‘Shut Up…Jesus Blah, Blah!’: Little Girl Goes Absolutely Ballistic on Christian Street Preacher

The religious community is up in arms about a video that shows a young girl yelling “shut up” to a Christian preacher on the streets of Salem during this year’s Halloween celebrations. The person who captured the interaction and sold it for distribution on the site LiveLeak.com claims the family of the girl is threatening the website with a lawsuit if they don’t remove it from their page. Robert Goss-Kennedy, the Salem resident who filmed the unidentified girl repeatedly telling an on-street evangelist to stop talking by shouting over him, saying “blah, blah, blah,” sold the video to ViralHog LLC, which licensed it to Live Leak, after he posted it on Facebook and YouTube just days after the holiday. Once it hit Live Leak’s site, the footage was shared more than 60,000 times, racked up 350,000 views, and garnered thousands of comments—most of which were negative.

via BostonMagazine

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