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Sheriff: Gun Confiscation Would Lead to Second American Revolution

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. warns of a second American Revolution if cops have to enforce extreme gun control measures. Some gun control advocates think guns should be confiscated. Such an act would meet with unprecedented resistance from US citizens.

  • Nottakenyan

    That is exactly what the illegal, lying, muslim, half-breed, b@$t@rd kenyigar wants!!!!
    Then he wants to declare martial law and take over as permanent dictator!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mike Gleaton

      You are absolutely correct! That is exactly what this imposter wants! Don’t let him get what he wants or he’ll take over!

      • Don Rasher

        “or he’ll take over” ?????? This usurping, lying, mealy mouthed communist b@$t@rd has ALREADY TAKEN OVER!

        • Bucko27

          Time to take it BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Kookie

            Time to get rid of Obama/

    • Shutter

      Why else would the DHS need to buy more bullets than the military used in Iraq, twenty-five times over? Why have internment camps stocked with coffins been constructed in this country? The Liar in Chief and his goons and goonettes are preparing for something and it will be bloody.

      • bayman61

        Man, I sure hope no one decides to burn those camps to the ground.They owuld get in such trouble. Why is it that no one has gone right to the front gate of these so called camps with video cameras and asked whoever is there what these camps are going to be used for, who paid for them and post the answers online. Or better yet contact Rush or Hannity or Beck and let them post the answers on their programs.

        • CQ

          Whoever is at the front gates would not know the answers to those questions. Like Benghazi-gate, this administration would cover it up.

        • Don Rasher

          Would someone please post a list of some kind, outling the location of ALL of these known camps??? They need to be attacked and dismantled, one by one, each and EVERY one!

          • Anthony Soro

            I think there is 2 of them in AZ some place, bush built them ,, But i think they where for the illegals at that time,, But now we are the Illegals…;.

        • FastEddie202

          My Uncle found 2 of these camps in Nevada, he went up to the Gate and the Guard on the gate told him if he went any further that he had orders to shoot to kill!! My Unc asked him several questions to which he would Not answer. he was told to leave.

          • June Gagnon

            Round up some people, that you know and trust, who own “heavy earth moving” equipment (like bulldozers); raise those blades and walk in, behind the dozers and “remove” the camp and everything in it!

        • Anthony Soro

          We paid for them, And they will be used for the people that will not submit to the Obumma way of life. Even bill Aires tryed to tell Obama to use them for the American people that will not come to there side, He said this more than once..

        • Shutter

          Unlike the welfare gimme state that goes out loots honest businesses and take to the streets whenever they don’t get there way, conservatives are generally at work and we write out congressmen to protest our views. We know that they won’t be covered by the liberal media, so why bother. Sure, you expect someone going over and burning one of these places down would be the logical thing to do, but that’s how the gimme state does it, not law abiding citizens. Besides, go to any military base with a camera and tell them you want to go in and take pictures. Except for static displays it ain’t happening. And go try and torch a military base. Good luck with that. Anyway, the DHS has bought more than 25 times the bullets than the military used in Iraq. The DHS is for homeland security, but not in any kind of invasion repelling force. They don’t have the numbers for that. Is to guard our borders? Apparently not. That only means they are to use against U.S. citizens.

      • LArry

        FEMA interment camps. That was the Internet buzz last year. Supposed to be in everyone’s neighborhood. Kinda died down. Maybe they were an Internet myth. Oh no. Surely one of you patriots will film and post. Gotta be true I read it on a right wing blog. 62% of Americans think Republicans out of touch. What? You guys. Never. LOL

        • har82

          You can laugh now – larry- . But what are you going to do when the SS troops come to your ,, door hmmm ???.]
          Bet you won’t be laughing then lol.

        • Harold

          The German people iin the 1930’s didn’t Adolph could or would do such a thing either. But then fools are easy to fool.

          • Nellie CA

            Harold! I have been reading more on how Hitler took down Germany in 12 years and Obama is doing the same thing. Hitler put German in debt (40 billion in one years), appointing his own people, demoralizing the Police and Military, death or jail for people who didn’t agree with him, going over Parliament head, spending money on his pet projects, took away the German peoples guns and every thing they owned. The economy was very bad and Hitler had his own army and police. He just didn’t anticipate the U.S.A to invade France. My neighbors were from Cuba, Castro took every thing they owned and kicked them out of Cuba and they came to the U.S and learned English, never on Welfare. Their family took care of them until they could get jobs. They were very thankful for their life here. Will Obama take everything we own? How can the American people fight back when their Senators don’t do what the people want and we have fraud in voting? good books free on Amazon

          • Jeffery Scism

            Hitler offered a scapegoat for the people’s vengeance. And the people took it hook line and sinker. He redirected the reactions of all of his own deeds to the scapegoats. Obama’s scapegoats are the evil republicans, and the penultimate evil Conservatives who want Constitutional government, strictly complied with.

