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‘Shut Up Your Mouth Obama!’ Video Goes Viral From Egypt

A video of an Egyptian woman calling on President Obama to keep quiet and get out of Egypt’s politics has gone viral, sparking spin-off t-shirts and Photoshopped spoofs.
The main message: “Shut up your mouth, Obama,” The Blaze reported. The video seems as if it had been shot during a protest in the streets, and the featured woman — dressed in a turquoise hijab — is taped speaking in both English and Arabic. “I’d like to convey the following message to Obama,” she said, in the video. “Listen, Obama. We are Egyptian women. You are listen, Obama? Shut up your mouth, Obama. Shut up your mouth, Obama.” And in Arabic, translated by the Media Research Institute, she said: “Our message to you, you donkey: No matter what you do, we will not restore the ousted president [Mohammed Morsi]. Al-Sisi, yes. Al-Sisi, yes. Morsi, no. Morsi, no.”

via WashingtonTimes

  • Don

    Obama can’t do as this lady asked him to do because it is not in the “PIMP” language.

  • TrueGrit

    I agree with the Egyptian Woman ,shut your mouth Bama ! we will not re install your boy Morsi.

  • Macjamm

    She even knows he is a Demoncrat she called him a donkey,.. Ha ha,..

    • TheSunDidIt

      This is the level at which “people” can reach agreements when governments are STUPID. Have to agree with this Muslim lady. You ROCK, mam.

    • Lamb Chop

      She knows more about this country than the knuckleheads smiffs who use up all that oxygen from the 50% of us who are live thinking human beings.

  • T. Copps

    Good for her.. and she is right. Hell, he can’t even carry out his duties to this country without breaking the law.. and the idiot is advising others. Makes you sick how he has managed to lost American credibility in the world!

    • Lamb Chop

      This woman has more common sense than all the 5 million bimbos sucking up oxygen in Noo Yawk city.

  • Harold

    How dare she call Obama what he really is, A DONKEY!

    • TAM44

      I call obama crap, and I take one every day and use some harry reid to wipe my pelosi and flush it down my chris matthews. I must say I feel so much better afterwards.

    • TheSunDidIt

      That REALLY gave me a smile today. Great way to end a Friday.

  • caskinner

    This Egyptian woman is more intelligent than some Americans.

    • TAM44

      Than any DEMONCRAT that’s a fact.


    This well spoken Egyptian women hit all targets dead center as each of the following comments to her speech have verified.

  • TAM44

    Well she told that lying sissified anti America boy barack hussein obama what our congress should do. Only thing is that lying pelosi hole thinks he’s above the law and needs to be shown he’s not and only those who allow this law breaker to continue to break our laws can stop it. oh, but we have only a handful of stand up for America and it’s people in DC, and that’s why we need to vote these do nothing out of office.

  • Art Hock

    This is exactly what most of the world thinks of Obama but he doesn’t get it yet.

  • BoSSspy

    Odumbo thinks he can solve anything with his mouth, I agree with this woman, just shut your pie hole OblahBlah!

  • Lamb Chop

    I wish the bimbos in America had the brains to recognize what this Egyptian woman 10,000 miles away knows about their true lord and savior, Stinky Hunsecker. Oh I forgot, they are too busy getting stupid from watching such clueless clucks like Moonbat Goldberg, Baba Wawa, Rosie O`Dumbbell, Rosanne Barf, Cher, Lady Gaga, Madonna the Prima Donna, Bouncy, Bette “the Satanic Miss M” Midler, and Rachel Madcow.

  • marktomark

    and this is true about meddling in numerous countries affairs it is downright DISGUSTING !!

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