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SC Congressman DESTROYS Eric Holder’s Bogus Racism Charges on Voter ID

After viewing this evisceration of the DOJ (and indeed, the entire Democrat Party and all its left-wing fanboys in the blogosphere), one is simply baffled why every GOP member isn’t out there with as much principled tenacity.

SHARE this stellar video to counter the false allegations regarding racism and voter ID!

  • Robert Linscott

    Talk about a smack down!

    • 820 REDHORSE

      Yep! Glad to see it, but like everything else its all for naught , this administration is covered with teflon! Nothing sticks!! And no one follows up , at first its all saber rattlin and the it goes away, or should I say it disappears, remember fast & furious , bengazi etc.etc.? Maybe the good Senator from S.C. can hammer’em down!

      • Hudmar

        How can you report it if they own the Media.

      • falling321

        The thing about Teflon is that if you scratch it often enough, it starts sloughing off in sheets exposing the rust and corruption on the surface below! This courageous Congressman Gowdy from SC is doing his very best to scratch the teflon off of this president and his minions!

      • George Massu

        The good senator from s. carolina will not give up and he will hammer them down..God Bless Trey Gowdy

      • kenneth russell

        The President should not appoint the Attorney General this is in conflict with the separation of powers. The Congress should have the right to appoint the Attorney gen. only.

  • Shane

    This guy is a brave conservative warrior. He should run against Senator Lindseed Gramamnesty for Senator from SC.

  • Ken Hissner

    Holder defended the New Black Panthers who didn’t want to be defended. They stopped voters coming into polls asking them who are they voting for? If it wasn’t Obama the voter was threatened with a night stick.

    • texan texan

      Why do you guys keep discriminating against old black panthers. Just as good. There were a whole two of these new guys standing outside a polling station looking black and scary. Wow. Impeachable offense. Old guys are awesome. Give them some respect.

      • Jason

        Early 20’s is not old

      • panors77

        I’d heard there were black panthers at every polling place in Philly…..but still whether it’s two or 202 the fact that they committed a felony in threatening voters going in to vote and Holder and BO just gives them a pass is wrong and another yet injustice from the obama regime. They weren’t old either. I’d say under 30. They were typical gang crip/blood age. Speaking of voting wrongs……how many Melowese’s were there in Ohio and Florida?

      • SmithWinston6478

        It would be interesting to see the reaction of REAL Texans if boys with bats tried the same tactic there.

        “The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” – Sir Edmund Burke

      • RacerJim

        Why do you guys/gals keep giving law breaking thugs a free pass? At my polling place during the 2008 election a whole vanfull of black teenagers wearing “OBAMA 2012” t-shirts and screaming “O-BAM-AH” actually entered the polling place where they hung out together like a gang. Even after the Chief Elections Judge told them to go outside and stay beyond the “No Politicing Beyond This Point” signs or he’d call the police they repeatedly challenged that Elections Official by going back inside and staying there until the Elections Official ordered them back outside. Wow. Criminal offense. Young black kids are lawless. Give them some jail-time.

  • disqus_NWVq5BLsod

    holder is just one of obammy’s list of liars. Remove the cancer from the White House and all his
    cronies. obammy and holder sent guns to mexico without Americans knowledge that in it’s self is

    • Retired MSGT USAF

      It is also against International Law. They also broke US Law, being that they bought and sold weapons in an illegal Straw Purchase for an illegal activity.

    • ginger

      This is another true American who should be in the running for leadership in the next election…Go South Carolina!!!!

      • Lionel Ducote

        Yea, this guy is the BEST I’ve seen or ever heard.

    • frank marks

      Obama’s people are planted in deep and shallow positions within the govt. it will be necessary to fumigate the govt agencies and the obama appointees… there is more there thethe white house to clean out…

    • George Massu

      I agree that it is treasonable ,but yet the lies continue..Forget impeacment and i think you know why

  • The_American_Way

    I can not comment on what I think about Eric Holder because the posting policy here is: “We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior.” That makes it impossible to accurately describe Eric Holder and the Department o Injustice. They are nothing less than a wing of the Ministry of Propaganda.

    • Jason

      You are not lone, discounting those 23 thumb’s up, there are millions who feel the same way. My post would be filled with swearing at all these friggin liberals in this admin. who lie,cheat,distort the truth,race bait and cover up $#@#

  • James Weisinger

    Gowdy is a former prosecutor in South Carolina. so he knows alot

  • craig

    Our countries democrats are in the business of trying to allow blacks and other non productive whites to regulate the productive society at all cost …..socialism.

