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Shocking evidence that demolishes the central, Big Lie of Black Lives Matter

Bill Whittle’s Firewall this past week is so important. Whittle provides shocking evidence that demolishes the central, Big Lie of Black Lives Matter and then goes on to explain why a lie that size needs to be told by people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch. Speaking this kind of truth plainly requires courage, and it also requires your help: keep them coming by becoming a Citizen Producer:

The Democrats not only don’t care about all of this – they actually need to keep these fires burning down black neighborhoods in black cities so that soulless, shameless mediocrities like Barack Obama can go golfing in the Hamptons with his rich white friends, and Hillary Clinton can make $100 million dollars selling political influence for cash.

It’s blackmail. And it’s going to get bigger. And it’s going to keep coming.



See more of Bill Whittle’s videos and all the great commentary here:


Photo: Tony Webster Creative Commons: All photos from November 15, 2015 community and police press conferences, protest, and community listening session. Date 15 November 2015, 17:08

Source Black Lives Matter Minneapolis

Author Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota

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