SNL Pokes Fun At Piers Morgan, Chris Christie and Justin Bieber

Saturday Night Live opened up tonight with a spoof of CNN’s Piers Morgan interviewing two Americans embroiled in high-profile controversies: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and MLB star Alex Rodriguez. Christie, portrayed by Bobby Moynihan, was insistent that he will not allow Bridgegate to define the state of New Jersey, and that he has “budgets to balance, teachers to yell at” instead of keeping track of “every friggin’ idiot” in his staff. And like a true Jerseyan, Christie threatened Morgan (played by Taran Killam) with delaying his traffic if he asks any further questions. A-Rod (played by host Drake) told Morgan he’s suing steroids for being inside his body, and blamed his iPhone’s autocorrect for the incriminating texts with his dope dealer. Oh, and Justin Bieber (played by Kate McKinnon) showed up to declare it a Canadian tradition to throw eggs at a home and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

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