‘Seriously, This Was a Hostage Video’: MSNBC Mercilessly Mocks Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Apology

The morning after Hillary Clinton’s miniature apology tour featuring an interview with ABC’s David Muir, a light-hearted stop by Ellen DeGeneres’ show and a written apology posted on Facebook, the Democratic frontrunner was roasted on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” The Wednesday show opened with a clip of Clinton apologizing to Muir, followed by almost 10 minutes of mockery from the panel of Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Mike Barnicle, Willie Geist and John Heilemann. Scarborough called the Muir interview “a hostage video.” Barnicle wondered, “Did they cut out the part where she said to David, ‘OK, are you happy now?’” Heilemann said Clinton did not enjoy apologizing and was dragged to it, “kicking and screaming.” Brzezinski focused on Clinton constantly repeating what she did was “allowed.” Scarborough also compared the apology to one he might say to his spouse. “You know, there’s a ‘B.S. detector’ that tells our significant others, we’re saying we’re sorry — but we don’t really mean it,” he added.

via TheBlaze

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