‘She Willfully Concealed Records’!: Megyn Kelly Battles Juan Williams Over Hillary

Megyn Kelly took her outrage at the State Department and Hillary Clinton to Fox’s The Five today to go off on the absolute lack of transparency from anyone in the government on this issue, saying, “No one cares about the American public’s right to know.” Kelly was one of the first people to publicly question whether Clinton signed a separation statement saying the signee has already handed over all relevant documents to the government. Today State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said they have no record of Clinton signing such a statement, and that really set Kelly off. She said Psaki wanted to “wiggle out of responsibility” and expressed her deep skepticism that State is being entirely straight with everyone. Kelly called it a “complete dereliction of duty to the American people” for the government to lack such transparency on documents that belong to the American people. Kelly ended up clashing with Juan Williams a bit when he said Clinton didn’t break any laws. She argued it’s definitely a violation to “willfully conceal records,” Williams shot back that no willful concealment occurred, and Kelly argued of course that’s what happened, given how she held onto documents amidst all sorts of FOIA requests and congressional demands. She concluded the segment by saying it’s “offensive” for the Obama administration not to uphold standards of honesty.

via Mediaite

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