‘Social Commentator’ Accuses Fox News of Perpetuating Racism, Then Can’t Explain How

An O’Reilly Factor segment took a pretty contentious turn tonight when guest Jasymne Cannick told guest host Eric Bolling Fox News is helping perpetuate racism in America. Cannick started out the segment by saying that America is, in some respects, a racist country, but Bolling wasn’t having it. He asked, “What are we doing wrong in America that’s perpetuating racism?” Cannick replied, “Well, first of all, many of the shows on this very network help perpetuate the racism that exists in America, so we can start there.” Bolling was stunned and shot back, “How?! Don’t lob a grenade without telling me how!” He pressed her for specifics and touted Fox’s coverage of race issues. Cannick did not get specific about how Fox is perpetuating racist beliefs, though she did say, “You know exactly what I’m saying, Eric.”

via Mediaite

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