‘SNL’ Mocks ‘Fox And Friends’ Coverage Of Obamacare

This weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” mocked how “Fox and Friends” covered this week’s Obamacare and climate change news. “President Obama did his best to make us all sign up for Obamacare,” Doocy started off the show by saying. “And wow, it wasn’t easy,” noted Hasselbeck. To which Kilmeade responded, “It’s tough to sign up for things, I’ve tried for years to sign up for the NAACP.” Getting things back on track, Doocy explained, “Now that the deadline has passed, the White House is claiming that they’ve met their goal. But look at our Fox News chart. As you can see, Obama needed to get 7 million new subscribers and he only got 7.1 million. Not anywhere close.” Here’s the real newscast SNL is referring to:

via BusinessInsider

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