    • SmithWinston6478

      “Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country, at
      every time in history. Obama and his fellow Democrats are either idiots or
      deliberately trying to destroy their own economy.” – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

      • craig

        Great quote from Putin!

  • texan texan

    Two simple words: you lie. Only brain dead right wing nutcases would buy this bogus stuff. Thankfully, 52% of Americans ignored Rove/Koch Machine and Dems won Senate rep safe seats because of the brain dead people running. Wake up right wing. You are losing big time. Who will Karl and the Koch boys make you run next time. Never know. How’s that impeachment now treason thing going. Been 4+ lo g years. Next week. Or is it just poison dart threats. You make me laugh. Tea party favorability 28%. Reps 33%. Yea.

    • RedMeatState

      how come you never get any “likes”?

    • Old1946vet

      Texan…………is this a name to hide the fact that you would love to live in a STATE named TAX-ASSED? California is good place to move to…………You should put down your “pipe” and quit with the “weed”…………..

      • mallen11

        I am from Texas and am ashamed of the comments that texan texan writes and I wonder why he still lives there. Texas is a great State and they don’t need it degraded by him. BTW, CA is not a good place to move to; we have enough rotten eggs and we don’t need more. Let him move to the north East or Chicago where he will find more of his own kind.

    • Al Chemist

      When Lyndon Johnson was running for the House in Texas way back when, there were a lot of dead people voting for him. There was an Austin American Statesman(Newspaper) reporter in a small Hill Country town doing investigative reporting on it. The local sheriff found out about it and gave this reporter until sunup to get out of town. The sheriff told this reporter if he was not out of town by then, he would be staying forever. The reporter left town five minutes later. This former reporter is a well known Texas democrat and has told this story many times. Wouldn’t voter ID have prevented stuff like this from happening? Oh wait, you’re a democrat and this stuff is okay with you. Never mind.

    • Daniel Gray

      How about brain dead racist liberals who when they cannot defeat the facts under the law, trot out the discredited “race” card and STILL refuse to listen when a federal court tells them they are full of crap, just like you.

  • suzy2

    The entire Obama administration is a big cancer! Isn’t America trying to kill cancer?

    • laura

      Sorry to say the answer is actually NO. there are many cancer cures out there and every time one tries to make the headlines, the fda, I call them the fear and death administration, step in and harass and arrest people who make the claims that there are cancer cures. Big Pharma also steps in and defends their poisonous kemo and radiation cures that do not cure at all.

      BTW: cannabis oil is the biggest cancer cure on the planet and it is banned by fda and big pharma and our own stupid government. They would all lose way to much money if there were actually a cure for cancer.

      • Rick Quill

        Actually there are supposedly a number of “natural” cures for different cancers out there but big pharma manages to “quash” any news reportng or distribution of them because pharmaceutical companies cannot profit from or advocate the use of anything that is “natural” in it’s existence. Since they are limited to inventing drugs, they (and their lobbyists) have successfully gotten the government to step in and make it much too difficult for anyone promote what is deemed to be a natural cure. Olivia Newton-John has a company that harvests products from some tree found in South America that has apparently been shown to be very effective in eliminating cancer. Check it out.

  • cmdorsey

    SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER is smack dab in the middle of all this racist Bullcrap. That outfit rakes in $ millions selling hate and the president/ceo Richard Cohen is also on a DHS panel of some sort. SPLC = RACISTS FROM HELL

  • gbandy

    The only way the Democrats can win an election is by voter fraud. Why else are they so against requiring a voter to ID him/herself?

    • ginger

      Ask your black friends to which party Lincoln belonged…99% think he was a democrat.

      • gbandy

        Ginger besides Lincoln so was Martin Luther King! Both Republicans. The Southern Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan. 99.999% of Blacks do not know that either.

        • ginger

          that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg they don;t know…and most don’t want to learn…easier to take the handouts on the plantation…only now they don’t ever have to work at all. and no,,it isn’t “racist”..facts get in the way of the political correctness and I don’t play that game.

          • gbandy

            You are so right on!!!!!

        • panors77

          The southern dems were the slave owners who were pissed at Lincoln and losing the civil war, so of course they started the KKK plus later instituted Jim Crow laws. All democrats!

  • Joyce Wells

    We have a few elected officials who have the balls to stand up to all the crooks and liars, that we have standing with the potus, willing to destroy this great, free nation I was born in.

  • Upaces

    LOL…Made them all look like racist idiots!

  • ste1021

    When voters re-elcted Obama ,they not only got Obama but also the worst Cabinet in American history.

    • Warren

      The voters did not re-elect this racist or any other socialist. Voting fraud did. Go to true to vote and see for yourself. Stop the fraud and you’ll stop the “National Socialist Democrap Party”.