            The resistance went public as the Tea Party, and now they are the target groups, The Minutemen, Oath-keepers, Second amendment advocates, Those who want a FAIR election. Those who “Cling to guns and the Bible”. CHRISTIANS. Those who demand that the Government enforce the Borders and the Immigration laws of the land. Those who believe that the Bill of Rights is inviolate. Those who think abortion is murder.

            Those people who FEAR their government has gone too far, and are preparing for collapse of the system. Those who see the costs of socialism to be a price too high to pay. Those who refuse to give up the freedom to make basic daily life decisions, and choose even their own doctor, or church, or associates of a like mind. Those who KNOW that the grievances enumerated in the Declaration Of Independence are once again becoming TYRANNIES, read them and you will know that Obama is walking the road that lead to rebellion, revolution, and FREEDOM of an oppressed people when they TOOK IT BACK.

        • Kenny_Ray

          For your information LArry(AH) there are 882 FEMA camps scattered thought the country. I suggest you do som research before you shoot off your ill informed mouth. You are probably one of the low information we read so much about.

        • CQ

          There are already YouTube videos, have been for at least four years. Here is one:

        • Nottakenyan

          LArry, get back on the short bus!!!

        • FastEddie202

          These internment camps are no myth, my uncle found 2 in Neveda!! he asked several questions but didn’t get any answers, he also asked if he could go in and look around, he was told if he proceeded to enter the camp he would be shot!!

        • June Gagnon

          Larry -Just go to youtube and type in “fema camp video” – – you’ll have many choices.

      • Michael G.

        It’s just that the people they plan on hiring are just that bad at shooting. They probably couldn’t hit the broad-side-of-a-barn in the first place.

      • Douglas W. Rodrigues

        This is a reminder which I repeat over and over again so that readers don’t forget what the gun grab is really all about. Not too many years ago, Nancy Pelosi said to Howard Metzembaum, “Socialism cannot succeed unless we get the guns.” Bill Ayers, Obama’s Communist buddy said, “As many as 25 million citizens may have to be eliminated in order to have socialism succeed.” Is that what the FEMA camps are for? Keep reminding citizens of what these two traitorous subversives have said in the past, because it applies now. It’s all about government total control and nothing about keeping children safe.

        • Shutter

          If they actually cared about child safety, other than their own that are in guarded private schools, there would be guards at the schools already.

    • bayman61

      He would never make it to dictator. Someone,somewhere would put a stop to it.

      • Laura Kallas

        I think he would. He has so many people hood winked. It is really mind numbing how many people are besotted with him.

      • pateboo

        EVERYBODY always thinks SOMEBODY else will do it, and yet, NOBODY does. Obama has committed so many illegal acts already and Congress has done squat about them. Presidents have been impeached for far less than what Obama has done. He should be tried for no less than treason. We help all these other countries get rid of their dictators, and we do nothing about our OWN.

    • har82

      That ,, could very easily get his horns clipped permanently.

    • howard weatherly

      Glenn Beck asked a question 4+ years ago (What do you think will happen?) to which I answered “Declare Martial Law, Suspend the Constitution and do whatever the phony commie wanted to
      do”. Sometimes my (pun intended) Psychotic abilities make me cringe!!!

      • LLinLa

        No, Howie. Liberalism is the mental disorder not you.

        • howard weatherly

          I know that now but back then I was the one accused of being nuts! :-)

    • ROUDY1

      it’s not just the illegal, lying, muslim, half-breed, b@$t@rd kenyigar it also the LEFT and some RIGHT illegal, lying, muslim, half-breed, b@$t..not to mention all the money behind putting the illegal, lying, muslim, half-breed, b@$t@rd kenyigar is office….

    • TM

      That is not going to happen in this country as long as our vets and military do their duty and take this lunatic out of office by the reason of his insanity. Believe me this a hole is insane if he thinks American guns owners are going to bow down like his sissified arse did to a king, not going to happen.

      There are more gun owners now since that piece of human waste barack hussein obama got elected by those who were infected by stupidity.

