“Shut Up!” O’Reilly Clashes with Colmes Over Bombers’ $100k Welfare Payments

Bill O’Reilly kicked off his show tonight expressing outrage with the mother of Boston bombing suspects the Tsarnaev brothers for accusing the United States of a conspiracy to frame and kill her children, when her family has been taking more than $100,000 in welfare benefits for years. O’Reilly and Monica Crowley expressed outrage at the lack of welfare oversight, and when Alan Colmes challenged their claims, O’Reilly told Colmes to “shut up.” O’Reilly called the mother “disgraceful” for her comments, and asked exactly why “we the people [are] supporting questionable foreign folks.” He wanted to know why President Obama and Governor Deval Patrick aren’t expressing outrage with the fact that the Tsarnaevs were getting welfare assistance, decrying the lack of outrage as “business as usual” for an immigration policy and a welfare system that turns a blind eye in situations like these. Colmes told O’Reilly that he doesn’t share his outrage over the story, saying that the Tsarnaevs received welfare because the parents qualified for it, and pointed out that it’s not like anyone ten years ago thought the two boys would be involved in a terrorist attack on American soil. O’Reilly insisted that they were receiving welfare while they were freely going back and forth to their home country, and when Colmes attempted to interrupt O’Reilly, O’Reilly told him to “shut up.”

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