      • panors77

        Also watch “Melowese Richardson” on youtube brag about voting mulitple times for BO. How many of HER were there?

        • RacerJim

          Also Google “Indiana Democrats found guilty of ballot petition fraud” about Democratic Election Officials in Indiana being convicted of forging signatures on both Clinton’s and Obama’s ballot petitions in order for them to be on the 2008 Democratic Primary Ballot in Indiana.

  • 1madgrannie

    I live in Florida where it is mandatory to show ID to vote, It has been this way for years, so no matter if you are black, white, green or purple, you need to show ID. I took my 90 year old mother to get a state ID . She is on a walker and if she can do it ,anyone should be able. This is just more of Obama’s bs to promote corrupt elections

    • Aristophanes

      I live in Florida too and do not even bother with the voter’s registration card since I have to show PICTURE ID to vote. So, how does holder, obozo, et al explain away the states that already have that law? Or, as typically liberal, ignore it since it does not fit in with their plans and/or arguments? Also, why has none of these defenders of photo id mentioned the states that already have it in place?

  • persuasive

    couragetolaugh[dot]com – I’d Much Rather Laugh! How You Can Save America from Ridicule and Ruin.

  • Tony

    Unfortunately, a small minority even cares. Rest are bought and paid for or are self serving politicians.

  • Luckyme52

    We need to fire Holder along with the rest of the liars so we can get this country back on track.

  • TAM44

    The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are the people with something to hide. obama hides everything from us as he’s a liar and so is his puppet eric holder and the DEMONCRATS in DC. They are all anti America and pro terrorist appeasers like thier marrser barack hussein obama.

    Open borders is obama and the DEMONCRATS way to get more illegals in regardless of their back ground as we don’t want to offend muslims. They let anybody into this country and we will pay for their up keep including terrorist who plant bombs to kill Americans.

  • newyorker

    eric holder is the racist !!!

  • Don Bahn

    Obama, Eric holder, Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton are the most racist people in government. Democrats want everyone back on the plantation.

  • Daniel Gray

    someone needs to file a bill to stop Holder from ever getting any benefits from the time he was the worst AG in American history

  • Thomas paine

    This country was stabbed in the back when we were fooled by bankers and politicians who took taxation and destroyed the future of America. When politicians can get into your paycheck and spread wealth around without being held accountable then this country’s dreams went down the toilet. A cleansing of values is in order very, very soon. Take my gun ? Nuts.

  • Daniel Gray

    He also forgot that you need a photo ID to get any utilities turned on. Cash a check in a bank or write a check in a grocery store. To open a checking account. To rent a hotel room. To rent a car, hell to even BUY a car. To place something on lay-away at Wal-Mart. To get a prescription. To see a doctor. But yet the dumbassed SAG Holder thinks it is somehow racist to require a photo ID to vote? In Ohio it is a REQUIREMENT that has been upheld by the 6th US District Court (one step below the US Supreme Court) that you provide a photo ID and these ID’s are free to anyone who wants one at the local DMV office.

    My federal Congress member is looking into filing impeachment charges against Holder. Lets hope that this sorry arsed moron gets impeached and removed. And if Dumbama gets involved in this, file charges against his sorry arse as well as it would be a violation of the federal separation of powers act for Dumbama to stick his nose in this.

    • panors77

      Yet…in Ohio they had Melowese voting multiple times, plus precincts reporting MORE voter turn out and votes for BO than even registered. I would certainly HOPE that Ohio would had voter ID…’s certainly needed there.

  • Harold

    Trying to get staight answers from this administration (Holdover in particular) you would have a better chance at teaching a pig to fly. And speaking of pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • grumpy3625

    If I was in any kind of trouble I would like Gowdy to be my counsel. SC and Texas are two states that I have lived in I’m proud to say. Except for that blowhard Linsey Graham I am really proud of SC. Gowdy is the first one I’ve seen that keeps those rats from scurrying away from the question. He knows how they like to obfuscate the issues and he doesn’t let it distract him. I love it when he keeps pointing out that they have not answered his question and pounds them until they have no other recourse but to answer the question for the record.

  • pysco

    Holder won’t enforce current guns, nor current immigration laws. Hense we have an AG that won’t enforce the laws of the United States……And wouldn’t indite BlackPanthers for voter intimidation…..We need to rid ourselves of this man…

  • Rue

    Holder should be arrested then hung for treason.. along with Obama!

    • SmithWinston6478

      The word ‘treason’ insinuates a perpetrator has changed sides. Does anyone still think borack or ‘with’holder were ever on our side?