      God bless America

      obama and his backers can ESAD

      • Shutter

        Seriously, don’t count on the military. The military does what it is told, period. Just look how the National Guard assisted the police in confiscating the guns in New Orleans during Katrina. You might can count on vets, I’d like to think so being one, but even though most in the military are conservative, they still only know to follow orders without asking why.

  • Shutter

    The thought of the Feds breaking into homes and confiscating guns is not preposterous. It happened in New Orleans during Katrina. The National Guard was used to support the police in confiscating guns. Put nothing past the gun grabbers.

  • Dave Miller

    I ve read about this Sheriff’s determination. This is the first time I ve heard him articulate it verbally. My reponse is” Right On ” Sheriff . No truer words have been spoken. We are quickly approaching the point of no return. The American Citizens are at DEFCON 4. If you don t beleive me you either are a brain washed liberal, or stoned on your recently legalized pot. The Constitution is the law of the land, liberals ,now crawl back into your holes from whence thou came…
    Lets Roll Semper Fi
    Molon Labe OK

  • GG

    The Mexican government has been corrupt since day one…brought the ideas from Spain …nepotism and despotism…they can’t govern their own country and now want to stick their noses in OUR COUNTRY???? BUT…bama would use this to his own advantage to take over our country…idiots all.

  • Gary Moscowitz

    What’s the real difference between gun confiscation and banning certain guns, some of which you may already own but are now illegal? This is a mine field and one the libs had best not enter!

  • Carol

    This “American” “President” is out of his mind so don’t even listen to him he needs to deported out of this country.

    • Nottakenyan

      Your second and third words are both very inaccurate!!!!

      • Lee Baldwin

        yes! NEVER use the words, “obama” and and “President” in the same sentence. you could sub in ‘dictater’ or ‘king’ and you would still have a LAIR in our highest office. ~GOD Bless America.

    • CQ

      Too bad that 52+% of voters DID listen to him – or to the MSM, anyway.

  • Starbrander

    Someone Come Up With 500K And Give Him An Asswhipping

  • Average Joe

    Yes that is what he wants. But decarling martial law will not stop 50 million angrey gun owners from marching on washington with one thought on their minds. Waist Barrak H. Obama. He would’nt be safe anywhere in America. Theres no hole deep enough no building strong enough no millatery big enough to keep him and the sennoters that voted for it safe

  • Brian P.

    At least the Sheriffs have a clue and know what they’re up against if they try it and can tell Obummer to take a long walk off a short bridge if he wants them to. Tell Obama to do it himself if he wants to confiscate guns. Oh PLEASE come to my house!!!!

  • WorryNot

    You Betcha…..

  • bayman61

    There would only be a revolution if the police agree to confiscate their neighbors weapons. And if they try it, just where will they go to live after that. They will get run out of their neighborhoods and other neighborhoods will not let them in. It will absolutely suck to be them. So I would suggest that any of you police officers to not even think about doing something as rash as this. There will be consequences.


    Fax your Congressmen. Rallies and ranting online don’t stop him. Threaten to not vote for them if they go along with any more gun control measures.

    • LArry

      FAXBLAST from one of those crazy right wing geezers. Why do yiu guys keep wasting so much paper. Hopefully’ they recycle. Ever heard of email.

      • Johnnygard

        Paper is a renewable resource, it grows on (in) trees. For years my friends in northern Wisconsin have made their living planting, cutting and processing pulp wood. You libs never even know when to be happy. I use lots of paper to help keep my Wisconsin friends off welfare.

        • disqus_KfWwGWM3T5

          LArry is a troll and posts his special form of stupid whenever he visits. I’m guessing he doesn’t even use Toilet Paper. Sounds like he wipes his ass on the keyboard and then posts it as his finest work. Spike

  • Debra JM Smith


  • HerrCapitanFick

    The government doesn’t need to buy all those bullets! The American public
    doesn’t have the money, brains, or backbone and especially the ability to stick
    together! So, no revolution is in the cards! But understood you’re just wagging
    your tongue!!!!

    • bayman61

      Oh. You think so huh? Can’t wait to see the surprised look on your face.

      • HerrCapitanFick

        Ain’t going to happen! Don’t get your hopes up tooooo high! You’re going to be very disapointed!!!!

    • romeo

      I think Captain Fick has the best analysis of the situation. Would one gun owner go to his neighbor’s house to defend him? I doubt it. We are too comfortable in this country. We think that confiscation can only happen elsewhere — not in my town.

