She’s Fed Up With Hillary Over Emails: ‘Why Do They Keep Saying Something That Is Not True?’

The host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski angrily lashed out at the Hillary Clinton campaign Friday morning, asking why they keep saying things they know aren’t true. “Her campaign staff have said that her use of a personal email account was consistent with her predecessors, and permissible under department policy at the time,” Brzezinski said. “Is it or isn’t it?” she asked irritably. “Because they say it is, Hillary Clinton’s staff say it was permissible under department policy. Is that true? Why do they keep saying that?” “No that is not true,” host Joe Scarborough said, noting a 2009 State Department regulation that should have kept Clinton from wiping her server. “Okay, why do they keep saying something that is not true?” she said bitterly.

via Mediaite

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