  • Platinum

    You really have to give kudos to the congressman, he handed the DOJ their proverbial heads as well as the so called law professor that was trying his best to politically spin the answers the congressman sought. Is really a shame that all congressmen and woman do not have the passion and outright stones to do what this man does, in his relentless seeking of the truth not as he wishes the truth to be but the truth as it really is.America needs more congress members exactly like this one to do the job they were sent to the queens little slice of America to do which is serve the people not their own self interest. Great job Congressman.

  • Debra JM Smith

    Good for him! –But I would like to know how he is able to shake his chair while he sits perfectly still in it.

    • RightStuff

      Was wondering that too.

    • Johnnygard

      Alternately tighten and relax butt cheek muscles?

      • RacerJim

        Why do I suspect that’s exactly what Debra JM Smith and RightStuff were imagining…hehehe

  • Warren

    The white liberal has been the racist of the past, present and future. They all move away from Spanish and blacks and into “wealthy white liberals only” areas. These socialists have control of the major media and have spread lies till they became the truth. Global warming, the rich (not them), not all Muslims, pills are good for you, not vitamins, gov’t spending is good, Christians are bad, affordable healthcare, women’s rights to abortion, Columbus and the founders are racists (but not the libs), 7% unemployment, the economy is getting better, everybody is fat,……..corruption, who us?

  • J.R.

    Americans, please wake up. No ID is a ruse for voter fraud. In Thurston County, Washington state, you have to have photo ID to dump your garbage at the dump.

  • falling321

    The more I see of this guy the more I admire him…I really hope he has presidential aspirations!

  • LLinLa

    I love this Congressman!!! 534 more just like him would be heaven!

  • robocop33

    Sounds to me that this poor dumb right wing Southern Good ‘ol Boy just handed this leftist his head and showed just what a lying jerk he is!

  • Stanley

    They break more laws than that! You people need to worry about more things than that!

    • RightStuff

      Huh? Please elucidate.

  • John

    Well there is one blithering idiot Republican. As usual twisted nasty person.

    • RightStuff

      And you, John are an absolute cretin if you don’t understand what is going on.

    • Johnnygard

      John, Apparently you aren’t smart enough to refute anything that he said. So just call him names, it’s the liberal way.

    • RacerJim

      Can’t refute the message so desparage the messenger. Typical low/no information disgusting lefty.

  • falling321

    We should actually go much further than a just requiring a picture ID at the polls when we vote. We need to set up small voter registration offices within all polling areas and accept in person registration ONLY! And at the time of registration the person, after showing proof of citizenship and proof of address, will be given a voter ID card imprinted with their picture and their thumb print (recorded nowhere but on the card). We must have ONE day elections…no elections strung out over months of voting! And no absentee ballots (the true source of most election fraud) unless absentee ballot is notarized with voter ID card shown to notary (and mailed from out of voting precinct). The local registration offices can be opened on special days prior to election day for those who will be out of the are on election day, but wish to cast their ballot in person showing their voter ID.
    There is NO reason for any American to believe their vote will be stolen through fraud! Unfortunately, we all know that this has not been the case in the last several elections.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    I have to show I.D. when I go Io my bank to make a simple transaction so what is the problem with voter I.D. ?

    • stonemike

      The problem is—foreigners need to vote for commie Democrats!

      • RacerJim

        Indeed. And here in Maryland, thanks to commie Democrats, foreigners (as in ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS) can register to vote when they apply for a Maryland Driver’s License (photo ID) — all they need is a local address (a P.O. Box will suffice).

  • RightStuff

    Absolutely stunning!!! Our Federal government is an out-of-control sinister juggernaut! We must rip leftists, and leftist thought out of our government root and branch.

  • blackyb

    I wish they were all like Mr. Gowdy. He has got it going.

  • WorryNot

    There is odor of sulfur in the D.C.. air, What could be causing that? I have an idea, and if I am correct, I plead for all the good people in that area, if there are some, to find cover now. The walls may be coming down.
    GOD Bless The U.S.A..

  • areunuts?

    I’m not certain anyone has noticed but the Obomation is and his administration are the biggest racists in the country. All they can do is cast aversions on anyone and everybody that is not behind their agenda. I am really concerned about our country, it’s laws and most of all its GOOD people. I wish some body could find out something good that he has or will do for our beloved Country. God Help us all.

    • SmithWinston6478

      You are NOT alone. The Trojan Horse saboteur and wannbe dictator entered under false premises and is bent on our destruction. Some Americans voted with their hands out for freebies from the self-reliant taxpayers, and the influence of vote fraud at the national level took care of the rest.

      “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to
      hide.” – b hussein soetoro/obama

      • areunuts?