  • warrenpeace

    That is one articulate sheriff and I applaud him for standing up on the subject. I think that the real law abidding citizens are itching for a good fight and will fight to the end for their freedom and should not be underestimated. I find it extremely interesting that everything that is conjured up by the current administration seems to fuel the rage that is building in this country. Everyday it is something new and more distasteful than yesterday from the WH squatters. The phrase that “happy cows give more milk” applies to our sharply falling GDP and unhappy cows will not take much more. New York will fall first because it will be a gun free zone. All the other liberal/progressives that haven’t cowardly fled the country will be detained in Hollywood, California awaiting deportation to Mexico. A new conservative government with values and a moral compass will emerge. It could happen.

  • LArry

    Yea. Republicans are in touch 62% say not in touch. Dems not in touch 46%. Looks like the. Ocher class is exploding. Also late find…you gal Orly got knocked out of Supreme Court for a look at her really really awesome lawsuit against Obama. Can’t you guys win anything. Guess. Ot.

    • bayman61

      This post makes no sense. How about doing it over again.

      • LArry

        republicans out of touch – 62%. Dems not in touch 46%. National poll results. Looks like the moocher class is exploding. Orly Taiz was going to really really get Obama by having Supreme Court review her infamous lawsuits. It’s been the “it’s gonna save us” post for weeks. Supreme Court dismissed in one sentence….silly. Can’t you guys win anything. Guess not.

        • Kenny_Ray

          Typical suceed polled… Probably taken in N town…

  • AZ

    George Soros and the kind has to be gotten first….

    • Kenny_Ray

      Followed by the rest of the gun grabbers.

  • Kenny_Ray

    Obama can have my guns one bullet at a time.

    If they try they will be met with a hail of bullets not only from me but my fellow Americans as well.

    • Michael G.

      Drop them, and take their guns.

  • Richard Helsel

    Me Clarke.What is realy sad is that a major amount of people don’t realy have any idea how bad this could get, or how violant things might become. Your statment was very well put Thank You

  • Harold

    Could you say that this iswaht Obabler is trying for. After all he hates America. My question how could the american voter be so stupid ( I assume free phones are more important than freedoms.) as to vote this destroyer back into office.

  • diana



    A firearm without ammo is a club. Tried to buy ammo since November? Its coming.

    • Kelly Kafir


  • D. Guardian

    ….Like the man said: Live Free or Die…or words to that effect…

  • Lou

    Have the Mexicans come on for the guns of US citizens and they will find as a Japanese general told the military,”there will be a gun behind every blade of grass!”

  • Jay Bavet

    Bring it O’jiggie! Our chance to rid our republic from a Tranical govornment and domestic enemmies, such as the liberal filth that infects our Country and attacks our God given freedoms. Give me Liberty or give me death.

  • CQ

    I’m with Sheriff Clarke. We need a leader, and I’d vote for him.

  • Poppy Haynes

    I want to thank law enforcement personnel who stand for the Constitution! It is so nice to hear that we still have those types of men and women out there.

  • sgtshel

    My father didn’t fight in Normandy for this to happen…..did yours? My uncles didn’t fight in Korea for this to happen…did yours? Myself and friends did not do the same in VietNam to see this happen….did you?
    H-ll No!
    Semper Fi

  • wdcraftr

    They talk about 1.6 Billion rounds of HP ammo, but what about the Thousands of Fully Automatic M16’s that DHS bought? Better stock up on AR15’s, or maybe a tank or 2 also…

  • Earl Hudgins

    They don’t want us to be able to defend ourselves when the dollars collapses and people all over the nation riot and pillage our neighborhoods. We will not give up our right to bear arms. PERIOD! There are a lot more of us than there are of them…Law enforcement is either with the American Citizens or they are against us.

  • LLinLa

    Sheriff Clarke, you, sir, are a GREAT AMERICAN!

  • Joseph Marotta

    Yes I agree he will have to pull out his Marshal Law card for confiscation but some will be ready and waiting.

  • pyrope

    Dear Sheriff Clarke,
    It’s late in the day for this string but if you happen to read any of the comments people have made about your advice to the people you serve, I want to add my comments to those who have expressed support for what you’re doing.
    There are many like me who understand that when seconds count the police are only minutes away, and one of the reasons we arm ourselves is to protect our families and our property.
    I know you must think at times that you’re fighting an uphill battle, but in reality you have millions of people who are on your side.
    Thank you sir, and God bless you, your family, and your deputies.

  • MIKE6080

    lots of blood

  • Tom

    Sheriff Clarke is an honorable man and should be lauded for his courage to stand up against the politicians of Milwaukee, including the police chief, who naturally are denouncing his actions.


