SNL Suggests Black Voters Will Always Support Obama No Matter What

(Content Warning: Language)

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” seemed to suggest that black voters will always support President Obama in a sketch. SNL used the fictional PBS show “How’s He Doing?” which had a panel including writers from Ebony magazine, Vibe, and The Huffington Post to discuss the president’s support among African-American voters. The show’s host reports that Obama’s approval rating among black voters has dropped by 7 points to 92%. He then draws loud laughter after listing off the president’s failures and asking if they should have voted for Mitt Romney. The group then excuses some of the president’s policy failures, and discusses hypothetical personal scenarios involving the president changing his hairstyle and letting his daughter’s disrespect him. At the end of each discussion, they still conclude that Obama wouldn’t lose their vote.

via Breitbart

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