        You are sooo right, amazing how the lemmings play follow the leader. I hope they fall off the cliff soon. His administration are ALL traitors and are helping the idiot sabotage everything in this country that is good.

  • conservative fortress

    Well, well, well…truth hurts, doesn’t it you libtards? South Carolina has amazing leadership, and I loved Tim Scott during Rand Paul’s filibuster!!! Now, get rid of Lindsey Graham!!!

  • Rachel Guess

    Trey Gowdy is awesome. I have been watching him since the Fast and Furious hearings. He is direct, succinct individual that does not beat around the bush. I am hoping his political future will shine it’s light on us all.

  • June Gagnon

    Trey Gowdy is a true representative of the people; SC is fortunate to have him. He doesn’t mince words, calls it exactly like it is; he IS a patriotic American!

  • stonemike

    Even Trey cannot say what I want to hear, The Department of Justice is run by a racist militant that seeks the end to our nation!

  • Christine Armstrong

    I WANT TREY AS _MY_ CONGRESSMAN I NJ-2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AwakeningGiant

    Eric Holder is not the problem. When is everyone going to wake up and realize that Holder never, and I mean, never makes and independent decision. It is all Obama and he is the one that needs to be removed from office.

  • nilonilo

    Is there not sufficient grounds for impeachment of this whole administration? I believe that TREASON ITSELF has been perpetrated. But our Congress is either asleep or willing participants in the destruction that is bringing down this nation.

  • rennyangel2

    Of course Holder’s allegations are bogus. I worked in North Jersey elections for years and here is how they produce masses of voter fraud: 1) tons of people are registered in empty lots and flooded basements, 2) the rolls are never cleared of the dead or those who have moved or are missing, and 3) absentee ballots are submitted for phantom voters.
    Then, on election day, shills are hired to go from poll to poll voting for the fake registrees, the dead, and the MIA, and as a challenger, I often objected to a person I had seen appear before; however, I would not know if that shill had voted for a non-person or dead “voter” the first time that preson had appeared. (I will say that no one I challenged ever objected. They had too many polls to cover and just left to vote somewhere else.)
    Voter ID would stop and avoid all the above krap. And it would end over-registrations, resurrecting the dead, and duplicate votes for people who had moved and not changed their reg. These criminal actions in voter fraud always benefit the Dems. who are the ones who flood the lists with bogus names and addresses, pay for the shills, and then scream “voter suppression for minorities” when they were the voter suppressors from the ante-bellum South right up until the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

  • FloridaJim

    Eric Holder is a genuine racist whose views are in line with 60’s radicals who hate America than the taxpayers who foot the bills for his fraudulent regime.

  • chief1937

    Would anyone really expect Holder to admit he is wrong? NEVER happen.He is too buisy defending illegal acts by this administration.Lke ignoring voter intimidation by Black panthers and distributing guns to Mexico among other things.

  • skipfoss

    Man I like this guy he does notr pull any punches to bad Holder was not there to take a few,I guess he didn’t have time to set down and make up his list of lies

  • don

    Eric Holder jest like his boss Barrack Obama and the NAACP are there most Racist people in the United States and they are the so called leaders that say they want to end Racism. Because of Barrack Obama and his entire administration Racism is more alive today than it has been in the last forty years. Black people in this country had better wake up and smell the Donkey Dung that Barrack Obama and his entire administration is spreading Racism more now than anytime in the past forty years. Barrack Obama and Eric Holder talk almost daily about how they will support the Muslim Brotherhood and one way is to do the same thing they have done in Egypt and Benghazi. They stall and stall in order to let the insurgents or the Muslim Radical have infiltrated the Government in Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood will rule in Syria. This is what the Obama administration has done with the Egypt and Lybia and now with Syria and what country is next on there agenda with full support of the Obama administration. It does appear that Jordon is next on there list. Barrack Obama and his administration commits Impeachable crimes every day and congress is asleep and will do nothing. Jest like the Fast and Furious Obama Gun Running the Obama administration has won because nothing has been done and it has been ended with “NO” prosecutions while congress remains sleeping waiting for there next Vacation.

  • Bob Higginbotham

    The DOJ should be renamed the Department of Injustice. Holder and his gang of un-American pro-criminal attorneys should be sent packing and replaced by those that believe in justice and know and respect the law. Further he and his so-called civil rights dept head, Thomas Perez should both be indicted for malfeasance.

  • not a fool

    We found a spine in there.

  • sengal

    I love this guy! He knows what he’s talking about and is able to back it up. Not many politicians can do that. Remember that name Rep. Harold Watson, “Trey” Gowdy, lll. He’s got my vote if he runs for president.

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