    I survived two tours in Vietnam with 1st and 3rd Marine Divisions, and I was taught quite a lot, but if a government official enters my house to confiscate my firearms I don’t care anymore I’ll shoot all that come through my doors with the idea of taking my god given rights away and I will react as I was trained I will kill any of obammys clowns entering my house, if you come across the river like George Washington you’ll go back like Lincoln.

    • Kelly Kafir

      Amen brother!! and thanks for serving and Welcome home (?) although this doesn’t feel like America anymore.

  • libs r cowards

    Clearly the freedom loveing American people have spoken and in one very loud voice that says the line has been drawn do not cross it .

  • Gary Ray

    If this non conformist does try to have our guns taken away, he will open the door to the next civil war which will never end until these people in government are long gone. They will for ever be looking over there shoulder watching, wondering If somebody Is watching them. If you value your freedom, the time to act Is coming. Besides, I don’t believe the army or who ever comes will try this. Americans shooting americans will never happen. Our trained soldiers know right from wrong. we were soldiers to and know a few things.

  • Kelly Kafir

    Just wait until til they want to put a chip in US!!!

  • The Brigadier

    This sheriff proves their’s hope for Wisconsin after all.

  • RLM357

    I really like this man Sheriff Clarke. He speaks with the sense of a sage. No wonder he has been re Elected. ~Rick Magee, FL Det.,ret

  • Michael G.

    My question is this… Just how many lives are the Libs willing to spend to accomplish their agenda? Just how many families are they willing to devastate to accomplish their goal?
    We just have to make life so miserable for them that they quit this “illegal” nonsense!

  • Frank A McCafferty

    We will never know until we arrive there.


    Everybody Believes that the UN is coming to take our GUNS But in Reality we are just waiting for them to bring Us THEIRS

  • Bucko27

    Have no doubt about it a Revolution is coming!! Don’t give up your guns….you will need them. We will clean the Country up and rid America of the commie threat!!! Be READY!!

  • Bucko27

    Obama is planning it, getting ready for it, wants it!!! How about you….are you ready??

  • TM

    Only a fool would want to die for obama and the demoncrat party.

  • Rose Kediddlehopper

    That is exactly what the UN has had planned since 1961…if one does not give up ones’ gun, one will be shot by our own fellow citizen(s) who is constantly coming to us for money, etc. It is deplorable that our own citizens would do this. It happened in New Orleans during Katrina and I still believe that Katrina was a “testing” for conficating legal guns and leaving all defenseless to criminals, animals, police, all thugs who still had their weapons.
    I do not like Obamas’ politics but this is worldwide and heaven help all of us particularly those who will not go along like sheared sheep to their death anyway…

  • Beepster

    What the Feds don’t want to realize is that a Sheriff of a county (or whatever) is the SUPREME law enforcement agent for those he represents. The only way to defeat his enforcements is thru the court system. The court system, for the 2nd Amendment, in a law-abiding community, will not overturn his edits. He can ARREST, and take into custody ANY person he says is breaking any local/state/fed laws.

  • Anthony Soro

    We are in big caca, If we dont do something when the time comes.

  • COVERT1968


  • COVERT1968

    YOU WOULD rather sandpaper a wildcat’s ass in a windstorm than F*** with me !

  • Maverick

    I am ready for the final fight, are you? We can kick this Muslim in the ass and educate the liberal brainwashed minions.

  • CaptTurbo

    You are correct sir! This Sheriff is very sharp!

  • Renie Laster Keen Roseberry

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr is another GOOD MAN with Lots Of SMARTS and GOOD COMMON SENSE!!! I am gonna keep his name handy!

  • Renie Laster Keen Roseberry

    Gosh – why is my face on all of these comments????

  • WisconsinEagle

    Sheriff Clark: “Gun Confiscation Would Lead to Second American Revolution
    Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. warns of a second American Revolution if cops have to enforce extreme gun control measures. Some gun control advocates think guns should be confiscated. Such an act would meet with unprecedented resistance from US citizens”.

    My Comments:
    A warning to ALL, those of us that are Oath Keepers and Supporters of The Federal Constitution and The Various State Constitutions, will not tolerate or support politicians or political parties that do not stand up for The Constitutional Provisions, every time, all the time, you go toward social programs to the detriment of our individual rights at you own peril. You did not get my vote in the last election and you will only get my support and vote in the future if we have Constitutionalists to vote for!

    To all of you Oath Keepers, ‘Stand at the Ready’

    ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (“Come and take it”) along with NOT ON MY WATCH,

    Stand for American Liberty or STAND ASIDE!

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