Sheriff Clarke Sends Liberals Into a Frenzy After He Reveals Plan For Muslim Neighborhoods

When it comes to political correctness, Sheriff David Clarke doesn’t play that game. The Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, sheriff has become a conservative icon for telling it like it is. He did it again this week when he was asked by the Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney whether he supported Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s call for greater covert surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods to monitor for radicalization. “Ted Cruz has said, after the Brussels attack, he’s in favor of patrolling Muslim neighborhoods in America,” Varney asked. “You’re a cop. You would do the patrolling, you’d organize the patrolling. Would you do it?” Clarke had no reservations. “Sure, and we already are,” he said. “And in New York they’re doing it under the Handschu agreement (a New York City board which allows for surveillance for possible radicals), which allows the NYPD and their demographics units to go anywhere in these Muslim communities that the public is allowed to go.

via ConservativeTribune


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