NBC’s Saturday Night Live mocked President Obama for his handling of Ebola and other problems in his administration’s second term.

In the sketch, Obama says “some people want to criticize the way our administration has handled this crisis, and it’s true we made a few mistakes early on. But, I assure you, it was nowhere near as bad as how we handled the ISIS situation. I mean, our various Secret Service mishaps, or the scandals of the IRS and NSA. And I don’t know if you guys remember, but the Obamacare website had some pretty serious problems too. In fact, if you look at all the stuff that’s happened in my second term, this whole Ebola thing is probably one of my greatest accomplishments.”

The president’s new Ebola czar Ron Klain argues that his lack of medical experience is irrelevant because “I did serve as Chief of Staff to Vice President Joe Biden. So, I do have some experience with a little something called foot in mouth disease.” He also argues against a travel ban with a reporter, stating “we could all go throwing statistics around,” and then admitting, “I don’t have any with me at the moment, but if you just give me some time, everything will be 100% cool as hell” when he is asked to provide some.

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