She Was Brutally Raped Multiple Times, Here’s The Shocking Reason She Decided To Visit Her Attacker In Jail

Monika Korra’s story starts in her homeland of Norway, where she excelled as a cross-country runner. She caught the eye of the track coach at SMU, who offered her a full scholarship. “For me, that was a dream come true,” Korra said. The young freshman — who at the time barely spoke English — came to Dallas with high hopes. In December 2009, during her sophomore year, Korra’s life would change forever. She was attacked while walking to a friend’s car after a party near the SMU campus. “Three girls walking hand-in-hand to his car, but I never got as far his car that night,” Korra recalled, describing three men in a van who pulled up beside her. “Before I knew it, I just had someone grabbing me from behind and I had a gun to my head,” she said. Her friends tried to grab her, but the men pointed a gun at them and took off with Korra. “The attack started right away… stripped me from my clothing,” she said. They sexually assaulted her for 90 minutes. Her stolen cell phone led police to the three assailants. Arturo Arevalo and Alfonso Zuniga received life sentences; Luis Zuniga was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Remarkably, Monika Korra said she forgave them for what they did to her. “For me, forgiveness is not by any means becoming friends with them… it’s not about that,” she said. “It’s all about finding peace by letting go of all this, and that’s about me.” She even visited Luis Zuniga in prison, and made him sign a contract promising to get help — in exchange for her forgiveness. “He signed his name and cried, and he told me how much he appreciated the opportunity to talk to me,” Korra said.

via WFAA


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