Slippery Slope: The New, Liberal Push for Polygamy…

Remember when it was ‘ignorant’ to say that the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage would open the floodgates? That polygamy was not only inevitable, but completely natural…which would lead to who knows what after? Yeah, about that. Huffington Post, epicenter for all things gay, recently posted an article detailing the latest marriage crisis.

A new campaign aims to break down stigma, educate the public about and fight for the acceptance of polyamorous relationships. From the website OpenMinded comes the #AcceptLove campaign, an initiative focused on equality for polyamorous people. The leaders of the campaign see acceptance for poly relationships as the next frontier of mainstream queer liberation.

Here’s the super sappy, “aww the feels” video they featured to go along with it.

via LouderWithCrowder


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