl could never be 0bama’s daughter. Lia for president.

  • Whitebird

    Totally impressive! This youngster is good.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Now, if only the rest of the liberals would be left speechless, that would be an achievement! Unfortunately, there are already trolls here calling us “haters” because we value life.

  • CharlieFromMass

    Very eloquent. She articulates her position and background data will.

  • PistolPaKnPoppy


  • Jo

    Very moving and convincing. Good for her and thank you to the one who shared this for the rest of us to see.

  • Dr. Robert C. Laity

    God bless this younglady. There is hope for us yet.

  • buellfooll


  • ibelieveinfreedom2

    OH MY GOODNESS! What a POWERFUL speech! Everyone should be FORCED to listen to this. Most importantly congress!

  • loran

    I wish she was old enough to run for public office. She is our future.

  • Ernest_T

    That was good, you go girl!

  • jaminjayman

    She is very wise and talented for her age. God willing, her future is bright and will bless our society immensely. I recommend ‘ESPN Host on Trayvon…’ video as well as this one. Both are excellent, wise articulate communications.

  • aussiewoman

    what a beautiful little girl, intelligent and articulate.! Bet her Mom is proud as punch, Lia has a bright future ahead of her I think, as a Human Rights activist and spokesperson for Freedom!

  • tunemaker59

    The impact of abortion on society has been devastating. The USA alone would have over 40 million more people under the age of 45 living today had they not been aborted since Roe v. Wade. 40 million less paying into Social Security, 40 million less having more children, 40 million less chances of finding the new Einstein, Edison, Lincoln, MLK jr., Mother Teresa, St. Paul, DaVinci. All these great people who became great had at least one thing in common – they were not aborted. I am sorry that I can only pray for abortion to end. Abortion promotes a culture death that haunts and curses humankind. It is a sin that devastates future generations and deprives them of greatness. Most of all, 40 million humans who will never experience the joy of love in their very short physical journey, will never have the chance to procreate themselves. Please, someone stand up and speak for them. Please! It may be a legal choice, but for humankind, it is a bad choice. Choose life instead.

    • oneteedoffpatriot

      None of that matters to fascists. Death is their number one priority.

  • giant33

    I’m sure the MSM will have her on. When pigs fly.

  • Alfred King of Wessex

    A major pillar of Liberal/ communist/ progressive ideology is “abortion”. ( the spread of gay rights, redistribution of wealth are a few others )……so this young lady is going, sword in hand….to cut one of the heads off the Medusa of progressive ideology and thinking. Good for her. She has more courage than many who know abortion is wrong, but say nothing.

  • ECwashr

    Look out wise young lady, Obama and his liberal media will be coming after you. HOW DARE YOU speak the truth about abortion!! No teleprompter either…

  • ECwashr

    This young lady should be allowed to vote. She is more intelligent and aware of facts and truth on issues than all of the useful idiots who voted for the King of Abortion Husatan Obama…

  • sweetqueen777

    YAY for her!!!!!!! I see scholarships in her future. She is ready for the debate team.

  • Nonsenseyousay

    Why would you use the leftist term “pro-choice”? It implies the Pro-life side is actual “anti-choice”.

    Shame on you for accepting the left’s terminology and bowing to the liberal media’s pressure to erase accuracy in labeling.

  • redeemed357

    As a judge for persuasive speaking for college students—I would say this young lady has a well written and delivered speech. She would get a 98 from me—as her eye contact became minimal with the camera as she read the quote from the AFA website. GREAT JOB YOUNG LADY!!!! Don’t forget to join the Debate Team at your college. :-)

  • NielsZoo

    There’s hope for this country yet!

  • Barbara Straub

    Holy smokes! This kid posits a better case than most adults can only dream of making!

  • Kathy McKinny

    I love how she brought up “Horton Hears a Who”. I have thought the same thing. A person is a person NO MATTER HOW SMALL!!!

  • Waterford_Citizen

    This young girl has the wisdom that wealth, selfishness and desire for political power has driven out of men and women many times her age that support, profit from and utilize abortion without concern for the human beings they deprive of life. God and her parents must be incredibly proud of her. I know I am.

  • oneteedoffpatriot

    She must be careful. The fascist Left would have her boiled alive, literally. They can rationalize the murder of the innocent, they can rationalize anything. No free speech, no liberty and certainly no right to life for you if you disagree with them.

  • BuckeyePhysicist

    I’m crying and I can’t stop. This young woman speaks with a holy boldness I rarely hear.

  • runing


  • jcmju

    Too bad we can’t have this video required to watch in every Jr High and Sr. High class in America. I think teacher and students would have a better outlook on the life of a infant. Maybe even a good idea that all judges be required to watch that too including the so called Supreme Court. I pitty those judges in the courts when they meet their maker.

  • jcmju

    If you believe this, share it on your facebook timeline

  • nolibertywithoutliberals

    Thank you for the time to prove how incredibly ignorant children are to the reality of the world. Ps, you want statistics, go check out the crime rates, the overflowing populations dumped in foster care, the over crowded cities and soup kitchens stuffed with homeless young moms with their hopeless children, the percentage of moms that end up on drugs and alcohol because they DIDN’T have abortions, the percentage of women who can not stand to look at the child of a rapist, the children that commit suicide because they were Not wanted but had anyways, the general OVERPOPULATION of the world, etc, Etc, ETC. Stick to your Dr. Seuss kid.

  • Chris Mularoni

    Who is this young lady?
    At 12 years of age she exudes leadership and even as a past company commander, VP, and an internal consultant for two fortune 500 companies I am ready to follow her now. If the timing were right I might even be convinced she is the reincarnation of Ronald Regan.
    Lets put her in office.

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