New ‘Shark Week’ Promo Has Rescued Seal Being Devoured & PETA In Shock

‘Snuffy The Seal’ begins like a typical news channel fluff piece, with the eponymous mammal winning over American hearts. The chirpy newsreader heralds Snuffy’s “triumphant return to the sea”, while smiling kids wave banners at the pier.

But then, disaster strikes. Or rather, Shark Week strikes. We’ll leave the joke of the piece unspoilt because ‘Snuffy The Seal’ is really worth a watch. Not only is it one of the funniest short ads we’ve seen in a while, it also does a pretty spot-on parody of news broadcasts.

The video has been shared 2,000 times since its release on Monday, and is currently trending on Unruly’s Viral Video Chart. With a cracking punchline and a whiff of controversy, we think ‘Snuffy The Seal’ has great viral potential.

Speaking of controversy, YouTubers have already begun battling in the comments over animal rights in the video. As one user puts it:

“Seals are eaten every day in the wild. If PETA have a problem with a shark eating a seal they should just leave Earth.”

Well said.

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